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  1. oneofthemikes

    Rodon threw 3 IP today

    Maybe I'm alone in this, but I've always sorta viewed Rodon as the final trade piece of the rebuild. If he can come back and stay healthy, he could net a really nice return to refill the minors right around the time that Dunning/Hansen/Cease are ready to head to Chicago. Don't get me wrong, I think he absolutely factors into the plans for 2019 and 2020 but maybe not beyond that. Two years of Rodon could bring back something along the line of what the Pirates got for Gerrit Cole and with Hahn at the helm it could end up being even more.
  2. oneofthemikes

    Verlander tells Sox fans they suck

    Surely there must be some unwritten rule about this kind of thing. 😂😂😂
  3. oneofthemikes


    QUOTE (SCCWS @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 06:58 AM) I would hold off any concerns w Gio. Some pitchers do have problems w cold weather. I thought Moncada should have been moved out of the leadoff spot a week ago. usually cold weather favors the batter so I don't think his issues are weather related. It's possible that we have another Alexei Ramirez situation on our hands. He always started out poorly and then when the weather warmed up, so did he. Guys from Cuba haven't ever had to play in the cold.
  4. oneofthemikes

    Home Opener Game Thread! White Sox vs Tigers

    QUOTE (soxfan49 @ Apr 6, 2018 -> 08:40 AM) He's 4-26 with 11 K's. You can try to talk yourself into him looking "better than fine" due to how many BARRELS he's had or whatever, but he hasn't looked "better than fine." Sure he's striking out more than we'd like, but his K rate will get better with time. Moncada's wOBA is currently .258 and his xwOBA is .407. That's a .149 disparity. That's HISTORICALLY unlucky. Last season, Miggy Cabrera's disparity rate led all of baseball at .060. Take a deep breath and remember that this kid is 22 years old. When Yoan breaks out, he's gonna break WAY out.
  5. oneofthemikes

    1st Homestand weather

    QUOTE (flavum @ Apr 4, 2018 -> 09:44 AM) As long as the regular season is 186 days, there’s nothing they can do about the possibility of really bad weather postponing games. If they want to shorten to 172 days and build in scheduled day/night doubleheaders with more roster provisions that don’t penalize players, I’m all for it. This is just an unfortunate year. Scheduled double headers has been my proposed solution to this for years. I would like to see the season start 2 weeks later and end a week earlier and make up the difference with scheduled double headers.
  6. QUOTE (flavum @ Apr 1, 2018 -> 07:53 PM) I’d like to propose a trade with the Cubs... Willson Contreras trades an L in his name to Welington Castillo, so he’d actually be Wellington. No deal. I'm not a fan of any transaction between the Sox and Cubs which ends with the Sox taking an L.
  7. QUOTE (GreenSox @ Apr 1, 2018 -> 07:46 AM) The Sox two best hitting prospects are likely corner OF (Robert could play CF as of now I guess). Moving Avi might make some sense as the Sox should have depth there. Don't see much in the 1B pipeline though (I would think that Davidson might learn the position). No objection to extending Abreu, unless they see signs of decline. Don't see any reason to sign veterans for the sake of veteran leadership; get them to plug holes or shore up the pitching, based on talent need. As of now, 40% of the 25 man consists of veterans anyway. Keep Avi and Jose, let Robert and Eloy progress and become 2/3 of the Sox future OF. When the kids are ready, you move Avi to 1B and Jose to DH.
  8. oneofthemikes

    Should the white sox buy a prospect?

    Lets ask for Alvarez and Jake Peter!
  9. oneofthemikes

    Most valuable prospect out of the Top 15

    Bernardo Flores and recent addition Thyago Vieira
  10. oneofthemikes

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 08:41 AM) Yep. Just don’t see how our top tier guys can be involved. It doesn’t make any sense. Right. In the Eaton deal the Nationals gave up pre-MLB success Giolito, a top 50 prospect that some thought was destined to be a reliever, and a former first round pick that had made a total of 8 starts (none above A-) and the media KILLED them for it. And that was for 5 years of a guy coming off a ~6 WAR season. One year of Machado can't possibly cost that much, or even close to that much IMO.
  11. oneofthemikes

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (OmarComing25 @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 08:26 AM) Yesterday Dave Cameron wrote an article saying Ozuna and Machado should have roughly similar trade values. With these names we’re hearing that obviously doesn’t sound like the case. I really don’t think one year of Machado should get Baltimore a top 50 prospect but with several teams in the mix who knows. Kopech would be pure insanity. This is where I'm at with all this. The way folks are talking on here makes it seem like the Sox would have to give up as much or more for one season of Machado than we received for 3 seasons of Sale, 4 seasons of Quintana, or 5 seasons of Eaton.
  12. oneofthemikes

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 13, 2017 -> 08:50 PM) Was is the key word. .674 OPS in A ball doesn't get you Manny Machado. It is beyond ridiculous. Giolito, Lopez, plus might do the job. Lol. "Giolito, Lopez, plus” is literally what it took for the Nats to get Adam Eaton for FIVE YEARS and you’re saying that same package MIGHT get one season of Machado?
  13. oneofthemikes

    Winter Meetings 2017

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Dec 11, 2017 -> 11:34 AM) I was just saying it usually seems that way around the meetings overall. That would be an outlier for sure. Edit: Sale trade was actually the second day on the 6th (that Tuesday). Oops, my bad. For whatever reason, I had it in my head that Sale was Monday noon-ish and Eaton was late afternoon Tuesday.
  14. oneofthemikes

    Winter Meetings 2017

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Dec 11, 2017 -> 11:03 AM) The first day of the Winter Meetings always seems boring. First night through the third night always seems active. Day 4 is just the Rule 5 Draft for the most part. Pretty sure the Sale deal happened at like lunch time on Monday last year.
  15. oneofthemikes

    Avi Garcia tendered a $3 million contract

    QUOTE (flavum @ Dec 2, 2016 -> 05:55 PM) Pretty much. I want to be pissed about this, but it doesn't really matter for a team that's going 66-96 in 2017. Maybe he shocks the world and turns into a player...probably not. Not bad. Hahaha