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  1. Capital G

    Sox vs. Mariners 3/5 2:05PM

    At first I thought Mazara was back lol
  2. Capital G

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    Sure was wrong lol
  3. Capital G

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    I have an MLB sub. Worth every penny since I live in FL and its rare that I would get to see a game. 24.95.
  4. Capital G

    ST White Sox @ Giants 3/4 2:05 CT

    Ill def watch this one on MLB network.
  5. Capital G

    2021 Most Likely To Part Deux

    OBP > Grandal Doubles > Was torn between Moncada and Robert. Voted Robert.
  6. Capital G

    Spring Training thread

    I have no hope for Sheets.... but I am pulling for Burger. Would make a good come back story. Although if he somehow does well just this season I still dont think his value will be high. Might as well hang on to him to see if he can DH once Abreu is no longer here.
  7. Capital G

    Spring Training thread

    By the time this season is over I am going to buy a Katz jersey.
  8. Capital G

    Spring Training thread

    I'd argue we had our best record since 2008 in spite of RR.
  9. Last year was not that big of a sample size. IMO, to start the season, no one bothers to plan this out. Later on, assuming we crush LHP like last year, a playoff contending team might try but I doubt they shuffle around their rotation enough to make it happen. They would if its just a matter of flipping a starter.
  10. Capital G

    Better than 2020?

    A lot would have to go wrong for us to be worse than Cleve IMO
  11. Capital G

    Jonathan Lucroy signs minor league deal with White Sox

    Collins love? Haven't seen any. All I've seen is people saying based on what we've got might as well finally give him a shot. The shot he should've got a few years ago vs now
  12. I do. You mentioned you now hate the Rodon move bc we could've signed Colome and let Rodon walk. We signed LH to close. I don't think Colome signs with us to be what? Probably the 7th inning guy (LH and Bummer will end games). Plus, not that I'm pretending to know Colome, but after good years with the Sox we turn around and sign another closer then offer him a lesser role for way less? I'd sign with a rival just to try and show them up lol
  13. Is Colome not closing for MN?
  14. Capital G

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    I stopped reading at Yerm could catch or play OF for them
  15. I was hoping for more. But the moves make us better this year than last. Do I think Collins or whoever will be better than EE? Probably. More confidence once Vaughn comes up. Do I think Lynn will have a better 21 than Dunning? Yes. Do I think Liam will be better than Colome? Yes. Do I think Eaton will be better than Mazara? Yes. Does Rodon add some depth/competition? Yes. A Lynn 2 yr extension would make me feel better. Overall I am fine with it all but nothing to get excited about. I am more excited about assumed steps forward from our young guys and Kopech/Vaugn/Crochet's impact later in the year.
  16. Capital G

    Joc to Cubs

    Health issues aside I prefer Eaton over Joc. IF Eaton stays healthy all season (or even most) I am betting he outperforms Joc. Joc is only a platoon player. Eaton is not.
  17. Capital G

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Saw 4 new pages and got excited. Most of it was arguing about whether or not we choked the year we won the WS. Lol
  18. Capital G

    Jameson Taillon traded to Yankees

    I'd love him for cheap
  19. Capital G

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    in the future after Jose retires? yes. now? no way they give up on him playing LF at this age. Mind you I am not saying its right or wrong. just that they wont and therefore we do have a hole at DH whether its Cruz, Vaughn, or whomever that takes it.
  20. Capital G

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Snap. I dont recall him being busted for it. I'd still take him though lol
  21. Capital G

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Not sure why anyone wouldn't want Cruz at DH. Vaughn? Why would we bring him up to DH when we can keep him developing and next season, if he's doing well, he can play first with Jose moving to DH. Age? Unlike EE he has shown zero reason to think he'll slow down. Could he? Sure.... but why assume he will? Its a 1 yr deal. Roids? I have yet to see him test positive. You guys? We need a SP? Unless Cruz stops us from financially getting (if they even want to come here) Bauer or Tanaka the rest of the field has a lot more risk than Cruz IMO. I'll take our nasty BP + our O with addition of Cruz over adding a Richards like SP. You can get a cheaper 5th starter that all he has to do is keep us in the game for 5 innings and watch the O and BP handle the rest. You can't tell me Cruz + Cahill or Walker isn't very doable.
  22. Capital G

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    If they sign Cruz I'll take Cahill. That's a lot of runs and a bad ass BP.
  23. Capital G

    Hector wrong. Again. - Cruz back with Min

    Hector's Churittos
  24. Capital G

    Jose Quintana...Signs with Angels (1YR 8M)

    I've got to ASSume that this means we have a better plan in place (that hopefully doesn't fall through). 8 mill on a 1 yr and Q made too much sense for the Sox and for him to return.