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  1. We could hope against hope it will incentivize the ownership to make comprehensive and structural changes rather than rely on a quick shiny object or two.
  2. So we’re only three or four players away!!! /sarc
  3. So, Detroit lost 119 in 2003. What were they able to do to get to the WS three years later (aside from #1 picks which don't happen anymore)?
  4. If my paycheck went up at the same rate...I'd be driving a nicer car.
  5. Me feeling is like just kind of floating in limbo. I know this team roster has to completely turn over at least twice before it has a chance to be playoff viable. That known, it’s impossible to even hang hopes on what I will see on the field thinking it might be a step in building a path towards any future contention window. This now just is what is and will be.
  6. Agreed. Corner OF doesn’t demand much defensively so that’s where teams put the mashers who can’t field (unless they DH). Therefore, to be really worthwhile he needs to be *at least* as good offensively as the typical corner outfielder who already hits well.
  7. Knowing this org, Titanic Inc. would soon buy the naming rights to the stadium.
  8. Funny, I could have sworn I put Soxtalk in my browser address and not Bearstalk.
  9. I don’t think we (the taxpayers) should just give JR a stadium, but should we expect him to just give one to us? Where’s equilibrium? Maybe we should pony up escalated ticket prices?
  10. I'm a simpleton but I don't know why I should have to pay for the venue to be built and then pay again to get into it. If the thing makes money, shouldn't it pay for itself?
  11. Funny, I thought the name was spelled “Leury”.
  12. Just have lunch at Bob Evans on Thursday and again on Sunday to see dynamic pricing. How is this different? Will Wendy’s AI work in real time factoring in weather, special events in town, etc.? I’d be down with $1 burgers when storms roll through town. Maybe the same for game tickets?
  13. Neither here nor there but I’m not sure about Einhorn wanting to start a USFL team. The USFL Blitz had already died in 1985 and I recall hearing Einhorn briefly mentioning wanting to start a Chicago *baseball* franchise in a new offseason league. Anyone recall that?
  14. At this point I’d be happy enough staying at GRF if they go back to decent scoreboard fireworks and not the cheap generic ones they use now. How about opening up early enough to let us in the place to watch batting practice? This is all the kind of thing that strips the culture and that’s what diminishes the “ballpark experience” more than anything. It’s not the park alone; Comiskey 1 smelled funny and it always seemed like something was dripping on you - but the experience was undeniable. Would it hurt them to put out a little and not go cheap and “managed” with everything?
  15. This makes sense. I would think the Nashville folks would see them as a new creation as well and leave the past as the past. I do not think identities should be portable to different cities. It just doesn't seem right. I am not a Chicago native but I think a similar argument could be made if they moved to another Chicago location completely removed from the south side. The south side is just baked into the cake.
  16. It's interesting. As fans if makes us wonder what exactly we are fans of. Its surely not the ownership. Neither is it completely the players because they come from all over and come and go, understandably seeking the best contracts. That said, I grew up and am still four hours away from the games but only being able to get up a couple times each year just made the experiences more special. Would it change if they moved to be five hours south of me? I don't know. In a sense it would seem they would effectively become a different team, even if they kept the name. I guess I would remain a fan, if for no other reason that there would be no Chicago alternative outside of the Cubs. Its all hypothetical though anyway...right????
  17. Back in the 70's my dad would park us on the neighborhood streets several blocks south of old Comiskey (it was allowed back then). He would turn down the kids on the block who offered to "watch" our car for 5 bucks and we would hoof it all the way to and back from the game. Obviously still alive today to tell about it.
  18. Point well taken but I think its kind of a yes and no. The winner will likely come out with 90+ wins - but precisely because the division *is* pathetic. A 90 win team would get many those 90 wins against the awful teams in the division via the unbalanced schedule. For trivia purposes, the 2022 Central overall record was 383-428 (an average of 77-86) and the 2021 overall was 397-413 (average 79-83). Not great.
  19. Back in 1984 in the USFL the entire Chicago team swapped locations with the Arizona team leaving only the team identities behind. Yeah, they need to just do an Arizona-Chicago MLB swap like now.
  20. Lance Lynn Adds To The Rumors About White Sox Lack Of Rules (brobible.com) 😬
  21. We will all chuckle at this someday when Ramírez is in a Sox uni at the end of his career like the Alomars, Albert Belle, Visquel, Thome & Manny.
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