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  1. Listened to a Sox podcast with Collins. He talked about how he has changed over the years and how learning to be a polished catcher is a long process. He also discussed how he is more aggressive early in the count than he used to be but how he has the eye to still not swing at a ball. it was an interesting listen for sure. I think he’s ready.
  2. Never quite sure why people here are so quick to give up on guys like Collins. He’s adjusted to every level and done well. Ricky did a terrible job not using Collins last year as he continued to trot EE out there every game. That’s stupidity right there and likely was one of the reasons he was fired. That and having Mazara out there every game. That’s stupid
  3. 1917 for sure. Not sure why the Sox didn’t celebrate this team in 2017. Somebody wake reinsdorf up
  4. I find it also odd. The way they treated Collins is odd. The way Mazara played just about every game was odd. EE in the lineup everyday was odd. Ricky was an idiot or maybe he was told who to play which makes him weak.
  5. This is really good work. enjoyed reading it. Hopefully 3-4 of these guys make it.
  6. So they spent 29m? If you add up the money they got rid of it’s likely that the outgoing players costs were more than the new player signings. so what they did is not big deal. Pretty much a wash. Big deal.
  7. If they got Bauer and play the year without any major injuries they would be favored to win the WS. So it boils down to money- plain and simple.
  8. Not sure why posters say the minor league talent is thin. I count 25 guys with a good chance.
  9. I’m really not sure what cute means here as I spelled it out pretty clearly. Obviously if the person sending the picture is a gf there is most likely already consent there. In a situation that happened with me receiving pictures was awesome as the girl that sent them I had a relationship with. Nothing work related
  10. About five years ago I started dating an old girlfriend from high school. After a couple months of seeing her a lot she sent me some naked pictures of her from the waist up and they are the most spectacular pictures I have in my possession. We are still seeing each other today and will marry someday. Full disclosure is that she has a spectacular body. On the other hand guys have weird bodies and and a picture of someone’s dic is tantamount to looking at a car crash. I don’t understand why guys would ever do this but women that want to send their boyfriends/husbands a photo is the ultimate in flirting. and the guys that do this should be immediately prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Porter just got the hammer today
  11. A doc picture is both stupid, sick and abusive. No woman want to see that crap unless they are sick. in the other hand receiving a picture from a potential new gf showing off parts of her great body are always appreciated.
  12. Heard Rongey on the Score just a week or so again. He used to get so frustrated with callers it was pretty funny. One of his replies to a guy that he was getting ready to hang up on was a classic - “ that’s a dumb idea and you’re stupid”.
  13. I’ve only seen Hendricks pitch twice and both times it was against the Sox in the playoffs. I remember thinking while watching him pitch that there was all this hoopla about the guy and he didn’t look overwhelming at all to me. There’s some pitchers that have that little something that makes them virtually unhittable. I didn’t see it with him. Colome on the other hand has that little cutter that hitters struggle with. I’d rather they get another solid starter as they have a lot of bullpen guys already many that have the stuff and mentality to close.
  14. I like how Engel plays. He’s a good athlete and could be a late bloomer which is a lot better that that fucking idiot Ricky ran out to rf last year.
  15. How about just have him play in an independent league in the states for a year?
  16. Belle was good that year but wasn’t that great until the Sox were out of it. Most of his production came in the second half though I might be wrong
  17. I think I remember he’s was the manager who used to sit Rutherford against lefties the whole year.
  18. People are offended by the Indian name? that’s good, Jerry. Real gold. lol next
  19. How about when the eastern division teams play the Sox next year and they have to face gio, dk and LL the first three game and they think they get a break the next game because everyone’s 4th starter is usually pretty weak and we send a guy out throwing 100 mph with two other really good pitches? good luck to them.
  20. I’m a fan of dunning but the Sox needed a strong third starter without a doubt. Lynn is the guy. The Sox have plenty of young guys coming to fill in holes and if they don’t you go get a guy like Lynn. im always amazed when fans go crazy about losing one of their own players. We just got a really good pitcher who is an ace for most teams.
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