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  1. The Sir

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    Ain’t that the truth. I think the answer is no, but could he ever play his way out of the HOF? I mean, Angels’ Pujols has been bad. Frank Thomas got attacked for his “decline” and it wasn’t a tenth as bad as Pujols’. His OPS has dropped from 1.037 to .930 because of his time in LAA. Truly awful. Angels’ fans must hate him more than we hate Dunn or Laroche.
  2. The Sir

    2019 Catch-All

    I'll bite on this one. My friends have died with the flag on their shoulder. I'll never forget standing at the edge of a creek in southern Afghanistan and seeing the floating body of an American Soldier who had disappeared five days earlier when he knelt directly on an IED's det plate. I never saw combat, but even the slightest thing that reminds me of that creek still brings tears to my eyes. And like the flag, in the service, the National Anthem isn't just some words and a beat- it is sacrosanct. Your "friend" was wrong to make it about race. There are stupid people of all creeds and colors and what have you who disrespect that hymn. I don't care if you're a BLM acolyte or a Pat "America sucks because it tolerates gays" Robertson type or just some fat drunk idiot who screeches "PLAY BALL!!!!" around the singing of the word "home". If you're trying to make a political point by disrespecting it, know that I will completely disregard your point. Whoever you are, whatever you believe, whatever leads you to do it, if you can't just stand quietly and respectfully for two minutes, I have no respect for you at all.
  3. The Sir

    2019 Catch-All

    Avoid the filibuster crap, avoid the filibuster crap, avoid the filibuster crap... I want to talk about fitness! So I finally got a slot in a military professional development course that I've been waiting on for four freaking years. It starts on Monday. On Tuesday, I'll take an initial physical fitness test- no worries there. However, the final part of an official army fitness test is a height/weight screening. I'm 5'7" so I'm allowed to be 174 lbs. Well, I'm 190, so...fuck. I'm going to get taped. Three measurements around the waist, three around the neck, stuffed into some antiquated algorithm and out comes a number. Common knowledge is you gotta have a fat neck and a slim waist. Well, I've got a tiny fucking neck. The algorithm will put me at just over 24% BMI and I'm allowed 24%. It rounds down, luckily. I can help myself by puffing my neck a little bit and I'll probably be OK. But I'm still nervous because the future of my career depends on this silly system. So what can I do eating wise and exercise wise in the next five days to slim my abs or buff up my neck? Literally a half inch less or a half inch more in either category will make all the difference. I'm thinking unseasoned tilapia fillets with asparagus and water, and doing crunches/situps/plank in the morning and evening. I'm in good shape because I'll happily beat the shit out of myself, but I'm a terrible nutritionist. Help!
  4. The Sir

    8/13- Sox/Astros Doubleheader, 3:40

    Last five starts, Nova has 37 IP, with TWO earned runs on 20 hits and six BBs.
  5. The Sir

    Anderson getting some national love

    There's a funny Anderson comment in this video. Dude is definitely building a reputation.
  6. The Sir

    Job Thread

    It's alright, man. I'm not trying to claim that my background was worse (again, I've had a happy life thus far); I just wanted to emphasize that everyone has struggles and that we shouldn't assume what anyone else is going through. And we shouldn't let those struggles be the end of our world. The victim mentality that puts this stuff up on a pedestal serves no one. It just poisons the person who has it. You've shown that mentality sometimes, honestly, but you've also said some things to suggest you can take the bull by the horns and get past all of it. I hope you do and I hope it works out for you. Nothing but the best, dude.
  7. The Sir

    Job Thread

    I didn't miss the point. You talk about needing other people to be blunt and direct, but if what you just said was the actual point, it was hidden far between the lines. In your original post you literally said, "don't fucking tell me I haven't been through hell". You also said you've faced what I have and then some (pretty obnoxious to assume what other people have done and dealt with in their lives). All because I pointed out that everyone has struggles. The entire point of your original post was that you've had a rough go of it. And the other posters in the thread have made mention of your love of the victim card- so I'm not imagining things. If you can't see how toxic that is for you, then I don't know what to tell you.
  8. The Sir

    Jeffrey Epstein

    Conspiracy theories are lame as fuck.* Epstein was a rich, well-connected asshole who finally realized this was the big one and no amount of money was going to save him from it. He didn’t want to spend years being gawked at and having all of his sickening details dragged out into the open, and suicide was preferable to this state of complete disgrace. The jail’s suicide watch was weak because they have limited resources for a fixed amount of tasks and bodies had to be elsewhere. So Pedo Jeff had and took his chance. Also, trying to argue whether Bill Clinton or Donald Trump is more of a pervert is like...oh I suck at analogies, but imagine something really fucking pointless. *If you just want to read about something shocking and twisted, go read a book on the creation of the modern Middle East, particularly towards the end of World War I. Lawrence In Arabia by Scott Anderson is solid. There’s connivances, there’s backstabbing, there’s incompetence, murder, suicide and more! And it’s all undeniably, documentably TRUE. Leave the conspiracy theories for the fringes.
  9. The Sir

    Job Thread

    Frankly, your behavior in this thread, and pretty much everywhere else I've interacted with you, suggests it is accurate. Take it for what it's worth.
  10. The Sir

    Job Thread

    I earned a master's that qualified me for a higher paying position but I have not yet been hired into one of those positions. Should I assume that nobody is willing to give me a chance or that meritocracy never existed? I suppose I could but it wouldn't do me any good. Focus on controlling what you can control. I don't think I or the other people in this thread have been dropping hints. Me, BDB, Tony, we've been pretty damn direct. Don't gloat about your intellect. Don't whine about your situation. Don't play the victim card. Take responsibility for your actions, your failures, your everything- own your life. Focus on you. You can't control if some douchebag likes or doesn't like people with autism, but you can control whether you are a likable human being or not. We are witnessing things that you do and giving you friendly advice on how to adjust it. In your own words, you are "annoying". Well, I see that, and if you had any interest in listening, I see objective ways that you can reduce that particular trait. Take it or leave it, but don't act like these things persist just because nobody's direct enough with you. We're being direct with you. This is the internet and maybe that means we don't really know you. Maybe this is a persona you put on in a forum to vent, therapeutically. Personally, I'm hard pressed to envision a person coming here with as staunch and hard-line viewpoints as you have, and the attitude you have, and having some completely different personality/attitude in the "real world". I'd be shocked if you didn't have a reputation in your workplace as bitter and a bit of a whiner. It might be that nobody confronts you about it, but I strongly suspect they feel it and it affects your career path. Maybe I'm wrong.
  11. The Sir

    Job Thread

    This is actually a respectable post. Now, this is still going to rule out some jobs for you and it's not necessarily unintentional bias. If I manage a bank, do you think I want a guy who gets so nervous in social situations that the only bearable position is to stand there with his arms crossed? You could explain that to me in an interview and I'd be understanding, but you couldn't explain it to every single customer you deal with. And this would develop the wrong reputation for my branch, so I'd probably look elsewhere. There are jobs that are likely off limits to me, even. I'd love to do something like air traffic control, and I think my mind is organized and methodical enough to be good at it. But the psych standards are high- I refuse to identify myself as a depressive, but I do have that history. Would I plow a plane full of passengers into the ground because I'm having a bad day? Of course not. I'm not totally fucking insane. And I even got over that shit. But they still likely wouldn't call me for that job. Them's the rules. It doesn't mean the world is rigged against me or built to exclude me or that meritocracy is dead. There are still good jobs out there for me; I just have to find them (and I have). There are also good jobs out there for you. It might not be exactly what you want, but you can find ways to make good money and a good living. The biggest thing is attitude. I would get nowhere by moping about my inability to become an ATC and thinking that the world was set against me. I just had to smile, suck it up, and move on. You would do well to do the same.
  12. The Sir

    Job Thread

    I’ll admit that the military has shaped my views on this. In the service, we all know and even joke about the fact that praise is unlikely and as long as you’re not getting your ass chewed off, you’re probably doing alright. Hell, even if you’re getting chewed out, you’re probably still doing OK. Individual superiors may vary in their approach to things.
  13. The Sir

    Job Thread

    I’m not going to research your point for you. If you want to link to something scientific and insightful, I’ll read it (tomorrow). Good night.
  14. The Sir

    Job Thread

    Uh huh. Right. Just so we're perfectly clear, I feel no animosity towards you at all. To the limited extent that we "know" each other, I actually like you and wish you the best. I offer advice because I genuinely believe it to be easy to implement and capable of improving your circumstances. If you ignore it, it's your choice. It ultimately won't affect me that deeply if the rest of your life is miserable. I simply think that a mindset adjustment would help greatly. The ball is in your court.
  15. The Sir

    Job Thread

    You actually said both of those things, within two lines of each other. While in the middle denying that you are in any way a victim. Seriously. I can't speak for anyone else, but I would never choose to exclude or discriminate against people with autism. In five years, I plan to be creating several blue-collar jobs. I'd like to be able to pay decently with attractive benefits and they're not going to require too much social interaction, so they might be perfect for somebody with autism. I would readily consider and, if I believe them to be the best candidate, hire a person with autism. But I wouldn't hire you. And hopefully I wouldn't hire someone like you, solely in reference to your attitude. If I came into oversight of someone like you, I wouldn't promote you and I'd probably wonder what I'd have to do to be rid of you. You have adopted an insanely poisonous attitude, and you justify it by acting like some sort of martyr in a fight against an evil that doesn't exist. Nobody discriminates against people with autism. People discriminate against you. The problem is you. You want to make one person's life better? Adjust your attitude and have it be your own.