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    The forums and enthusiam for the WSox
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    Jose Abreu
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    Gm 2, 2005 World Series, Section 102, Row 20
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    Frank Thomas
  1. I wasn’t expecting Eloy till Sept 1 so if he’s here before that date, gravy 😎
  2. gogowsox

    GT 5/31 GM 1: SOX @ INDIANS

    Tim picks it clean, they’re out of this inning, damn. And i would just let Rodon ride this on out into the 7th if he can get outta this spot
  3. gogowsox

    5/11/21 Minnesota Twins @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    Yes, excellent throw but Vaughn took a wide turn at 3rd that didn’t help either
  4. gogowsox

    4-7 GT: CWS @ SEA (3:10 PM CT)

    This defense again
  5. gogowsox

    4-2 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:38 PM CT)

    That was fun baseball shit, the walk not ideal of course but still really fun to watch
  6. gogowsox

    4-1 GT: CWS @ LAA (9:05 PM CT)

    I thought the Sox got rid of black holes in this lineup? Ugh
  7. gogowsox


    So happy for Abreu, he’s been the only highlight on this team the last 6 yrs and now, the rest of baseball gets to see this stud on the biggest stage there is! Get the division, hand Pito the MVP and go get that trophy! And especially, fuck the damn Twins!
  8. gogowsox

    Sox vs Tigers. 9/12 - 6:10

    They've done it against the Sox lots of times, they've had it coming 😤