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    Angels Acquire Gordon Beckham

    I feel like Billy Haywood when he had to let go of Jerry Johnson. Except Jerry Johnson was supposedly good at one point.
  2. Hawkfan

    Buehrle apologizes for tipping cap

    Why is the title of this thread "Beuhrle apologizes for tipping hat" ????? That is probably the least most important aspect of the events that occurred.
  3. Hawkfan

    Harrelson, predictably, taken to task by media

    Lets have a woman short stop on our team next year, and shut these critics up. Women are good at baseball.
  4. Punch your grandma? I'm using that
  5. Hawkfan

    Aj farewell

    ALCOHOL INSPIRED AJ PIERZYNSKI WRITES HIS FORMER RED SOX TEAMMATES SHARE ON: RED — JULY 17, 2014 So it’s been a week since I was DFA’ed. And yesterday, my ties to the Boston Red Sox were officially cut. So now I’m out here, floating through Major League Baseball like some great, untethered zeppelin just looking for a place to call home for a couple months. And I’m fine with that. Maybe I’ll latch on to a team that ends up officially eliminating you guys from contention on an accidental bloop single off my bat. That’d be kinda cool. Or maybe I’ll just hang out at my brother-in-law’s pub and bait shop and swill craft beers all day while figuring new ways to spend the money you paid me. Either way, I know this is just business, and that’s how it goes. What I’m finding hard to swallow, however, is this bulls*** smear job you guys have been pulling on me since I was unceremoniously dumped. I mean, it’s not like anyone on the team made it easy on me. On the very first day I showed up at spring training, a couple goons pulled me aside, explained that I parked in a spot reserved for Ortiz’s son’s minibike, and whipped me with a chain. But hey, I’m a professional. I figured it was some sort of hazing thing, like my first day with the White Sox when they told me that holding Scott Podsednik’s balls in the shower was part of my job description. Who am I to question? Turns out, though, that you guys made up your minds long ago that I wasn’t gonna get in your little clique. How else do you explain the way you’d all drone on for hours about how awesome it was when you all had beards last year, when you know damn well that due to an injury suffered on a summer camp visit to a candy factory, when my pores were sealed with caramel, I’m physically incapable of growing one? Or how someone would yell, “Salty woulda had that!” whenever I’d drop something in the clubhouse? Or how I’d return to my locker after each game to find that someone had set all my clothes on fire. And that crap about me being aloof and always on my phone in a corner of the clubhouse? For your information, whenever I was on my phone, I was checking in on Babatunde, an orphaned boy in Uganda whom I’ve been financially supporting since his village was decimated by pirates and/or robots (I was never very clear on the specifics). Babatunde is unable to speak due to the mouth disease he’s contracted from a lack of fluoride in the water supply, and I sent him a smart phone so we could text each other. So PARDON ME if I was trying to bring a smile to the face of an orphaned Ugandan boy with no shoes and s***ty teeth and didn’t have time to listen to yet ANOTHER story about how Jonny Gomes wanted to track down the Marathon bombers on his own or how Mike Carp becomes photoflourescent after drinking Mountain Dew. And if I have to see Napoli shotgun another canned ham… well, let’s just say it’ll be too soon. As I said, I’m a professional. I’ve been here before. You don’t get to be “the most hated man in baseball” without getting used to teammates throwing shade. I’ll just close by saying if you’re gonna come out and tell the world what an asshole I am, you might want to let them in on your own special brand of hospitality. PS: Has anyone noticed their toothbrush tasting kinda funny? Just checking. Bye.
  6. Hawkfan

    Aj farewell

    I had it figured at untethered zeppelin, but then I started second guessing.
  7. Hawkfan

    Moises Sierra's Dugout Antics

    Why do we Need things that have us 5 games under .500? It's a baseball team, which means 25 immature people in a dugout. Same as every other team. Sorry I'm drunk
  8. Hawkfan


    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jul 20, 2014 -> 04:46 AM) Who are you and what have you done with Greg I still say it's Greg but he was a "wtf, robin actually made the right decision for once" away from doing a 180
  9. Hawkfan

    Keith Law's Midseason Top 50 Prospects

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jul 17, 2014 -> 02:37 PM) Maybe it's just healthy skepticism, but how does Javier Baez remain in the top 10 with a batting line of .240/.305/.449/.753, a K/BB rate of 4, and a K rate of 31.6%? the perpetual myth of the cubs improvement must be maintained.
  10. Hawkfan

    Appreciating the Feathered Serpent

    Sweet nickname
  11. Hawkfan

    Some phrases need official retiring.

    I love it when a terrible thread becomes great
  12. Hawkfan

    6/29 at Blue Jays

    QUOTE (Feeky Magee @ Jun 29, 2014 -> 06:07 PM) Just looked it up, 20% of pitchouts come when the runner is going and only 50% of those runners are thrown out. So 1 in 5 times you give up a ball, you reduce the chances of a stolen base from 3 in 4 to 1 in 2. That's bad. Good stuff feek.
  13. Hawkfan

    Flowers has made a new fix

    Is he going to use a tee?
  14. Hawkfan

    One of the worst Sox losses I've ever witnessed

    QUOTE (qwerty @ Jun 8, 2014 -> 12:27 PM) Makes you wonder how Sale gets disciplined by the White Sox for his temper tantrum? I would figure out a way to fine him, and fine him hard. A message needs to be sent that no matter who the player is, liabilities cannot be had. What he did very well could have been career ending. Think about it. No thank you. This isn't little league. Fell asleep in the 6th...thank God.
  15. Hawkfan

    White Sox vs Yankees Game thread 5/25

    Great foot skills by Dunn there. he is a big dumb animal folks.
  16. Hawkfan

    White Sox Winner!!

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ May 17, 2014 -> 05:45 AM) I caught parts of the game, seemed like Quintana pitched well, although once again struggled with economy of pitches. Abreu should have had the nite off, awful mistake from Ventura, again. And no, I'm not just doing this in 20/20 hindsight Robin told the media he'd have an off day and then didn't give it. Since when do the players run the clubhouse? And to confirm what most people already knew -- yep, Jose could have used the day off on a day the Sox were playing a bad team with a favorable pitching matchup. It's not a huge deal in isolation, but it's the pattern of mis steps that bothers me. Only since the beginning of time. They're called informal leaders. And if the best hitter on an MLB team does not want to get benched, he won't (unless his performance hurts the team (over a span of consecutive games).
  17. Hawkfan

    Keppinger DFA'd

    Called it! coudn't be more happy about it either.
  18. QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ May 11, 2014 -> 03:40 AM) Here's a custom leaderboard I threw together on FG: http://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=...=&players=0 I added plate discipline stats, just switch back and forth between 2013 and 2014 to see the differences. That is cool.
  19. QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ May 10, 2014 -> 10:02 PM) Baseball is such a perplexing game . A simple thing such as a 1st pitch ball or a 1st pitch strike to a batter can make all the difference . I suppose it evens out over the year but I'd swear it seems like Viciedo 1st pitches have been more balls than strikes. If there are stats on this I'd like to know if my observation is correct. Well, if viciedo is hitting better, pitchers will be less willing to throw strikes early, especially to an agressive hitter. So that may be the cause for more first strike balls. sample size is probably too small for that assumption however. I also had my first visit to the infamous fangraphs website today, and noticed that Viciedo has swung at more pitches outside the zone this year. (very insignificant amount). Willing to listen and research more, but I'm only a fan of patience if it means not swinging at balls outside the strike zone.
  20. patience is for doctors
  21. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ May 10, 2014 -> 10:23 PM) With Viciedo? absolutely. Steverson may be giving them a different approach, however viciedo's pitches per plate has been consistent. 2012: 3.76 2013: 3.82 2014: 3.72
  22. QUOTE (GreatScott82 @ May 10, 2014 -> 08:02 PM) We have to give credit to Coach Steversen. The hitters are being patient this year and the results are evident. Are there any stats showing that we are being more patient?