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  1. What's interesting is just how little of a market there seems to be for Conforto. The comp pick is definitely a consideration for some teams more than others. I don't think the Sox should really care IMO. There are rumors his shoulder is an issue. Who knows on that end. He is not vaxxed for COVID reportedly. Not sure who would really care about that past the Blue Jays or maybe ALE teams that play the Blue Jays. I believe Toronto is the only team that plays somewhere that has rules against the unvaxxed but could be wrong. Not sure where the Cali teams sit to that end.
  2. I wouldn't read into it. Merkin has been consistent in his thought that Sox handle RF with their internal options since prior to the lockout.
  3. Believe it was cancelled with the CBA negotiations but stuff was constantly evolving so not 100% sure.
  4. Crick was playing music when Felipe Vazquez asked him to stop. Crick declined to turn off the music. Vazquez asked Crick to hit him. Crick declined. Vazquez cold cocked Crick and Crick fought back messing up his finger. Vazquez got 4x the fine that Crick did and Crick appealed his fine. Felipe Vazquez is now out of the league as he was caught being a pedo.
  5. He made 37% of his starts last year in the #4 spot.
  6. How did he fare 2018-2020? I think Harrison will be a good guy in the clubhouse and a wily vet. He always seems to place us tough. But he hits right-handed, he doesn't get on bas, his career is in a downtrend, etc. Even coming off of a "good" year last year he was basically replacement level. I expected meh if they didn't surprise with a trade but Harrison is beyond meh. At least Brad Miller or Matt Carpenter or someone would help balance the lineup and add some sort of upside.
  7. Sox had dialogue on Naquin after Robert/Eloy/Madrigal got hurt last year. Their GM said they won't be trading prospects to get money off the books. Instead they are strapping their MLB assets to bad contracts to get rid of money. At least with Eaton there was some reasonable optimism he could bounce back and he fit the lineup really well if the move played out as intended. Harrison doesn't fit the roster at all and has no upside. Like you alluded to, he is the type of player to have a rough 7-8 weeks to start the year and be on the waiver wire by the ASB. I didn't envision building the most expensive bullpen in baseball and hoarding utility players who don't get on base coming into an offseason where we had needs at 2B/RF/SP.
  8. If I had to bet, I would not bet the Sox get a Conforto/Castellanos type. My guess would be someone like Joc Pederson or Dexter Fowler. That said, there seems to be a very limited market on Conforto/Castellanos. I am sure the Padres will add a bat. The Mariners could. Maybe Texas keeps spending or LAA gets involved. Conforto could make sense for Toronto if they keep spending but I don't really see much towards strong markets for these guys. The rumors with Miami and Colorado are something but if you're those players do you want to sign up to suck for the next years?
  9. Man Harrison deal just sucks on many levels. Not only is it settling and an underwhelming deal, but it limits the team's flexibility rounding out the roster. I would honestly rather go into the season with Leury and Romy as the 2B options than have 5.5m committed to Harrison.
  10. Yeah lefties I like R - SS - TA R - CF - Robert R - 1B - Abreu R - LF - Eloy S - C Grandal
  11. I like R - 1 - TA S - 2 - Moncada R - 3 - Robert R - 4 - Abreu S - 5 - Grandal
  12. There were no handshake deals on the QO. Idk where that is coming from.
  13. This is when I knew it was a done deal. BASEBALL!!!!!
  14. I wouldn't call that sneaking it in though. Just their negotiation plan. Probably did it because the players' position on this specific issue doesn't make a ton of sense. The only argument against the international draft is doing it too soon. People are flipping on the players over this. If this breaks down the negotiations it will be ugly.
  15. Someone just reported the international draft has been in all offers
  16. Do you think the current system is what is best for the kids in the DR? You'd have to be insane to think that. They get shopped and peddled around as 12-13 year-olds by guys who take a chunk of their signing bonus.
  17. And on top of that, the MLB doesn't enforce the rules they have on the books. It's amazing the current system has lasted as long as it has.
  18. Why don't Americans get afforded the same flexibility then? In what other major sports league can a player just go wherever they want? Just international soccer I think (if it's even the case with the EPL, I believe it is).
  19. What revenue leaks are you talking about? If both sides could just meet in the middle? Media campaign against the MLBPA? What world are you living in. Those numbers are bullshit. No need to talk about them. There are two teams that report their revenue and one of them isn't even an American business and their baseball segment revenue is completely unclear.
  20. Yesterday's fake deadline was delayed to today's fake deadline.
  21. Bowden released a piece of 7 players who should sign quick and 7 who should take some time. Rodon was said to sign quick. Both Castellanos and Conforto were listed as players that should take more time. Bowden listed the Sox first for both players in terms of possible landing spots.
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