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    I’m not sorry - the Corbin Burnes thread

    Yup, wholeheartedly agree. I will also say my knowledge of Burnes is one six minute youtube clip. He looks Extremely Good.
  2. Cerbaho-WG

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Why on earth is he still in?
  3. Cerbaho-WG

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Lopez cannot be on the postseason roster. Complete trash, but should have been pulled already.
  4. Cerbaho-WG

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    I looked this up, and if Toronto wins tomorrow and the Yankees lose, Toronto wins the tiebreaker. Wild.
  5. Cerbaho-WG

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    Crochet-Foster-Marshall-Bummer-Heuer-Colome will play next week. If the Yankees lose and Toronto wins tomorrow, they’ll be tied for the top two tiebreakers. Apparently the third is intradivisional record for the last 20 games played, which is creative I guess.
  6. Cleveland just tied it. What an unbelievable collapse. Even that temper tantrum from Rick was pathetic.
  7. Shocking, Renteria putting the worst relievers in when we’re getting blown out instead of in close games. I guarantee you someone from the FO ripped him a new asshole yesterday.
  8. Dude, don’t be such a disappointment to your user name. Keep drinking.
  9. Cerbaho-WG

    Fire Ricky

    What’s weird is that even if he’s trying to play eleven dimension chess, he still doesn’t learn. Cordero has an ERA of 6, Robert has been 0 for a million, and Mazara and Encarnacion have negative WAR and nothing really changes. Unless Rodon now doesn’t pitch in crucial situations and Mazara/Encarnacion are benched in the playoffs, the simplest explanation for this is that Ricky is really dumb and bad at his job.
  10. Cerbaho-WG

    Fire Ricky

    It’s clear that Renteria thinks through things and gets very stuck in his ways. Why would you plan on Rodon and Bummer pitching one inning each tonight? Who cares? You need to be flexible and adapt to the situation at hand. Same thing with Edwin and Mazara. Mazara wouldn’t see the light of day if he was right handed, but since he loves match ups (don’t care if he’s batting .200, he’s a lefty!) and defined roles (Edwin is a DH, who cares what his results are?) he actively harms the team.
  11. You remind me of me 15 years ago. Congrats on going out on that 50/50 limb.
  12. Hope you’re well, Jason! Anything for a 2005 repeat!
  13. Somebody mentions corpseball, I appear. Magic!
  14. Guys, doesn’t matter, we still suck and are going to flame out in the playoffs. Don’t forget that.
  15. Cerbaho-WG


    I am honestly shocked I joined Soxtalk 17 years ago. Half my life, there you go. Ill admit I probably earned most of the suspensions I got at WSI, but good lord was dissent not tolerated.
  16. Cerbaho-WG


    I was banned more times than I can remember. Surprised the board is still going, honestly.
  17. Cerbaho-WG

    8/18- White Sox @ Angels 9:05 PM CT

    Cowart's babip in AAA was .422. Impressive.
  18. Cerbaho-WG

    8/18- White Sox @ Angels 9:05 PM CT

    Five hole hitter gets the job done by producing an out. *headdesk*
  19. Cerbaho-WG

    7/21 Games

    QUOTE (oldsox @ Jul 22, 2014 -> 07:18 AM) Agreed. Hawk was touting Wilkins during the Sox game Monday night. Too bad Wilkins got off to such a slow start; then, his stats would really be impressive. Wilkins should be on everyone's prospect list. Almost everyone. Why do people think Wilkins is a prospect? He's been thoroughly mediocre every step of his minor league career.
  20. Cerbaho-WG

    5/11 Games

    1 SO for Beck in 6 IP. 17 over 44 IP this year. Not good at all.
  21. Cerbaho-WG

    Mothers Day Game Thread Sox vs Dbags

    Always an adventure in the OF. Great.
  22. Cerbaho-WG

    5/8 Games

    3 IP 7 ER for Paulino. Just release him already.
  23. Cerbaho-WG

    4/28 vs Rays

    Starting to come down a bit on the north side.
  24. Cerbaho-WG

    White Sox vs Rays - 4/25 - 7:10 - WCIU - Game 1 of 4

    Wow. Weapons grade terrible.