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  1. Back in 1984 in the USFL the entire Chicago team swapped locations with the Arizona team leaving only the team identities behind. Yeah, they need to just do an Arizona-Chicago MLB swap like now.
  2. Lance Lynn Adds To The Rumors About White Sox Lack Of Rules (brobible.com) 😬
  3. We will all chuckle at this someday when Ramírez is in a Sox uni at the end of his career like the Alomars, Albert Belle, Visquel, Thome & Manny.
  4. Well we now know replacing the players hasn't worked, replacing the coaches hasn't worked, and replacing the manager hasn't worked. So...what does that leave???
  5. Last night someone here said the HRD would be his coming out party. It sure was…literally.
  6. So, is the Rays gaudy record artificial because they have played a lot of games against the Sox or is the Sox gaudy record artificial because they have played a lot of games against the Rays?
  7. To think that back in the 80’s that Tampa Bay almost got this organization. I think their fans are pretty satisfied right now with how that turned out, no?
  8. “Can you believe that game? The guys are clearly feeling the pressure and wearing out already.” ”I know, but I know you could have prevented it “ ”Well, together we could have, but you can’t blame Jerry. The fanbase had his hands tied.” “Yeah I guess so. Well, take care Tony.” “You too Leury.”
  9. Yeah, they can't just go and add more depth. This is a consequence of deficiencies in the organization before the rebuild. There already was no organizational depth or philosophy underneath a major league team that itself was already going nowhere. They traded the stars they did have and acquired a few very high ceiling prospects - but nothing else. They didn't have the resources for anything else. I recall five or six years ago that analysts rated minor league systems and though they acknowledged the exceptional talent the Sox had acquired, they rated a couple other orgs still higher because their acquired prospects were closer to mlb-ready. They were right. The Sox' high ceiling talent didn't reach projections and the consequence is the bare cupboard that we still have from before.
  10. It's just sad we will never again have the thrill of Baines walking off a home run in the bottom of the 25th...
  11. Stupid rule. I would rather they just let the games end in a tie.
  12. On Yaz this seemed to make sense but I couldn't help thinking how I saw Fisk behind the plate every game back in the day. Or did I... I went ahead and looked up Fisk's career stats. Well, he was typically in the 130's for games played, some years fewer, a year or two over 150. Similar for the "other" Pudge, same for Molina and Tony Pena. Even Johnny Bench sat in the 130's although a couple years early in his career he was at or near 160. Posada was typically in the low 140's even though I can't remember *ever* seeing him not playing. I guess my realization now is that catchers typically sit at least a game a week. Just food for thought.
  13. It’s always the future with this Kopech guy isn’t it?
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