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  1. Times sure are changing. 2 or 3 years ago, these two signings would have cost the Sox $35,000,000
  2. The White Sox just cannot exist without some short grindy overachiever on the roster.
  3. He must be pretty terrible to cause the Sox ZIPs projections to drop.
  4. I just want to add my 2 cents to this thread. FIRE PEDRO
  5. Are castoffs signed to minors deals that threw 27 innings really "friends"? Shouldn't this be somewhat recent casual acquaintance alert?
  6. "Bob? Hey, it's Jerry Reinsdorf. Look, I need a favor and in return I'll drop you some info since Kenny isn't around to leak scoops anymore." "Ok, I'm listening. What do you need from me?" Pretty sure that's how it went.
  7. Glad my meme is living on in the post-Hahn world of Sox fandom.
  8. He was good for... (can't remember team or year, so looks it up on bref)... ok, he's never been good.
  9. Super happy for Lucas. He's a swell dude and deserves it. Also glad the White Sox moved on.
  10. It's been oddly quiet, for the White Sox in general, not just Cease.
  11. I miss the days of Soxtalk when the 69-page threads were about players that the Sox were rumored to be acquiring and not 69-page threads about players the Sox were selling off.
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