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  1. oneofthemikes

    George Springer Thread

    I'd be down for this. Kolten Wong would be a solid replacement for Madrigal at 2B.
  2. oneofthemikes

    Jose Abreu wins 2020 AL MVP

    Nomar Mazara homered off of the NL Cy Young winner
  3. It's worse than that though. It isn't that he got the second one and the Sox decided not to fire him, he got the second one and then the Sox decided that it was still a good idea and hired him. Such a bad look. This offseason couldn't be going worse up to this point.
  4. "Your Honor, I'm a Hall of Famer Baseball Person. I'm legit. I don't want to put words in your mouth but, case dismissed. Who's up for a cocktail? I'm drivin'!"
  5. That ship has probably sailed at this point. This whole debacle is going to be a stain on the career of a hall of famer baseball person. The sham of a hiring process, the lack of contact to his most important players, the DUI, and the endless silence from the organization. This could not have gone worse for him or the organization.
  6. The Athletic released their 2021 Power Rankings and the Sox are (predictably) a laughing stock.
  7. The longer the silence goes, the more I tend to agree with you.
  8. And people said that TLR wasn't a good fit
  9. The Giants were just an example. Pick a team. My point is that if all else is considered equal, players would choose the team that doesn't have a dumpster fire front office.
  10. I desperately hope that you are right, but the problem is that I kinda doubt that JR and TLR care about the embarrassment. JR wanted to make amends with his buddy and all TLR cares about is showing everyone that he is smarter than the analytics.
  11. Seems to lack a bit of sincerity...
  12. But Jerry has never been one to open the checkbook and go get players. If I'm Trevor Bauer and I have a 5/125 offer from the Giants and a 5/125 offer from the Sox, why on earth would I voluntarily come be a part of this shitshow organization?
  13. oneofthemikes

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Demonstrating to the team you're in charge of that you give a shit about them shouldn't be viewed as a negligible gesture.