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  1. I’ve only seen him catch once. He looked fine and threw out a runner. He’s really a good athlete for his size
  2. Len is a terrible announcer. He can’t wait to throw some obscure stat out there that nobody cares about. I’m surprised anyone would say they enjoy him unless that person is a nerd.
  3. Collins is a legit mlb catcher. Great eye and can obviously call a game. His power to center and left center is excellent. The more he plays the better he’ll get.
  4. Hayward is a disaster. Cant believe anyone would want this guy.
  5. Hahn is always infatuated with a player that looks really athletic. How many times has he spoken about how great Robert’s looks and comparing him to an nfl wide receiver in body type. a pudgy guy like yermin comes along and Hahn can’t fathom how a guy that looks like that could be a successful athlete. Hahn doesn’t have a clue
  6. Make it a three inning game and the games go really fast
  7. Back-in their minor league days roberts and nick were 1-2 in the order and it worked great. Roberts is a beast early in the order
  8. Birdies would be a top reliever on a lot of teams. He has good stuff but needs to get a little better control and he’ll be on the team. He didn’t hurt himself today
  9. Playing EE and mazurka every game last year shows RR is a complete idiot. Not a partial idiot but a complete idiot.
  10. Mercedes is really not a late bloomer. He’s been hitting for years. He just doesn’t have Luis roberts body type and to a guy like Hahn that works against Mercedes. Hahn has wasted more money on DHs and received brutal production from his DH signings than any other team in the history of baseball. That’s why when it appeared that he was being slighted by JR by JR hiring TLR I was fine with the hiring. Hahn hadn’t done much to deserve to be the lone voice in hiring a manager.
  11. Why do people keep bringing up someone playing 3rd base? One of the best players in baseball plays there there for the Sox now.
  12. After all these years of Hahn spending hundreds of millions of dollars on failed DHs that a 28 year old rookie who has been just hitting every year and just waiting for Hahn to open his eyes comes up and continues his hitting exploits. Pretty ironic.
  13. If manfred makes a decision on something the opposite side of the decision is probably the most well thought out side.
  14. Madrigal usually gives a competitive AB but making a throwing error late in the like he did was unbelievable. It was maybe a 15 foot throw. That cost the game right there. He did stuff like that last year. I’m still not sure how a guy injures a shoulder on a feet first slide like he did last year. He’s an odd player who should be given a season to see if he can have success but there are plenty of second basemen out there that can make every play on D and spray the ball around the field.
  15. Ask the 11 hitters he fanned today how his carry was. Lol next
  16. The kid just fanned 11 guys in a half of game and it matters? Lol sure whatever you say.
  17. The kid hits 100 when he wants and has pretty good off speed stuff. Fastball carry? Lol
  18. JR has made a lot of money? When was the last time you saw a Brinks truck in a funeral procession?
  19. Wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. Reinsdorf has found his sweet spot in signing these Cubans for cheap ( except for Robert) rather than spent 100m + on an established player. ive never concurred with the reinsdorf is cheap stuff but am starting to lean that way. I don’t understand, especially at his age where is the let’s really load up and go for it mindset is. It seems like it’s always let’s do something pretty good every ten years and hope luck is on our side. his legacy is going to be terrible when he passes. Michael Jordan and his greatness will be the only thing that saves him from being a buffoon and even that may not do it.
  20. So a couple of things: It’s not like eloys replacement is going to hit .00000. vaughn couldn’t not provide better Defence than Eloy so that’s a plus. Vaughn might hit almost as well as Eloy but I would take eloys first year of production from Vaughn . So overall a plus. this gets Collins in the mix as DH a lot. It’s time to give him a shot . Even if he’s mediocre that’s still better than EE and Larouche and Dunn and the other disasters that Hahn has brought in. Hahn will finally have a DH by default and that guy can also be the back up catcher . Plus there candidly I like Eloy but him running into nets and walls is stupid. If I remember he also got injured in a team celebration and missed part of last years playoffs. These things might have been a little humorous early on but now it could possibly cost the Sox.
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