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  1. It looks like TLR with a j pierzynski as the bench coach and manager in waiting. baseball will be exciting in so land again.
  2. Was looking at Bob Gibson’s stats today and his first two years were pretty bad and he started to turn it on in years three. Sox need another vet pitcher So the young guys have a few years to develop. Get another vet pitcher on a three year Contract.
  3. Yea, there was possibly a lot nobody here knew. How do we know what kind of person she was? Maybe she was harassing him and he came over to discuss and she pulled a gun on him and in a struggle she was shot? how about the guy roommate that was there? What’s his role in this? there was so much nobody here knew and to act like a sub human is pretty ridiculous.
  4. Lopez has certainly regressed from when he got here. I remember watching a video of him pitching for the Nats and he was striking out a hoard of guys. What was weird in the video was that the scoreboard showed the nats losing like 5-0 in spite of all those SO. So maybe he was giving yp dingers in between SO. hopefully someone can get him on track with his mechanics and mental approach. It’s been done before.
  5. The guy that was drafted the same year as Courtney Hawkins was a first baseman. First rounder I think.
  6. Dunning can get his fastball up to 95 when he wants to. He doesn’t to do it as every pitch he throws moves including his FB. If he threw 95 all the time his fastball might be straighter and get hit. collins used to play against dunning in college he told the story of him and his teammates in the dugout trying to guess which pitch dunning was going to throw and where and they were wrong most of the time. He just pounds the glove with good to great stuff.
  7. Cease would never be traded back to the cubs. For anybody on their team
  8. Also you should rarely trade for a hitter that plays in Texas. The field is like a concrete parking lot and balls race through the infield. Great hitters park. Trade for Texas pitchers that have to pitch there that are pretty good.
  9. Mazara has one of the worst swings I’ve ever seen. It’s like he’s never swung the bat before. hopefully it’s just a slow start. if not put Engel in RF?
  10. This guy has really worked on his overall game. Sounds like a guy that will out think most hitters. Looking forward to seeing him in a WS uniform.
  11. Burdi wasn’t just throwing the ball and not thinking. Once he set he was thinking exactly what he was going to do. Threw 98 On the corners and had a great slider. Last guy he struck out on a wipe out slider. looks terrific
  12. Robin went out there without any conviction just like he managed
  13. The Score is terrible in every time slot. I used to like listening to grobstein but he has the same five idiot callers every night. He’s starting to be forgetful as well. mulligan and haugh are pretty good and that’s it.
  14. No starter is going 8. If these early game results continue I’d be all for an opener.
  15. Actually now that they are letting Almost every team in the playoffs every game is not as critical as it was before the playoff format change. It’s more important to get in the playoffs and be the healthiest team.
  16. Not as optimistic as you for this year. I think the team underperforms the hype, renteria gets fired And they bring in the guy who will lead them to the next WS. The Sox have tons of pitching but the performance will start rising next year. I like all their starters including guys that get ripped here such as Lopez. Add in guys like dunning, Steiver And lambert as depth guys and there are tons of starters. 2021 will start a long run of success, barring significant injuries, for the Sox.
  17. Bruce is a little bit of an institution here. Besides who would take his place? speigal got fired at the score and is terrible. He won’t be getting any jobs in this market. I mean if you’re looking for a guy who wheezes while he speaks because he’s about 300 pounds over weight and has no discipline then hire the guy to do pizza tasting sample tasting. He’ll jump at that in a second.
  18. I find spiegel highly annoying and a terrible sounding radio person. fortunately the link didn’t open.
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