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  1. sounds do-able. going to clear out the calendar for October
  2. I don't think they do. His "through the roof" downloads are probably less than sox attendance at an afternoon game in April. Still, he isn't wrong in this instance
  3. He didn't leave because of Brooks. He left for more money and greater flexibility. All things being equal, he would have stayed. It's rare to have a perfect relationship with a boss. If what is reported was the biggest complaint, that is a good working relationship
  4. That's a hatchet job by von showen. The two facts are unrelated and he has to know how it will be read by putting them next to each other. The biggest of Bennetti supporters would admit he has an unusual (not normal) personality. The truth of the story is right there very early. He left for more money and greater flexibility than the sox offered. That truth just wasn't sufficiently sensational.
  5. what has grandal done that he doesn't deserve this same fate?
  6. Vaughn looks like the kind of person you see after your car breaks down on a lonely country road in the middle of the night.
  7. Anyone know anything about Justin Jirschele's management style?
  8. It's much easier for me to just not care
  9. Abreu was not the leader nor as respected by the younger cubans as we were told
  10. Moncada seems like the kind of guy who will get himself into the best playing shape for his possible contract year...or maybe he'll be satisfied with his money and eat Twinkies all off season
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