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  1. Tim was told he wasn't starting today and so, prepared himself mentally not to play at all
  2. These last few innings are a shout out dedication to Rick Hahn's expertise
  3. it won't be difficult to stay away from the ballpark until the weather is absolutely perfect
  4. the out of shape, slob schtick doesn't play as well when you don't produce
  5. I would really love to be the person who's job it is to find and then sample new items being considered.
  6. It's been a while since I read the Sun Times. Is Holmes a regular contributor?
  7. If they are going to insist on this rule, teams should be required to hand out orange slices and juice boxes to everyone after the game
  8. I'd rather end in ties than continue with this rule
  9. in theory we are getting him for the prime years of his career I'd love to see them get him running again as well, with 20+ SB. In fact, get everyone running again.
  10. Well at least we won't be sadled with a "he will suck in the last half of the contract" type of deal.
  11. After analyzing all of the available information I have reached an unassailable conclusion: I don't know. Good luck to Pedro Grifoli. I hope, for both of us, that it works out well.
  12. I have no idea why people go to that dork fest anyway.
  13. I was surprised to hear they are even offered health. I guess I'd never thought of the dynamic between team and vendor for concessions. Is the vendor's job just to supply employees and prepare the food? Are the people who walk through the stands supplied by a different company?
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