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  1. black jack

    That's a Winner, Winner Pasta Dinner Sox Win

    If he keeps this up, I'd qualify him. That keeps him another year and he'll stay motivated to show up in shape again for another free agent season.
  2. black jack

    That's a Winner, Winner Pasta Dinner Sox Win

    Hell yeah. I'm sick of losing to the Indians.
  3. black jack


    Don't look now, but the stupid, slow, weak dude is stringing together extra base hits, smart base running, and solid defense.
  4. black jack

    That’s a Nicky Two Strikes Winner!!

    I didn't like the bunt at the time, but you can't argue with the results. I'm not a fan of stealing bases either in low scoring games. If Tim didn't get tossed out at second we aren't even talking about the ninth inning.
  5. I believe he had three hits off breaking pitches including the homer. We can close this thread.
  6. You're supposed to hit fastballs and the hangers. Occasionally run into a good breaker.
  7. black jack

    Who do you blame for today's postponed game?

    It's always TLR. except when it's Madrigal.
  8. black jack

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Feels like he's leaving A LOT of guys on base. Kid needs a bloop single in the worst way.
  9. black jack

    Andrew Vaughn Hype Thread

    Hope he gets going soon, looks a little lost at the plate.
  10. black jack

    4/4 GT- 7:37 CT- Sox vs Halos

    Hopefully the defense shows up soon. It's been pretty disappointing to say the least. I'm not too worried about the bullpen... yet. Moncada needs to start stringing together some good at bats.
  11. black jack

    4-1 GT: CWS @ LAA (9:05 PM CT)

    Good news: I’m on vacation in Florida Bad news: eastern time zone I’m not making it to 10pm
  12. black jack

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    For Gio or Vaughn or... BOTH?
  13. black jack

    Petition to Move Eloy to DH Permanently

    Just stay away from the wall. Don't touch the wall. When it's close, get in position for the carry off the wall.
  14. black jack

    Pritzker: 60% capacity is close

    Good, open everything up and get these people off my golf courses and back to whatever they were doing before 2020.
  15. black jack

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    Is that not the Son of Svengoolie?