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  1. Sox fandom will simply not accept another tear down/redo under current ownership. This window is it.
  2. Any picture that is not a pitcher should just be Leury.
  3. Yeah, before the Reinhorn reign it was Caray/Piersall, Nancy Faust, Andy the clown, and arriving an hour and a half early to catch batting practice homeruns from both teams. Now after 40 years of the Reinhorn era we have a sanitized experience with restricted park sections, piped in music, a cutesy mascot, yes men broadcasters, and corny pizza slice race videos on the scoreboard.
  4. You could swap "Tony LaRussa" and "2021" into that reply and get something awfully close to what we could have said a year or two ago. Not saying its a good option, but an imaginable one for this FO - for better or worse.
  5. In the event he does get fired…who will be the next guy. Assuming it will be a guy with “Sox family” connections. Ozzie? A.J.? Fisk?
  6. Well that’s better than nothing but it’s rather like a mid major BB team with a so-so record winning their conference tournament and strutting into the big dance actually thinking they’re going places. Spare me.
  7. When the team really mired in bad times I'm just glad I can shrug it off since my business or career isn't dependent on it. That would *really* suck.
  8. TLR agrees to a golden parachute retirement on the condition Leury Garcia follows Don Kessinger as the second player manager in the history of the franchise.
  9. I used to like Stewert's. I'd get a $4 can of it down here but then a few years ago it like tripled in price. It ain't *that* good...
  10. Robert and the rest of the offense won’t be sitting under .200 the rest of the year. It’s an early season slump. Bad stretches happen. The job is to try to steal a win here and there until things inevitably click.
  11. I would be good with modestly priced traditional ballpark staples: a couple bucks each for a hot dog, small soda, cheapo nachos or popcorn. If you want polish sausage, gourmet burgers, loaded nachos filling a helmet, imported beverages, etc. then yes, go ahead and price them out the wazoo. If you want a special dining experience then you should expect to be willing to pay, and pay generously. If the food is just incidental, that's different.
  12. Example well taken. The resource I quickly stumbled across had nearly every stadium selling hot dogs for $4-$6. I’d be interested to know if Atlanta concessions make enough sales to have better profit then the others. I’m sure there’s a sweet spot somewhere. Regarding water, I feel it should be affordable and/or allow carry ins because that’s a public health and safety issue IMO.
  13. The big problem was that to keep people fresh TLR kept drawing names out of a hat to see who would join Leury in the lineup. Come playoffs it was like a bunch of kids arriving at summer camp and playing their first game together.
  14. You are not alone. As a single income family we are careful with concession spending and come up to a game only once a year -- which kinda sucks since cable tv isn't worth the cost to us either and any Sox streaming is blacked out. Nevertheless, choices are choices...
  15. As if any of us wouldn't charge as much as people would be willing to spend if we had a business. The issue is that its worth it to enough people to spend that kind of money on those concessions. Our modern day culture absolutely craves entertainment so it will pay the premium for it and sets the price for everyone. I just don't see how a vendor would be satisfied to sell out their product for less than most are willing to pay, and I really don't see how for those that, for example, only "kind of" like Italian beef, can be charged less for it that those who really love it.
  16. If Sunday were the only day I could make the drive up to catch a Sox game, I’d never see a Sox game.
  17. If you don’t work counts and impatiently pull outside pitches to the shortstop all day long then yeah I suppose it could be. I don’t know if that’s the case here but…
  18. Wow those stats are surprising. For what it’s worth I guess it comes down to scoring runs and the Sox are 15th on that with almost all the others having played a game or two more. Interesting stats though.
  19. The game hardly changed at all in all my years growing up. They changed mound height a couple times I think, and redid divisions but that was about it. Its no longer the game of strict tradition it used to be. I suppose it doesn't need to be, or maybe even should be...
  20. It's ironically funny - I remember the times folks would get frustrated Frank Thomas didn't chase enough and took balls barely off the plate that we thought he could murder.
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