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  1. what are the Sox paying renteria for these days anyway?
  2. Real

    Twins @ Sox 8/29 Berrios vs Cease

    is cease getting better? 😂
  3. look at that, another TA7 error jesus christ
  4. Real

    McCann Extension

    if guys like Sale, Eaton, and LaRoche can kill a club house, you sure as fuck dont want Puig in there, like yeah no thanks
  5. Real

    Is Giolito an ace?

    arent you giving the Cubs a little too much credit when he couldn't even get the ball over the plate?
  6. Real

    Sox vs. Mets - Tues, July 30th, 2019

    what happened to moncada?
  7. Real

    Twins @ Sox 7/28

    2020 is our year!!!
  8. Lucas looks like a headcase, never seen a guy rip off a stretch of such dominance then out of nowhere look like hes never pitched above college ball, what the fuck is he hurt?
  9. why is Yolmer still on this team? would've been cool to see the Sox FO actually pick up some real talent in the offseason to make 2019 actually competitive fuck this "trust the plan" bullshit, fuck right off with that it's cool that professional sports front offices are allowed to put out a team with a miserably low payroll and intentionally put a non competitive team on the field and claim it's "part of the future plan", which is code for losing on purpose what a jolly fun time it's been being a Sox fan, God damn failure franchise FUCK Yolmer and his Gatorade im salty