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  1. Burger with a hit and two RBI.
  2. Burger was a top notch hockey player at Christian Brothers high school in St. Louis. Top high school program in St. Louis. The point is that he’s a tough guy who won’t quit and a good athlete. he hit against a couple of pitchers tonight who are pretty good and he lit them up AND played second base. hahn doesn’t have the guts or backing to bring burger and sheets up when half the lineup is missing.
  3. Hahn is simply a yes man for the white Sox organization. He brought in a bunch of garbage last year, dumped the garbage and brought in new garbage this year. The payroll didn’t even expand as the cost of last years garbage is the same as the cost of this years garbage. Can you imagine “ going for” a WS and not expanding payroll a bit? I coached hockey in Winnetka about 4-5 years ago and one of the kids on one of the other team was hahnskid who actually was a decent goalie.my point here was that Hahn was at the rink and we talked a couple times and he seemed very guarded in his comments about everything. Never even talked Sox. He struck me as an oddball. my guess is that he has little input in what goes on bringing in players and his hands are probably by the cheap owner. im not sure Gonzalez is constantly brought up. He really has never shown anything. That’s a chicken shit move. if this rebuild turns out to be a waste of time for Sox fans somebody is going to get their ass kicked.
  4. The Sox need hitters and there’s no reason not to bring up sheets and burger to give them a shot for the games before the all star break and maybe beyond. The Sox are missing four outfielders and don’t have a second baseman. They currently can compete with a team that hits a little. Sooner or later their pitching will hit a wall and the hitters will have to pull their load. give these kids a shot until Eloy Engle and robert come back. What is Hahn waiting for? This team needs some life.
  5. I figured early in the season that after Eloy and robert went down that just wait until these cats are back but now Engle is down again and midrigal is gone. It’s just a matter of time until the pitchers need a break so we need hitters now. hahn needs to bring in players ASAP. Either from AAA or trade. Do something Rick.
  6. Pretty sure Sox fill second base with internal guys as the guys here ( Mendick and Garcia are decent enough) and if burger makes the jump that would be a great story. Burger was an elite hockey player back in his days at Christian Brothers academy ( top program in St. Louis) so he’s a tough kid who will likely never give up. also Sox shouldn’t trade any minor league pitchers like lambert or Stievers as this year is a game of attrition and the team that wins the World Series is likely the team that has the minimum number of injuries or greatest depth. The Sox will likely need 2-3 guys from Charlotte to come up and pitch this year. If there is an add anywhere I’d add more pitching.
  7. Bruce should browse retirement. My daughters Pug has more baseball knowledge than Captain Obvious
  8. The Sox are built on pitching. As long as they don’t lose any pitchers they will be ok.
  9. Yea I thought I read he had been working out in Florida in the last year.
  10. Zaidman will do a better job when he takes his cubs skirt off. He’s terrible
  11. I’ve gone the exact opposite way of you. Radio is terrible because of most of the announcers you mentioned ( Mully the exception) and all the commercials. Bernstein is the biggest geek there is around. It was funny last year when Bernstein was interviewing Lester last year and asking him about new baseball stats that are out there and Lester says “ nobody that plays the game looks at shit like that”. ive switched over to listening to podcasts. Minimal commercials and everybody is now doing them re history, sports etc. every baseball team has a podcast so if you want to listen to the Sox and the team they are playing you get two different perspectives. Locked on Sox is the one I listen too. Two guys from the Score do it every day. It’s great.
  12. That’s improvement correct?
  13. I thought Larissa should have walked Ramirez as well. He’s one of a few guys on the Indians that can beat you. They pitched to him and he beat them.
  14. With most of position being manned by relative young players I would think the Sox would lean towards HS guys.
  15. The upside to having injuries to the mlb roster is that you get to bring up young talent to check out their progress. Nobody trades until the deadline anyway unless you really overpay which the Sox won’t do
  16. I’d rather keep burger and bring sheets up to play the outfield.
  17. They should bring up Rutherford and sheets if Eaton goes on the DL. Hahn has no clue whether any of the minor league can play at the major league level. Bring up one of the young outfielders and let them play.
  18. I saw the video on sheets and he flipped over the railing. Not sure what happened after that but I believe he left the game.
  19. Whoever they add I just hope they can lay down a couple of strategic successful bunts every game
  20. As someone said earlier the team will sink or swim with its pitching not some guy that strikes out all the time. move on
  21. Len kasper is a stat nerd and besides throwing annoying data out has a terrible voice especially the fake excitement voice
  22. I didn’t really care when TLR was hired as I am of the opinion that managers only can screw up so many things and the talent of the team will over ride even someone like bevington, Ventura etc. I have now concluded that TLR is a complete idiot and should be removed. Eventually most of the team will turn against him if they haven’t already and he will or should know it’s time to hit the road.
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