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    Sale to have TJS

    Not WS related but something to discuss since he was a huge part of our team for years. Sucks to hear. I really hope he comes back strong. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28927717/red-sox-chris-sale-undergo-tommy-john-surgery
  2. I'm guessing based on his potential and age they'd rather see if he can break out and hit lefties vs simply not giving him a shot. I'd give him RF but keep a short leash. If he doesn't show he has learned how to hit lefties you platoon him.
  3. Colome is not looking good this spring and was not looking good towards the later part of the season. I think he has earned being OD closer but I have a feeling he wont be by mid-season. I think Cishek will be, but man.... how awesome would it be if Burdi became our closer after all he has been through.
  4. Capital G

    Rangers @ Sox | 3:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    havent seen a chance to actually see Fulmer pitch. Looks like he had another good outing. I assume he is effective but wild? If he keeps this up, based on his draft status, I assume he is the last BP arm to make it to the majors.
  5. Capital G

    Rangers @ Sox | 3:05PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Is the weather still looking bad? I really want to see Kopech pitch then it can rain out later lol
  6. Capital G

    New York Times feature on Tim Anderson

    Really like him. Baseball needs someone to add some "swag" to the game. I feel like Bryce did but then it died off. Puig did but he got too out of control.
  7. Capital G

    Is EE toast?

    Hope it's rust and he'll be fine. I'm leaning that way although he's looked bad. Good thing is we have Mercedes and Collins if he crumbles.
  8. Capital G

    Your 2020 Season Expectations

    Voted competitive wire to wire. Everything would have to go right for us to make the play-offs this year. Abrue doesnt regress Madrigal plays well out of the gates TA repeats or slightly regresses Moncada repeats or improves Eloy improves Gio repeats etc. My expectations rise to play-offs next year though.
  9. Capital G

    McCann Trade Speculation

    If we trade McCann I would rather keep Collins down to get at bats and work on his D every day vs being in a back-up roll up here. I think we need Collins next year as a DH/C/1b guys once EE and McCann are gone. I know he cant play D well but why not have Mercedes up as the back-up C? Is he that much worse behind the plate than Collins?
  10. Capital G

    Cleveland @ Sox | 2PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Really wish we had room for Mercedes.... if only he was even passable in the OF. I have these weird feeling he'll end up a poor man's version of Ortiz somewhere else.
  11. Capital G

    Dodgers @ Sox 2PM CT ‚Ā¶NBCSChicago

    Rally wish we'd given him a chance last year.
  12. Capital G

    Predict the OD Lineup

  13. Capital G

    Sox Payroll Redux. Why did the Spending Stop ?

    I'm indifferent. Had they signed a Brad Miller I would've been happy with it. However, these vets, prior to signing, look at the teams current chances and probable playing time. If a 2nd baseman signs they know that even if Madrigal struggles he won't likely be benched. He needs to play and develop. They also know everything has to go right for us to make the playoffs this year. Not much reason to sign a 1 yr contract with us. An OF I could see bc Mazara could struggle and lose at bats and the vet could be a platoon based on pitching matchups. None are really all that exciting. I'd rather the Sox use the first half to see what we have and make moves at the break if needed.
  14. Capital G

    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    None lol Been a fan since 1994 when I moved to the US. But live in Tampa. I've gone once a year and we've lost every game but one. 5 years or so ago I flew to Chicago for the first time and timed it for a Sox vs Cubs game at home. Sale was supposed to pitch. Due to some rained out games Axelrod started instead. We were losing 8-0 by the 3rd and I was freezing. This year I'm flying to Chicago in July. Going to see Sox at Wrigley. I really hope this ends up being a memorable game.
  15. Articles like these show why the Grandal pick was great. Keeping McCann too. Here's to hoping they can help ReyLo, Kopech, Cease, etc. This year.
  16. Capital G

    Let's talk about the spring training hat

    That's terrible. Looks like someone at the factory made a mistake and stitched one logo over the other.
  17. Capital G

    USA Today projections

    IMO its a realistic finish. However, I think if everything goes right we will finish much better.
  18. Capital G

    Betts to Dodgers

    Such a weird debate some of you are backing. The Angels got Joc for nothing bc the current price, due to the Dodgers' needs post Mookie trade, was much less than it was before they landed Betts. Had we traded for Joc prior to LA landing Betts we would have had to pay much more (Bummer was the reported ask). So the only argument would be to have gone into February with the same RF situation as last year while we hoped LA traded for Betts and made Joc's asking price less. IMO Mazara is the perfect fit for our 2020 needs. He is only 24 and has upside. He makes us better in RF compared to 19. We can cut him if he sucks. We can still go after Joc next year if we want.
  19. Capital G

    What do you expect from Eloy in 2020?

    .850+ OPS. 40 Hrs. I think he improves more than expected in the field thanks to his extra year, the work he put in, and having Robert in center. He still wont have + value but maybe around -4 runs.
  20. Capital G

    Bench Utility Bat - Who do we want?

    My ideal person can play some SS/2nd and OF. Can hit LHP. Mainly bc I want someone that can spell Mazara is he doesnt improve his splits. Holt and Zo bc of their experience. I like Scooter too as someone that isnt that far removed from a nice season.
  21. Capital G

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Wasn't expecting this. Damn it.
  22. You don't think Bummer will?
  23. Capital G

    2020 Projection for Moncada from Brooks Baseball/Roto

    didnt he make really hard contact which contributed to his BABIP? If I am correct, while its bound to lower, I doubt it dips as much as other players would.
  24. Capital G

    Lead-off Man

    On opening day I assume TA. Once Robert is up he will. But I think RR will shuffle this around.
  25. Same. Enough to pay for MLB tv and buy a ticket to fly to Chicago and catch my 2and ever game in your city.