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    Forbes White Sox evaluation- #14 worth $1.685 Billion

    you are being kind to limit it to "most of us"
  2. Superstar Lamar

    2021 BOLD predictions thread

    Collins has a better OPS than Vaughn at the time of Eloy's return. Both are good
  3. Superstar Lamar

    ELOY HURT! (3/25 Update: Torn Pectoral Tendon, Out 5-6 months))

    Joc Pederson will be available when the Cubs tank in April
  4. Superstar Lamar

    ELOY HURT! (3/25 Update: Torn Pectoral Tendon, Out 5-6 months))

    Wouldn't that be something if he ends up good enough there that Vaughn is the LF of the future and Eloy is the DH
  5. only thing more depressing than talking about the white sox of the last decade is talking about the bulls
  6. Superstar Lamar

    Vintage White Sox Hats

    I was looking to get a hat from the early 1900s featuring the logo with the big S and the o and x in the loop of the S. I can't seem to find vintage fitted white sox hats on line anywhere. Any leads would be appreciated.
  7. Superstar Lamar

    Hendriks Really Wants to Play for TLR

    Didn't Lynn also make some statements that he liked his move specifically because of Larussa?
  8. Superstar Lamar

    TLR publicity train

    driving that train, high on cocain
  9. Superstar Lamar

    Spring Training thread

    I was skeptical this day would actually occur and am shocked that it occurred on time.
  10. Superstar Lamar

    Only JR knew of new TLR DUI upon interview and hire

    working for the Angels sounds like a party
  11. Superstar Lamar

    Realistic expectation for Vaughn in 21

    real world realistic expectations for a guy who has never played above A ball is to spend the year in the minors realistic for this site is that he is a middle of the order hitter on playoff team
  12. Rich Hill wouldn't be a bad addition if you were sure Kopech would eventually be in MLB in 2020
  13. Superstar Lamar

    Joc to Cubs

    Finally, Jason Kinander was correct the Pederson is coming to Chicago
  14. Superstar Lamar

    Mets GM Jared Porter fired

    baseball is a game of inches
  15. Superstar Lamar

    Badler: Sox expected to sign Yoelki Cespedes

    We were short one player whose first name begins with Y after letting Yolmer walk. Good to see they filled this need in the off season
  16. Superstar Lamar

    Hahn was on Phillies interview list

    the only way you get to leave JR is by firing or death
  17. Superstar Lamar

    White Sox Hire Chris Johnson as AAA Hitting Coach

    pat smith genderless and generic without any indication of ethnic or racial makeup
  18. Superstar Lamar

    So let's talk about Quintana shall we

    I seem to recall that sometime around the time of his signing his most recent contract that Quintana said he wanted to be in Chicago as his home even beyond baseball and that the extra money wasn't as important to him as being able to stay in this city.
  19. Superstar Lamar

    Trevor Bauer v. Lance Lynn

    Its a retroactive assessment that assumes a world series championship. There is no need for increasing the chances because it is a certainty. If a move was made and that move directly results in winning a world series, the move is justified. It's not specific to this situations
  20. Superstar Lamar

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    I think it would be funny and show a sign of good humor on both side's part if they introduced him at the press conference with a 1976 jersey bearing his name. Maybe even put a few patched up areas on it
  21. Superstar Lamar

    Trevor Bauer v. Lance Lynn

    A World Series Championship justifies everything. It's like the Chapman trade for the Cubs. I don't fault them for that.
  22. Superstar Lamar

    Hot Stove Closer Talk

    settling all scores at once
  23. Superstar Lamar

    Sox acquire Lance Lynn for Dane Dunning and Avery Weems

    I just want to bathe for a little while in the fact that we have the 5,6, and 7 vote getters in last year's Cy Young in our starting rotation.
  24. Superstar Lamar

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    I think that Brantley reveal was the most troubling news I have heard from the Sox this off season
  25. Superstar Lamar

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    and one of them thought so little of it that they took him back