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  1. He also got completely hosed on the Cabrera AB. He should have had 1 out going to the AB that lead to the double play.
  2. They really REALLY need to win this game. As sad as that sounds.
  3. Can we as a fan base stop with this? Every time another team releases some overpaid bad player, "maybe the sox should sign him" ... is this how we've been conditioned? To be ok with 3rd rate castoffs from better run orgs?
  4. Last season someone on soxtalk posted a screenshot of him versus AL 1B, even though he was playing in the OF, and it was just as bad.
  5. It didn't matter. When using his fWAR compared to the rest of AL 1B, he was in the bottom 1/3rd.
  6. They probably penciled him in for 12-15 HRs but yea, 700 OPS from your biggest signing EVER is... a bad look.
  7. Days like today happen to orgs with shortsighted front offices. RickyGM knew Davis Martin was hurt but went into the season with 4.5 starters on the depth chart anyway.
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