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  1. Meanwhile Lance Lynn just gave up a 1st inning 2 run jack to Arraez and Venezuela in the WBC. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  2. It's funny how we root for the players when they are the most transient part of the organization, coming and going according to upper business dealings and their own financial situations. Makes me wonder just what we are fans of.
  3. An inability for the majority of the team to stay healthy, no plate discipline, brainless often idiotic play in the field, no rotation depth, no closer, no 2nd baseman, an unproven manager, and a handful of players who think that just putting on the jersey means they can strut around despite earning nothing. I don't want to take a whiff of what they're going to pull 85 wins out of.
  4. Since this team is a dumpster fire, trade away the remaining talent and bring back collared jerseys, drunken broadcasters, and Andy the Clown.
  5. Thank you! I am totally on board with this take. If this behavior is standard among professional athletes, they might as well put robots on the field because I can't respect what these guys bring to the field as human beings.
  6. There will be resounding NO's across the board on this but for this purpose bring in Pierzynski. It would be a car wreck and a final implosion, and it would be glorious.
  7. So no mea culpas and JR, RH and KW are still at the helm, right? Anyone know if the doorknobs at Guaranteed Rate are padded? I hope so because one’s gonna hit me in the a** on my way out.
  8. TLR wasn't a necessary cause for this team's demise. He was a sufficient cause though. Other sufficient causes were the fact that the players themselves don't have the talent or the mental makeup to perform, and can't stay in one piece for any period of time.
  9. MIchael Kopech A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology...
  10. I am all for optimism but there are only so many times I can dip into that well. 90 wins next year might be possible with a few more stars lining up - that does give you a central title but not a playoff quality team. I am beyond where the hope of backing into the playoffs makes up for enduring the product I have to watch along the way. Maybe the injuries are in line with the norm these days. However, the abject stupidity these players show at the plate, on the basepaths, and in the field is hardly the norm. Neither is not giving decent effort or showing you even care - when that's the least of what the paying fans are entitled to see. These last couple weeks are an insult. Act like a damn professional player with some pride in what your doing for heaven's sake!!! At this point, I hate to say it, but W-L aside, I just don't "like" this group of players (I hesitate to call them a team because they sure don't seem to want to do the least thing to honor the White Sox brand). And then the management and ownership...
  11. I'm sure not in that half. One more rebuild and I start to wonder if I will see another championship in my lifetime.
  12. I am no TLR fan, but wish him comfort and better health. In any case TLR was never the root problem. He was the consequence.
  13. For it to hurt they have to have some pride in themselves to begin with.
  14. According to the press release, he is being excused from managing the rest of the season because of a health issue, which apparently is pretty dire. Ok fair enough, but why hasn’t the team announced exactly *what* the heath issue is? Granted, he is entitled to his privacy but still… All said, I could care less whether it’s an authentic health issue or an excuse to allow him an easy exit. My beef is that the FO itself is still there.
  15. Excellent point. It was also compounded by the fact that they focused on getting the lumber without worrying about whether they could find a spot for them all in the field. That's what happens when you try to reconstruct a team with a handful of deadline trades rather than commit to a coherent organizational development strategy.
  16. Oh yeah that's right. I seem to remember that the one had some potential but the other was a nothing.
  17. Was that the year they targeted a star named Berry but accidentally got some other Berry, or something like that?
  18. Cleveland seems to be making a statement going down the stretch that they are now competitively post season viable despite the fact the division is not.
  19. Anymore I could care less about trades, whomever they are. They tried to tear it down already with trades and look where we are. The problem is when you trade to a rebuild you are stuck with grabbing whatever shiny packages are out there and trying to somehow make them work together. How about this? How about building a damn organization that functions with some sort of coherent philosophy and developmental plan? That doesn’t happen at a trade deadline. It takes a commitment and time, and at least some degree of intelligence.. They haven’t done that and this team from the owner down is quite simply ugly - and an insult.
  20. Wow, so it looks like the substitute teacher brought the paddle and a ruler to crack some knuckles. Liking it.
  21. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/2022/08/31/tony-la-russa-white-sox-manager-out-health-heart-tests/7952912001/
  22. Well they aren’t mathematically eliminated but I think they are done. What convinced me was when Abreu said the team just needs to believe. That’s an acknowledgment the players don’t believe. They no longer, at least in their minds, have anything to push for - and that’s curtains.
  23. It’s ironic they started that dead cat bounce against a team called the Tigers.
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