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  1. Real

    Gerrit Cole - The Rebuild’s Fulcrum

    Sox arent landing Cole, dont do this to yourselves
  2. Actually, it's me laughing at this shit show and you or another person whining about it.
  3. Why dont you take a break from your constant whining? Want a nap?
  4. Real

    Sunday Game Thread

    lol embarrassing
  5. Real

    Palka optioned

  6. Real

    Palka optioned

    how the fuck does a player advance that far through a system and not be able to play adequate defense? oh yeah, Sox farm system, nvm
  7. started with the Yankees game, that last inning before he was pulled he was all over and it's been a roller coaster since
  8. this game is over, what a fucking joke
  9. looking that stretch run was just Lucas pitching out of his mind, this looks like last year
  10. Real

    Robert to Charlotte? Per his Instagram

    exciting times
  11. Sox need to learn how to hit on their first round picks outside of the top 10 to sustain any kind of momentum past 2021 cant have so many busted top picks (Fields, BA, Broadway, Beckham, Walker, Poreda, Mitchell, Hawkins, Barnum....)
  12. Real

    Time For Palka To Come Back Up

    this aged well (just busting your chops)