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  1. Cleveland and Minnesota won’t have pleasure of taking that credit with me. I I was out of my misery once they resigned Leury and broke spring training with the roster they had.
  2. Yeah you can’t beat the contrived fan-o-meter, kiss cam and tshirt rolls thrown to the crowds. Totally worth the cost of tickets and parking right there man.
  3. He gets paid, quite well, too endure this. *We* have to pay.
  4. Yes, gotta give credit where credit is due on that signing.
  5. This is the key shortcoming with this team, at least on the field. Sometimes it feels like watching the movie Major League, only a pinup of the owner isn't going to work in this case.
  6. Yes, the pen health is a concern. However, I think it is a concern precisely because 5-6 innings for the starters is *as designed*. Starters going 8 innings pitching to contact and then turning it over to a closer is a bonus and a luxury we shouldn't count on. We have to assume the pen will take nearly half the game and therefore need to have them ready to do so.
  7. As a former (admittedly disgruntled) coworker of mine said, "if the boss has you clean toilets one day and you show you are really good at it, he's gonna want to keep you cleaning toilets."
  8. Leury obviously will need to start and be high in the lineup next game. After today’s late 0-2 he will need the AB’s to get back on track. And Yoan will have to sit after this abomination. Five hits was just rubbing it in by the end. Can’t have that.
  9. I'm beginning to think the modern usage of pitchers is simply not compatible with their physical makeup. Pitching has always been taxing on arms and shoulders and now they are pushed so hard now that eventual injury is becoming the rule rather than the exception. If I'm trading for live arms, especially young ones, I think I would be willing to offer more for a guy who has already gotten his TJS out of the way versus one who hasn't .
  10. I am not 100% sure this isn't a tongue-in-cheek post, but I will take it as legit. For me its all cool anyway. When the team spirals the exasperation here rises, there comes a point Soxtalk is more entertaining than the on-field product - and that's exactly where we are now. This place is the last vestige of salty southside fandom amid the sanitized product the organization now provides.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen 8 laughing smileys on a thread post.
  12. If the world ended today, Boston won the trade. When its all said and done, Chicago likely will have won the trade. Prime Sale vs prime Kopech is irrelevant. That's a single moment in time and isn't indicative of the past or predictive of the future - and those are what determine a good or bad trade.
  13. The idea that all four of those guys are better than anything in the minors...
  14. This lineup, *after* a rest day 🙄 I am going to have to miss it to go to a funeral visitation tonight. You can write the joke, its right there for you.
  15. The "genius" is just that that contract commitment exceeds what a utility stopgap replacement guy would warrant *unless* something ridiculously unforseen were to befall the team - and guess what happened? I think the "genius" is really "luck" but in the end the bitter irony is that TLR and the FO can now say "SEE why we did it?", when until now then the idiocy of that commitment was inarguable and undefendable.
  16. The bitter irony is that given the injuries, management gets to come off as looking genius for signing Leury and keeping him fresh with regular playing time...
  17. I am not savvy enough to do those gif things, but you know that one where Jack Nicholson is nodding his head with an evil smile and really looking forward to something? That’s gonna be Judge, Buxton and Trout’s reaction at the thought of this team coming out of the Central.
  18. The season’s not over, but it’s meh-ver. The “B” team will do as last year and be surprisingly passable - scrapping away to .500 or a little better, and keep them somewhere in fringe of the division race. That will inspire some hope for the late season and when TA and the rest come back in full by September..,they won’t know what the hell they’re doing. Verdict? 83-79, and “just wait till next year”.
  19. I'll tell you exactly what the problem was: they couldn't leave well enough alone. Going into 2021 they were *set*. They had invested in great young talent, locked much of it up for future seasons, and that talent had arrived. They were ahead of the field and didn't need to do a freaking thing. All they needed to do was integrate the talent, get it on the field, and leave it there to cohere into whatever is was destined to become - and only *then* consider how to augment and fine tune it. They never gave that a chance to happen. When other teams made high profile acquisitions at the trade deadline the Sox just had make their own noise and that core never got a chance to really play together - a problem which was then exacerbated by the injuries and the decision to mix and match lineups both during the time they were shorthanded and after. The dream team never happened. It never had a chance.
  20. Oh well, this is just who they are. The IL is just baked right into the Sox cake.
  21. Granted its a hot take but I swear I would fine Abreu every time he two hops a low outside pitch to short.
  22. They will be better, thank goodness. I wouldn't hold hope expecting them to get "extra" hot to make up for the suckiness so far though. Rolling a bunch of 1's doesn't make you any more likely to get a 6 on your next roll.
  23. Well given the recent history of this franchise…
  24. Could there ever be a need for TJS for someone whose already had TJS?
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