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    Charlotte Knights (AAA)
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    Conversing with all the friendly fellow Sox fans and baseball enthusiasts while trying not to offend the more sensitive and eccentric self-righteous types who make you feel oh so welcome here
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    Yolmer "The Gatorade Boy" Sanchez
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    Jose Quintana’s ejection at the Sox and Rays game 5/30/2012 and Hawk’s hilariously salty rant immediately after
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    "Jurassic" Carl Everett+Chris "Widgenator" Widger

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  1. Joe Kelly is da man. Larussa's BOI. That 7.45 ERA is just so damn sexy. I'm getting a Kelly jersey right now.
  2. Thank god Eloy didn't annihilate his hamstring making the turn at second base into third
  3. Harrison and Garcia back to back first pitch swinging outs. What a shit show by those two.
  4. Sox making Caleb and his 5.46 ERA look like Cy Thielbar
  5. Finally Robert homers again. Been sorely missing those from him.
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