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    Tim Anderson to be suspended 1 game for... language?

    Tim got suspended one game for use of language lol
  2. GGajewski18

    About Jose Abreu...

    Relax with the DFA worthy. He's still a good to great bat. Just a slow starter, it happens. I do agree with you that he needs to see less time at 1B as he is a very poor defender. I'd resign him for 3-4 years in the 40-50 million dollar range
  3. How has Madrigal looked phenomenal? Because he went 4-4 yesterday? He still sports an OPS under 700 in high A, unless you think that's good?
  4. GGajewski18

    How about Dallas Keuchel in a White Sox uniform?

    No. Drop in velocity. K rate has gone down, walk rate has gone up. Will lose a draft pick and isn't a major upgrade. Do your research
  5. GGajewski18

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    LOL. The Smith family filed allegations on Underwood about abusive language and mistreatment, ect. Underwood got cleared today. Man, that kid and the family are so soft.
  6. GGajewski18

    Josh Osich recalled

    Do you know what logic is? Herrera and Colombe are actually good, valuable, and has a good track record unlike Osich who supports a career 5 era. Nice try though
  7. GGajewski18

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

    Game 11 and I'm already over watching this team
  8. GGajewski18

    Eloy officially got paid

    Well, he can already do the 20+ home runs, 20+ stolen bases, and plays above average defense at the most important position on the field. Soooooo
  9. For being the last PPV before WM and for it being FastLane. This show was absolutely fantastic. Mandy/Asuka match was blah and the women tag match was beyond awful mainly because Nia Jax and Tamina don't deserve to be on the roster. They are both terrible. Other than that, I loved it
  10. GGajewski18

    Personal opinions on Sox rebuild pieces.

    If Rodon has a good first half, I think they'll make him available at the deadline. Could get a decent return for him.
  11. GGajewski18

    2018 MiLB White Sox news and notes

    And It's Dunning. Sox can't catch a f***ing break.
  12. GGajewski18

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Lol you know what I meant. My #1 will always be Adley though. Abrams comes in at #2 for me. Unless he mashes 15-20 HRs in AA this year, then no hah
  13. GGajewski18

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    I agree. Think Anisomov will be gone in the off season. Outside chance Crawford could be gone too.
  14. GGajewski18

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Andrew Vaughn because I think Abreu will be gone. I'll be very content if any of Adley, Witt, Abrams and Vaughn
  15. You're in for a long season if you're complaining about the opening day of spring training lol.
  16. GGajewski18

    Will Yonder and Jay be gone by midseason?

    Abreu, Alonso, Jay, Colome, Herrera, Jones, Nova, McCann, Castillo, Sanchez, Rodon could all be gone by August
  17. GGajewski18

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Yeah, you're wrong. Where was the money when Cespedes/Upton/Gordon hit the market? You're like JR. Incompetent
  18. GGajewski18

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    This is 100% not Rick Hahn's fault. The only thing I fault him on is getting the fans jacked up at SoxFest and Reggie's about the possibility of Machado/Harper. This is all on Jerry Reinsdorf. Dude won't dish out the money for a superstar. He's a joke of an owner and both his teams are the laughing stock in their sports.
  19. GGajewski18

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I've avoided this board all day, but I will only say one thing. This is all Jerry Reinsdorf's fault. The options don't mean anything, if you're willing to go that high just put it in fricken guarantees. This was embarrassing and pathetic. Jerry, please do us all a favor and sell the team. Also, a big middle finger and **** you to Jerry.
  20. All these NXT guys are fantastic.
  21. GGajewski18

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Yeah, the effort was definitely there tonight. Aggressive and great defensively. Shots just didn't fall tonight. It happens.
  22. GGajewski18

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    No chance. But if they go 4-2 in their last 6 and win one or two Big 10 tournament games, they can definitely get into the NIT because they've been one of the better teams and tournaments love hot teams.
  23. The PPV before Mania is always terrible. I agree with you, this card is awful and I probably won't even watch it.
  24. GGajewski18

    2018-19 NCAA Basketball thread

    Ayo comes back next year, they can be very good
  25. GGajewski18

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    He's listed as 17 on espn.