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Sox at San Fran 7/1/22 game thread I left my manager in San Francisco

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1 minute ago, maxjusttyped said:

I don't understand why TLR refuses to use Burger as a pinch hitter. No reason for Reese to bat for himself there.

It is not just Burger, TLR simply does not like to pinch hit.  How many times has he let scrubs like Leury hit late in close games with boppers available on the bench? Many times.

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6 minutes ago, caulfield12 said:


Kuiper noticed it, too. "I wanted to make a correction from what I watched yesterday on the Fox broadcast," he said when the team returned to local TV Sunday. "The broadcast implied that Kurt Busch threw out the first pitch yesterday, which was not true. ...

"It was Amy Schneider from 'Jeopardy!' fame who threw out the first pitch on Pride Day yesterday. So I just wanted to make sure she got her due.

Kurt Busch threw out the first pitch today, my brother was at the game.

I texted "Was he booed?" :D

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