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  1. LOL They had a chance to sign two 26 year old superstars at reasonable prices. They low balled one and didn't even offer the other. THEY WILL NEVER SPEND
  2. Right there with you. I'll check in at this place everyday still, but I'm never spending another penny on this team. Hell, I might not even watch games.
  3. I stand corrected. Aldi has some quality produce and frozen pizza. Jerry is shopping out of Aldi's dumpster out back.
  4. Offensively, probably. The defense should be solid though. Can't expect a complete player when you shop at Aldi.
  5. So the Padres....PADRES have three near 300 million dollar player and three 100 million dollar pitching contracts on the books? I'm done with this team.
  6. Man, if only the Sox used a top 5 draft pick on a second baseman. That massive hole would be filled internally on the cheap.
  7. Or you know, extend the budget. They're like 70 million below the luxury tax. Spend the fucking money Jerry!
  8. It’s better than when they were obsessed with the Royals.
  9. A Chicago team in the midst of a championship window is going to fill up the roster with Rule 5 players despite have glaring holes and being about 50 million below the luxury tax threshold? f*** this team. I'm out.
  10. It could easily happen if Jerry wasn't such a cheap twat. Can't afford players then GTFO of Chicago.
  11. Don't tell me there's no money. -sign Correa -sign Bellinger to play left -move Anderson to 2nd -Colas to right -keep our bullpen and top prospects
  12. Moncada is going to bounce back this year. 8 war.
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