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  1. (said like Forrest Gump) "Gavin Floyd is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get"
  2. Wow...bad. I thought we were talking about the intro video before the game at the Cell. That was different on opening day.
  3. Is the video out anywhere we can watch it?
  4. I see some Padre dudes stopped by...I got you at a 99% chance of meeting some Sox players in August.
  5. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Apr 1, 2013 -> 09:29 AM) For the first time since 2003, I will not be at Opening Day. Sad. Still though... GO YOU WHITE SOX!!! The Royals' rotation behind Shields is a joke. If they win today, they should win the series pretty easily. I'll be there too...let's do this!
  6. QUOTE (MHizzle85 @ Mar 28, 2013 -> 04:40 PM) I was indeed. And yes, that pose is very awesome. Marcus, we're southsiders...you need to look a little tougher!
  7. QUOTE (MHizzle85 @ Mar 27, 2013 -> 10:43 AM) Here's a tour of where I'll be spending my days for the next 6 months. http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20...lb&c_id=mlb That is crazy. And good thing there is no Cub fan. I will follow you on twitter. Let's go Sox. Looking forward to seeing Bo on Opening Day!
  8. I've never seen this before...so Marcus, you are heading to NY this weekend and will be staying there until the end of October?
  9. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 5, 2012 -> 08:00 AM) They also drew over three million people to the ballpark... For the 10th straight year. The White Sox have NEVER drawn 3 million in a season. I thought we did in '06. We were close.
  10. QUOTE (kitekrazy @ Sep 28, 2012 -> 09:03 AM) Did you get those from members of the other Sox site? There was a few thread were people who had tickets are not going. I actually got tickets from the Sox for filling out a survey. Outfield seats.
  11. I have free tickets for tonight's game. I think I'll stay home and do something else. I don't like funerals.
  12. It's sad how excited I was one week ago. Now, we look so bad that I can't see how we can pull this out. I'm afraid the Rays are going to come in this weekend and put the finishing touches on us.
  13. Hawk can make me nuts, but I love him. If we ever get a straight down the middle broadcaster, it will be strange. He is all I know.
  14. QUOTE (flavum @ Sep 23, 2012 -> 10:40 PM) Just to recap the last 44 games.... Sox 21-23 Det 22-22 Exciting s*** in that ole AL Central. Exciting? I guess, but these wild swings in performance really suck to watch. We need to get on a bit of a run here to finish the year and win the division.
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