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  1. Also if there is two out and thome is up against a lefty there is no benefit to having mashers up right after him. It was thome or nothing
  2. As much as I liked Jim thome I can remember most of the time when he came up to bat in the later innings in a key situation that the other team brought in their lefty and it was usually a strikeout. It would be worse than thome with schwarber. He’s brutal.
  3. I like the way dunning works the ball up and down and in and out. Not many guys can do that. I wouldn’t trade him. Just pick up the majority of wheelers K and that’s it. They should t be rewarded for being idiots
  4. And no Harper. As soon as he left the Nats theNats won.coincidence? I think not
  5. I’d start off with offering to pay 75% of wheelers contract and that’s it. They are not getting any players of note. None. they are in a tough spot, only a limited number of teams can absorb a K like wheelers so the time is perfect to be a buyer here.
  6. Schwarber will never help you late in games. From the 6th inning on if he comes up in a key situation the other manager will just bring in their lefty and get him out. Who needs a 6 inning player?
  7. I wouldn’t necessarily care whether my announcer is smart or not. I doubt if Harry Carey was a genius yet he was terrific. Harry could have made a great podcast if they were around back then. Imagine Harry and jimmy doing a podcast? I watch baseball for entertainment not to judge an IQ contest. And Len is a boring nerdy guy. Not much entertainment there for anyone. and the fact that he used to tweak the Sox and still get hired is a surprise but I guess ESPN needed a guy and Len was there for the taking.
  8. Lol Len is not a national type. He belongs At a Single A affiliate in Mississippi. I always told cubs fans that the only people that like Lynn are diehard cubs fans and/or stat nerds. he doesnt fit the white Sox mold at all. I used to see him at a bagel shopping glencoe and just cringe. He’s a real weirdo that appears to get a job if he sucks up to the right people and doesn’t cost a lot. the-only good thing is that this sticks it to the majority of cub fans who would enjoy a toaster announcing their game as they defecate on themselves after eating six bigmacs and wash it down with a gallon of Ronnie woo woo saliva.
  9. We are in non tender/ tender season as well as free agent signing period. Why on earth would the white Sox trade anybody when they just sign good to great players and not lose any of their own players?
  10. No, he had the worst swing I’ve ever seen. It looked like there was something wrong with him. He stinks.
  11. I wouldn’t trade any of the young guys now. Wait and see what they got. And if they don’t work out here trade them for some other teams not performing might still be a stud. Sign some more pitchers. That just requires cash.
  12. I believe the ownership structure is in the form of a general partnership with limited partners. The same structure he used back in his Balcor days. jerry is the general partner and runs the show and his limited partners are the main ownership investors but have little to no say in the operations. if he is up to 40% then I’m guessing he has bought out some of the limited partners over time. Otherwise that sounds high based on how I remember it.
  13. Hahn hasn’t really earned the right to call the shots. All the losing over the last ten years. Specifically never brought in a dh or a manager that wasn’t terrible. He’s good at signing pre arb guys and even that seems kind of fishy that he excels at that but is terrible at everything else. He’s lucky to have a job
  14. Yea I’m really surprised yuan, Eloy and Robert have not been tweeting up a storm. Those guys are twitter magnets with their thousands of tweets and millions of followers. lol
  15. And people for bad for Hahn? Lol feel bad for a guy who hired Ventura and Renteria as manager? Feel bad for Hahn when he can’t get a decent DH that hits better than a pitcher. Makes the tali’s trade? Added malaria EE Gonzalez Dunn laroche just to name a few disasters. People feel bad for him that he couldn’t pick a manager? he hasn’t earned that right.
  16. So players typically get on Twitter and give an opinion when I new manager is hired? Yea ok. lol next
  17. True but RR is a poor manager and his moves looked flawed.what I should have said that better talent wins about 60% of the time in an arbitrary sport like baseball. In hockey it’s closer to 75 %. and you’re correct about the Sox having better talent than Oakland. I compared the lineups and there wasn’t one A’s player that I would have taken over the corresponding Sox player, pitchers included.
  18. And people are talking about kneeling? I think a couple guys knelt the first game and that was it. Who in their right mind even talks about kneeling any longer? Where are the discussions on black lives matter? You don’t even hear that any longer. somebody should start a discussion about Rosa parks or the civil war. Lol next
  19. The manager just runs the team he is given. Who ever has the best players has a good chance to win. Not sure why people here get upset all the time but if one pulls up old threads about hot topics about everyone Here was incorrect about what they said In the discussion.
  20. Palka was terrible. I’m assuming you were just kidding about bringing him back. Pitching is always the number one priority. I could live with Rutherford. He’s a big guy so hearing that he has some power is not out of the realm of possibility. hahn hasn’t signed a good DH or right fielder since Dye showed up here. If we sign Bauer we wouldn’t need a beast in RF. I’d let Rutherford or someone like him see if they can take the position.
  21. Success is generally achieved when you have better players than the other team. Give me the best roster in a league and I’ll beat you 60-65% ofthe time even in an arbitrary game like baseball. In hockey I’ll beat you 80-85% of the time with a better roster. that assumes I’m not a complete idiot and know nothing about the sport I’m coaching.
  22. Since when has someone On the Sox kneeling? Did I miss something?
  23. So blacks do not play baseball because of people like TLR? Lol next
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