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  1. Since I don’t watch MiLB (just read box scores and scouting reports), I’m befuddled as to what’s so special about Eloy. We all know his defense is garbage and his swing, especially on breaking stuff, looks atrocious. Much improvement needed.
  2. Who steals third base standing up?!?!?
  3. They did, but Tim also did exactly what they should all do in that situation. I hate seeing runners drag it out by playing that into a pickle. That's doomed.
  4. You did. Think he got down 0-2 and battled back, as well.
  5. Great AB Tim! Make it a double!
  6. Cheapest of hits by Dixon. Great play by Tim. And Jimenez' typical lackadaisical OF defense.
  7. What is the point of flipping our two hottest hitters?
  8. Yes, he homered, I know. Just because he does good things every once in a while (he's 3-26 with 8 Ks since homering twice in the Bronx) doesn't mean I feel the need to watch every one of his at-bats. He pounds the ball into the ground, he flails hopelessly at breaking balls, etc. Yes, I think he will get it together and be a star, but right this moment, there's nothing making me want desperately to watch him hit. Also, his defense in the last game sucked.
  9. Ugh. Eloy's at-bats right now are so missable.
  10. No TA? Yeah, I'm not watching tonight. And we need to drill Mondesi and Merrifield to start the game the next time we play the Royals.
  11. The Sir

    Acceptable Strikeout Rate

    I'll use this thread to plug my comp tool again! Plug in PAs, number of each type of hit, BB-rate, and K-rate. It then does everything else automatically, including slash line and BABIP. This particular edition tracks what happens to someone with Moncada's numbers from last year as you drop nothing but the K-rate (player A is 2018 Moncada exactly, B drops K-rate to 25%, C to 20%, and D to 16%). The only change I made to B, C, and D is to adjust singles to maintain BABIP at .341, which was Moncada's last year (so I'm actually underestimating the improvement, since it's unlikely that the only thing a given player would do with increased contact is hit singles, and nary an XBH). Anyways, a player who improves his K-rate from an abysmal 33% to a respectable 16%, and maintains everything else, even with ZERO improvement in power, increases his OPS by .124. K-rate matters. Player Comp.xlsx
  12. Fuck. That ending sucked. Good job offense; pitching and defense are garbage. DFA Fulmer sooner rather than later.
  13. I agree with this. No more chances needed. I liked the pick at the time, but he's just never going to amount to anything.
  14. The Tigers are dead last this year with 7 HRs. We can see why. They hit like my grandmother.
  15. Just so you know, Carson, JaCoby Jones is a worse MLB player than even you. Just FYI.