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  1. Real

    Greinke, Brantley & N. Cruz; why not?

    Nothing, because the Sox arent in win now mode. It's a bigger risk to teams like the dodgers and Yankees who are always in win now mode, the Sox are in great shape to wait this out til next month.
  2. Real

    White Sox sign Ryan Goins

    getting crazy deja vu from this thread/comments weird
  3. Real

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Sources confirm Kopech and Harper involved in a violent fist fight, more info to come. /s
  4. Real

    Bryce Harper Updates

    damn, guess I know him because i'm an avid boxing fan, but yeah AJ is a monster in the UK, arguably the best heavyweight in the world right now. he's also likely a PED user lol
  5. Real

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Which team will spend stupidly to the point that it does affect their long term goals? Because that seems to be where Harper's deal is heading. Dont see Hahn doing that, I could be wrong
  6. Real

    Sox in on "everyone"

    this was always the plan, draft and collect high talent prospects while being fun-bad for a while, and then in a few years use that strategy as a way to put yourself into the comfortable financial position to sign guys like harper and other blue chip free agents and international signings did you think the Sox would turn into the marlins?
  7. had no idea his stuff had diminished that much, haven't seen him throw a baseball in a few years tbh
  8. I'm terrible with trade proposals, just curious what the cost would be or what it would take to get them to pick up some of his salary, or what we would have to include to get them to eat all of it or most of it can coop fix him?
  9. What would it take to get king Felix from the mariners?
  10. Real

    Frank Thomas has a message for ESPN

    Thomas was seriously one of the best ever, I still cant believe how good he was compared to today's players, head and shoulders above most if not all RH hitters in today's game, including trout. from a purely hitting perspective obviously
  11. Real

    Luis Robert tearing it up in the AFL

    It's exactly 1.000 according to BR
  12. https://www.southsidesox.com/platform/amp/2018/11/9/18081146/luis-robert-running-rampant-chicago-white-sox That sequence was amazing Infield single, steals 2nd, advances to third on a sac fly but decides to take home plate as well beast
  13. eh, I'm sure they're already takingall those things into account, those arent separate things that only happen because you paid him 400 million vs 350 million