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  1. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    At that point - I would have just kept Miller. Don’t like this move. At this point I would have kept Miller and seen if a new QB made a difference.
  2. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Good move for Texans - maybe change of scenery is what he needs. Hoping pick is like a 4th or 5th rounder and not 6th or 7th.
  3. Chisoxfn

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    I am sure it is more of a - ease back into it type of thing. He played 2 - give him a day off - back out again today. Marathon not a sprint.
  4. Chisoxfn

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    Avi looks a lot different than I remember. Or do I just have a bad memory. His face looks different - maybe less soft - can’t put my finger on it.
  5. Chisoxfn

    7-23 GT: Sox @ Brewers (7:10pm)

    Throw strikes. Geese.
  6. Chisoxfn

    **Movies that we Watch** Thread

    The video game was great.
  7. He is also vaccinated - he got Covid with one shot done (wasn’t fully vaccinated at point he got Covid in season).
  8. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Hate injuries.
  9. Lavine has Covid in the season too - didn’t he? Hopefully he was a close contact and ends up not having it. This is a heck of an opportunity for him and would hate for him to miss it - plus as a fan of the bulls - this is an opportunity to better market how good he is. He had played a nice role in last two games.
  10. Chisoxfn

    Good tball drills for coaching?

    One other point - cause I've seen it happen to much - older age, younger ages - but really set good guidelines to limit who has a bat in there hands. Bats can just do so much damage to another kid and really easy for a few people to be swinging bats warming up and someone else is doing something else not realizing other kids are swinging and results don't end well. We had an incident happen at our tourney yesterday - made me think of this thread - and at least getting a PSA out there.
  11. This - and - I still think they have room to take on money given where they are.
  12. Chisoxfn

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Angels aren't going to be sellers right now - unless they got some nice chips for the future. I think they are going to try and make a run at things with Trout coming back and presumably Rendon comes around as well and gets back to his usual stellar self.
  13. If that is somehow true - than I have a lot less concerns - I assume if you sign Ball, keep lavine, and have Vuc - you have no possible way of getting another max player (without moving one of the other guys - not to say I wouldn't for the right player).
  14. Chisoxfn

    Good tball drills for coaching?

    So one thing that is huge - if you have a few coaches (hopefully you do) - pair the kids down. So if you have 9 kids and 3 coaches - get 3 drills set-up with each coach handling a drill and each coach having 3 kids (this keeps the engagement levels higher and also gets them more reps). I'll have to go back and look through past youtube videos at that age - obviously just a tee station where they learn to swing and just get better is important and there are some techniques to make sure they step into it etc (its hard cause kids are so different). From a throwing perspective - some basics just to work on their mechanics - kind of like the raise your hand drill to kind of start showing how you throw). From a fielding perspective - we used the alligator technique to show the ball going into the glove and than the hand coming down (and also working the kids to get the grounder in the middle of their body (from a fundamentals perspective). If they are more advanced - you can start to work them on slow grounders where they shuffle their feet (in particular - slow grounders are also good cause you can teach those that are a bit better to attack the ball instead of wait on the ball (in the future that is huge - goes back to playing the ball and potentially minimizing the bad hop, etc). But the biggest thing - divide and conquer with coaches and often times - it helps to do show and tell - i.e., show them what you are doing (cause just explaining with words is obviously challenging). You can also use points and other techniques depending just to keep things fun (have bubble gum or random things at the end of practice, etc). We used to give a listen / hustle award at younger ages (couple baseball cards or piece of gum (gum probably too young at your age). And obviously keep it moving and fun. Oh and I almost forgot - baserunning is another good drill and something you can do to keep things loose. On throwing - you can do target practice - where you stick cones like on a bucket - so they work on accuracy - and its fun cause its kind of a challenge. We would tell the kids - if you hit x cones in 3 minutes than coaches will run to x and back; if you don't - than you run to x and back.
  15. Chisoxfn

    All-Star Game Festivities , HR Derby and Game

    Is this a fan who caught it auctioning it off - or is this the Angels auctioning it off for charity or something?