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  1. super dumb question but why did they leave Kopech's date and move Cease's rainout date to tomorrow?
  2. It’s interesting that baseball prospects typically graduate high school, go thru college, and spend a few years in the minors before reaching the majors, but football stars go straight from college, and basketball stars sometimes straight from high school.
  3. Umm... La Russa structured the plan so that the more established members of the staff—Welch, Witt, and Darling—would enter after the starter and have the best shot at a win. “The concept was maybe the first guy would give you two or three innings, then Darling would come in for the third or fourth and at least get through the fifth, maybe the sixth,” La Russa says. “The [second] guy would give you his [50-ish] pitches, and then if he had a chance to win the game you’d go to Eck.”... https://www.theringer.com/mlb/2018/8/20/17758120/1993-oakland-athletics-tony-la-russa-opener-experiment
  4. His statement says it was in treatment he took for ringworm and that he has always tested negative in the past. Not my dog but I’m inclined to believe him.
  5. This season has been one long sine wave along the .500 line. The summer of “meh”.
  6. Get used to it. He will be the 2023 regular second baseman.
  7. Maybe instead of jeers and boos we should just laugh them off the field every day. I follow them for entertainment and honestly, this team could pass more as a comedy act than as excellence entertainment wise. And I don’t mean Globetrotters kind of comedy. I mean 67 Mets kind of comedy.
  8. Please tell me they aren’t going to try to strip the clothes off a life sized photo of the owner now.
  9. Leury would be more than willing to swap roles with him…
  10. Nothing today would pull me to a game I wouldn't otherwise go to. However, in the past we really tried to attend bat day. Yes, real wooden bats, at the old park, and before the neighborhood got cleaned up. I guess I can imagine why the promotion ended. Pennant day was pretty nice too, until someone lost an eye.
  11. Well yes, they could wind up pulling a 2006 Cardinals, a season which always made me chuckle and think "what the **** was that?". Better than no championship at all though I guess.
  12. I shouldn’t go here but there is no chance he could have venous sinus thrombosis is there? I have seen it’s a problem also related to fighting Covid?
  13. The better thread title might be “what would it take for you to come back.” I check in on the game threads but by and large have moved on with my summer. I’m pretty much down to just rubbernecking the train wreck.
  14. Your 2022 White Sox: the window's open but there's a sh##storm going on.
  15. Yeah, not thrilled with playing the Cinderella role in October where you hope to hang your hat on a surprise upset when it’s objectively clear to everyone that you aren’t at the same level. I envision whomever they meet just laughing their way through it in the dugout like it is some sort of inside joke they are playing it.
  16. Yeah after that great game ending catch Harrison really deserv…uh never mind
  17. Well before the break the they all had a collective snit and responded with inspired play after the rumors of discord in the clubhouse, TLR being days from departure, etc. We needed to let that work it’s way through to see what the true reality of this team is and whether the last couple of weeks were a dead cat bounce
  18. Just in case we need this stat for the future: How many non-all stars in MLB history have won the Cy Young that season?
  19. How did the Sox wind up the first half with the 3rd highest BA in the MLB???
  20. Non-all star Dylan Cease has assumed the MLB strikeout lead.
  21. No sense eating ourselves up about it anymore. His bar is so low that when he takes an 0-fer it doesn't move the needle but those few days he drops in a couple hits it just further solidifies himself as a preferred fixture in the lineup.
  22. Completely agree. When I predict generous playing time for him, it sure isn’t because I am on board.
  23. I am assuming he will be the 2023 regular second baseman. At least there won’t be the angst of “why did TLR put him in so-and-so’s spot today “. 2B will BE his spot.
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