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  1. The Sir

    Have the White Sox ever started worse pitchers?

    That’s not THAT insane. That team just couldn’t hit. Only the three OF hit the .700 OPS mark and none hit the .800 mark. There are tons of non-youngsters who don’t relate to the 1940s, buddy.
  2. The Sir

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    Oof! He’s back under! Do you want to play this game all year?
  3. The Sir

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    I thought you took that advice already. Or was that a different member of the SoxTalk Stasi?
  4. The Sir

    Sox and Rangers Game #2

    Drinking margaritas on the balcony at my condo in Florida. Thanks for asking!
  5. The Sir

    Rangers and Sox Game Thread

    Very sorry to hear that. Hope you’re doing OK and know that your folks are still looking after you. Best wishes, dude.
  6. The Sir

    Rangers and Sox Game Thread

    Not from Texas, I assume? Hot as fuck started three months ago.
  7. The Sir

    GT Chicago v Chicago, 6/18/19, 7:05 CT

    I kinda thought that too, but OTOH, do you want Collins’ debut to come in this spot as a PH?
  8. The Sir

    Former Sox updates (Avi, etc)

    Rangel Ravelo has finally appeared in MLB. One uninteresting at bat for the Cards, but I’m interested to see how he does. He was killing it in AAA, although he’s already 27.
  9. The Sir

    The best possible line up with the current roster

    I really dislike this idea of benching Collins against LHP. He might end up being a PLT player because of his weakness against LHP, but let’s not settle for that without throwing him into the fire and giving him the chance to improve.
  10. The Sir

    Collins getting called up

    That’s totally fine. When I set my 75 games benchmark, implicit is the fact that it won’t be all at catcher (not even mostly). But those reps are important, and has been said, he needs to shadow McCann constantly. C is where he has the most value.
  11. The Sir

    Collins getting called up

    Ugh. Collins is a top prospect. I totally understand that catchers don’t play 162, but when he’s not catching, he should be the DH as much as possible. If he’s up for the rest of the year, he should play 75 games minimum. If we’re calling him up to be a backup, this FO sucks more than I thought.
  12. The Sir

    Collins getting called up

    Eh, Bryce Harper is the most overrated player in baseball. I don’t care how Moncada compares to him. Everyone acts like I think Moncada sucks, but I don’t. There’s just a clear flaw in his game and working on that flaw will make him significantly better. He’s gotten a small boost from his BABIP this year (not surprising, because of the quality of his contact), but his OPS has increased dramatic because he’s reduced his K-rate by 18%. However, it’s still high at 27.7%. If he could get that down to 20%, he’d be entering superstar mode.
  13. The Sir

    Collins getting called up

    I’m happy for you getting turned on and all, but I really just want fewer strikeouts.
  14. The Sir

    Collins getting called up

    Eloy’s not really on that level...yet. Through 46 games, he’s got an OPS of .777. Acuna’s was .819, and Bellinger, Torres, Soto, and Riley were all above .900 at the same point. (FWIW, Riley strikes out a ton and he should come back to earth soon.) It’d be great to see a guy come up and mash immediately, but there’s a lot of prospects who don’t. Buxton sucked for a couple of years, and Gallo’s first 50 games were disastrous and his next 300 were late stage Dunn-ish. The biggest thing for Collins this year is to get some ABs, hopefully improve vs LHP, and work on his defense. He loses a lot of value if not behind the plate.
  15. The Sir

    Collins getting called up

    I’m excited about the bat. I think he’s a patient enough hitter to overcome the high K rate and produce roughly similar to what he has in AAA. That said, where is he going to play? We need to ditch Alonso altogether, and let him and McCann rotate between DH and C so that their bats are always in the lineup and Collins is learning how to be an MLB catcher. Moncada being injured should have nothing to do with this. Don’t know if I trust our awful FO to play this right. Really hope they’re not calling up a top prospect just because a guy is injured and our other MiLB catcher type was beyond putrid in his one chance.