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    White Sox untouchables

    For the right package I am OK with trading Madrigal, Cease, and Kopech. However, Kopech and Cease wont bring back the value I would want bc of poor performance and injury. I think we are better off seeing what Katz can do with Cease bc of his stuff and to see what Kopech does once back. Madrigal I am OK trading if it means bringing back a nice RF and/or SP in a package. It is way easier to sign a Kolten Wong 2nd baseman to replace him than a RF/SP. I love Nick but you cannot tell me you would not prefer (just throwing a random name out there) Conforto + Wong vs Joc/Engel + Madrigal. Ideally we just freaking use our $ to sign players and keep what we have of course.
  2. Capital G

    The Blake Snell Thread

    I live in Tampa and the Rays are my 2nd favorite team. With that said: 1. Trading w/ Tampa scares me. 2. I like Snell and would love him on the team, but.... have we looked at his IP? I know Rays will suppress some but he does not go deep into games and has not shown he can pitch 200 innings. For what we would need to give up, no thanks.
  3. Capital G

    Offseason Targets

    I'd be fine with it. Along with improved coaching and development of current roster this is a playoff team.
  4. Capital G

    Offseason Targets

    If they Cubs are truly selling/rebuilding I wonder if we can get Darvish on the cheap if we also take on Heyward. I would not mind having him in RF if we land Darvish and not have to give up anyone on the MLB roster or Vaughn.
  5. Steroid use is a straight slap to other players as it enhances your physical abilities. A DUI does nothing to the purity of the game. Being an alcoholic doesn't give TLR an advantage in-game. He also got caught while he wasn't a white sox employee. He'll be punished by the legal system like he should. But when it comes to the job I don't care as long as he manages the sox well and we have a winning team.
  6. Capital G

    Marcus Stroman accepts qualifying offer from Mets

    smart move w/ COVID and 2021 FA market. Plus no attached pick next yr to lower his suitors.
  7. I have been thinking more and more on this and keep going back n forth except on one topic: The one I am set on. I dont think its a good idea to email the sponsors. Unless you care more about getting rid of TLR bc of the DUI than you do about the Sox winning. E-mail he Sox office all you want. I think its a great idea. No problem there. Sponsors? Only if you dont care that if they listen we lose $. If we lose $ any chance of us spending this off-season goes out the window (and possibly next). We could literally lose the window of winning after waiting 15 years for this rebuild. What I am going back and forth on.... TLR must lose his job. Why yes. -He was not the best fit to begin with. But I guess that's a moot point. -It's sports so appearance is big. Do the Sox want the bad PR? -If your opinion on DUIs is strong against them. *I'll explain below. -Some players may not respect him bc of it. Why no. -He got arrested for the DUI before being hired. So he was not an employee at the time. -His driving is not part of his job objectives. How he manages the Sox on the field is. -Players will respect him regardless of the DUI if we are winning. -You dont think driving under the influence defines a person. *I personally have a different view on DUIs. While you should be fined and removed from your vehicle. I do not think they should be accompanied by a charge unless you have caused damage to prop or a person/s. People get stuff on their records for what COULD have happened. We all know plenty of people who do it but either did not get caught or can handle their booze better than others (i.e not everyone is impaired by the same % of BAC). In the end you guys do as you please and lets see what the Sox end up doing. IMO, unless TLR resigns he will be here.
  8. Capital G

    Can Hahn Make Moves Without TLR Approval?

    The only correct, and unbiased answer at this time is, we don't know. Unless someone has direct inside information about this....?
  9. I thought it was a legit question. Lol Most people hated the hire to begin with so it's easy to see why this post exists. Just curious if we'd have this post if we hired your #1 managerial choice.
  10. Just read he tried to pull the...do you know who I am... card on the cop. SMH
  11. I didn't post a response. I posted a question.
  12. I assume he'll have to. I've never got a DUI but I have a couple of acquaintances that have. They had counseling classes and attended MADD. That was first offense. If I were the Sox I'd also have him go to more.... but they obviously don't care, and he'd likely leave before doing it, so it ain't happening.
  13. Thanks. Fair. So if this was his first it wouldn't bother you as much? Makes sense.
  14. Honest question. Is this only bc of the DUI or only bc it's TLR? if we had hired (insert your #1 preference) and found out he was convicted of a DUI the day before would we be going through all this?
  15. Yes. Doesn't change my post. Most people and reporters will forget about it if were winning.
  16. PR nightmare that TLR may not want to deal with. If he stays it'll be forgetten if the Sox spend and win. If they miss on FA and don't play well we'll hear about it all year.
  17. Capital G

    Kyle Lewis AL RoY

    Up to Sept it was Robert's to lose.... and he did..... No biggie. I am confident he will still have the better career of any rookie this year.
  18. Capital G

    McCann feels he is a starter

    Not going to be shocked if we sign Molina. Assuming he's willing to be a back up at his age.
  19. Capital G

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    https://www.facebook.com/WhiteSox/videos/3158527014275262/ Not sure if link will work but great interview
  20. Capital G

    Taijuan Walker, worth a gamble or is Jake Odorizzi

    I just read about it. Looks to be true as his kids are #1 priority so he would rather remain close to TB. I live in Tampa and the Rays are my 2nd team so I dont hate it lol
  21. Capital G

    Taijuan Walker, worth a gamble or is Jake Odorizzi

    I am fine w/ these to fill out depth or if we swing really hard at Bauer/Stroman and lose. But TBH we have a lot of options if we miss on them. Some more risky than others: Kubler Morton Happ Paxton Ray Richards Q
  22. Capital G

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    It won't happen but I'd be hilarious if he won after being fired.
  23. Capital G

    Pitching Coach and Bench Coach

    TBH if Jirschele is the bench coach I would be excited about TLR. I think they would make a great combo, assuming TLR takes him under his wing but also listens to him when it comes to analytics.
  24. Capital G

    Mazara and Right Field Thread

    Last year too. EE had nothing. You could tell he was not going to all of a sudden blow up. I would have rather have seen what Collins would have done.
  25. Capital G

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Not sure if this has been covered. But TLR is in the HoF. How would they look at him coming out of retirement? Isnt it against the "rules"?