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  1. I call it pop, and I drink Coke. I also have preferential treatment for other pop. I like Barq's for can root beer. I'd rather drink Goose Island or Roundhouse, but it costs too much to drink on a regular basis. I can't stand A&W or Mug. I really like Jones as well, but again it is very expensive. On the Jarritos topic, I really like the guava, pineapple and mandarin orange flavors.
  2. I noticed last September(from looking at Highlights of Gavin's 6-7 K games on the official website) that Gavin's fastball was at the 93-94 mph range, but was straight. This year, I haven't seen his fastball above 91 mph, but I have noticed that it has much more movement that the 93-94 mph one he was throwing last year. Could this be the reason for his continued success? If he had that velocity in him last year, then I don't know why he wouldn't still be throwing that hard if this isn't the case.
  3. Caddyshack is not that funny. I watched it last summer, and was hoping to laugh my ass off. I laughed one time the whole movie, during the scene when it looks like Bill Murray getting off on the old lady, but it turns out he was washing balls.
  4. If All Anheuser-Busch beers aren't on this list then it's a travesty. You can't talk s***ty beer without mentioning Budweiser. s*** tastes like seltzer water. That's gross. Miller Lite sucks too.
  5. QUOTE (Princess Dye @ Apr 18, 2008 -> 09:16 PM) with Buehrle that could be a lot of things. First pitched by a guy who walked from Belleville IL to St. Charles MO I believe it is because Buehrle faced the minimum amount of batters, but did not get the perfect game. IIRC he picked off Sosa from first base.
  6. QUOTE (daa84 @ Apr 16, 2008 -> 07:46 PM) jose has had a good forkball tonight Not only has he had a good forkball, he's had the best fastball he's had since 2006. I've seen him around 92-94. If he can pitch there and have a good forkball he'll be effective again.
  7. QUOTE (knightni @ Apr 16, 2008 -> 07:03 PM) Why didn't Juan run to 1st? I don't think you can run to first on a dropped 3rd strike if there are runners on base.
  8. I haven't seen Contreras with this good of stuff in a long time. This is the first game since 2006 that I have seen him with a fastball higher than 91 mph. His forkball had become more of a show-me pitch as it was about 72mph and its back to 77-80 mph which is where he was in 2006. Though his fastball is only 91-93 tonight, the fact that it was 88-90 his last start and has jumped by 3 mph makes me hopeful that maybe he can get it back to 93-95. I'm not counting on it though. However if he only has lost 3 mph off it, he could still learn how to pitch with lesser stuff, but an 88-90 mph fastball by a RHP is crap.
  9. I'll be pleasantly surprised if the Sox win this game. However, it doesn't look like they will get anymore of the game in because the rain has started. Chalk this one up in the L column. I'm guessing the game gets called before the Sox have a chance to tie.
  10. QUOTE (knightni @ Apr 11, 2008 -> 08:21 PM) Boy. Walking into this thread just now, you'd think that the Sox are down 9-2 or something. With the way the guys are swinging the bats, this one run feels like seven.
  11. QUOTE (Frankensteiner @ Apr 9, 2008 -> 08:32 PM) Come on now. The Twins didn't hammer him or anything but his location was still bad, he couldn't get his breaking ball over, and there were periods where he couldn't throw strikes at all. It was a bad outing. The only thing I agree with you on is the fact that he couldn't get his curve over. From what I saw, The first 4 batters in the inning, he was ahead 1-2 on them and he jammed Gomez but he got a hit, the next guy reached out and poked a fastball/cutter out of the strike zone into LF, He jammed Mauer and Morneau, but they got hits as well. I call that bad luck.
  12. QUOTE (SoxAce @ Apr 9, 2008 -> 08:23 PM) Danks just wasn't himself.. I'm not gonna question him after this outing. Danks wasn't making bad pitches in the 3rd. The Twins just lead the league in getting ducksnorts and seeing eye singles. They nickel and dimed us to death. You can't blame Danks for that inning, he just ran into bad luck. The 1st, however you can blame him for.
  13. I post here because I don't like the fact that when I post anything negative about the Sox at WSI I get told to go to Addison and Clark. I what I don't like is people's personal vendettas against certain young players, and if a certain person has said vendetta, that person will say that said player still sucks even though he's doing well. Don't people understand that it is good for the Sox to have young players develop? You have to give young players time to develop, but still write them off after a certain amount of time that says they can't cut it. I just wish people will be a bit more patient with young players and not say a young hitter is doomed if he doesn't put up a .275/.350/.425 line during his first callup, and a young pitcher is doomed if he doesn't have an ERA under 4.00 and a WHIP under 1.20 during his first callup. That's just unrealistic to ask out of a rookie. I just wish people would keep an open mind about young players and wouldn't make irrational judgements on them after their first game.
  14. QUOTE(G&T @ Apr 5, 2008 -> 04:17 PM) So how has Floyd pitched so far anyway? He's actually pitching quite well due to the fact he doesn't have his best stuff out there, doesn't have good control today, and can't throw the deuce for a strike.
  15. QUOTE(daa84 @ Apr 5, 2008 -> 04:04 PM) 2-0...sat on the fastball in and got it....fox just showed that was inge's wheelhouse That wasn't a bad pitch though, as a matter of fact it was a good pitch, fastball up and in. Gavin just got beat on it.
  16. QUOTE(Greg The Bull Luzinski @ Apr 5, 2008 -> 01:52 PM) Uribe can easily have 4 K's today with a pitcher that can not find the strike zone. But then again, Uribe is capable to 4 K's any day. Ahh yes, Juan "The Golden Sombrero" Uribe.
  17. QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Mar 29, 2008 -> 05:45 PM) Even if his fastball is a bit down...he's gone 1-2-3 in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th innings...and the only guy who's really beaten him badly was Beltran (the first run would have been caught if Anderson was in CF). And for the most part the Mets have had their normal lineup in there against him. He's made Reyes look really bad a couple times now. Furthermore, The Mets hitters have waved horribly at his fastball, looking like the ball was already in the catcher's mitt before they swung the bat. I sure hope Jose is back this year, because if so, we could potentially have a dominant 1-3, and if one of Danks and Floyd pitch decent(4.50 ERA) we'll be right with Cleveland and Detroit.
  18. I now believe that the ESPN gun was grossly off, due to the fact that it has not been flashing speeds for the majority of the game, and that I've seen a few fastballs flash in the low 60s. I could believe by the way Jose has pitched that his fastball is back.
  19. Jose's fastball is in the mid 80s, unless the ESPN gun is off. He's going to get killed if that's where his fastball is. I'm surprised he's kept the Mets off the board so far.
  20. I think they'll finish with 86-89 wins, but still good enough for 3rd place. I also think that Detroit will not make the playoffs. Their bullpen reminds me of ours last year. Utter crap. They'll win 90-92 games but I think that Seattle and the Halos will win more. With the injuries to Lackey and Escobar, it wouldn't surprise me if Seattle won the AL West. The Angels will still be good enough to make the playoffs though.
  21. QUOTE(NorthSideSox72 @ Mar 21, 2008 -> 04:06 PM) Two things I have seen from Floyd this spring so far that are important improvements over last year... First, he doesn't lose velocity when he goes to the stretch. That was something that seemed problematic. Second, his form looks more consistent. And that's something that Danks has yet to establish. Great observations. As to what I referred to earlier, I think that the gun is 3 mph slow, judging from how many of Floyd's high fastballs have been fouled off. If he was throwing 89-91 those would be out of the park. Furthermore on the gun, there's no way that Zito is throwing fastballs at 81-83 mph.
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