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  1. After analyzing all of the available information I have reached an unassailable conclusion: I don't know. Good luck to Pedro Grifoli. I hope, for both of us, that it works out well.
  2. I have no idea why people go to that dork fest anyway.
  3. I was surprised to hear they are even offered health. I guess I'd never thought of the dynamic between team and vendor for concessions. Is the vendor's job just to supply employees and prepare the food? Are the people who walk through the stands supplied by a different company?
  4. on the good side, it won't be long now
  5. No other team showed the lack of professional pride shown by our team today
  6. Andrew Vaughn has just hit a rookie wall in September for a second time. I'm sure he'll take measures to make sure he is in stronger physical and mental shape so it doesn't happen a third time
  7. No game matters today. Sox are the only team who took the day off.
  8. I'm sure our group of scrappers will make a come back rather than just packing it in
  9. Jirschele has coached many of these players when they were at their best and has been independently recognized for his work in the minors
  10. Nimmo is a nice player but you would be buying in to another guy who has missed a lot of time to injuries
  11. and Bernstein, even as he complains about the team, genuflects to his front office/corporate masters
  12. Notice how, when given the chance to specifically name names, he pulls back and the entire threesome relies on "they". Lawrence is a kitten who looks in the mirror and sees a lion.
  13. can you imagine the quality of a replacement we would get when hiring would be contingent upon keeping larussa as field manager?
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