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  1. Scubadentist

    Since 1990 who is the Sox 2nd best player?

    Definitely Mark Buehrle.....
  2. At least a months delay is my guess..... late April should be a safe bet..... God help us if the hysteria takes over and they go longer than that..... and what about a refund of our tickets???? Or are they going to Wirtz/Cub us and keep the cash as a downpayment on future games.....?
  3. Scubadentist

    Let's talk about the spring training hat

    Holy crap that is the result of the hat designer using too much LSD......
  4. Scubadentist

    2020 Hall of Fame Voting

    Jeter to me, without doing a ton of stat research, is the equivalent of Sandberg...... shitty defensive range while being a very good hitter.......but the hype boosted their images immeasurably....
  5. Scubadentist

    Cole Hamels to the Braves, 1 year $18 Million.

    Thank God!!!!!!
  6. Scubadentist

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    No... just ..no.
  7. Scubadentist

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Love the Ides of March!
  8. Scubadentist

    White Sox Bryce Harper FA pitch spoiler?

    Well, if they want 100 percent renewal, including myself, this would be one way to do it...... but I can’t believe the Chairman will approve this at all.....
  9. Scubadentist

    Vintage UNI Question

    I have Veecks 1976 jersey that he used at his press conference to announce their new uniforms. I can dig it up and get back to you . I also know that Mike Steiner has a huge collection of original jerseys. Message me and I can give you a bit more info. Paul
  10. Scubadentist

    Avi Garcia agrees to deal 1yr/2.1m

    Watching Avi butcher up RF is almost as bad as watching Fisk try to keep from falling asleep while butchering LF back in 85'.....and they are both physically about the same build......
  11. Scubadentist

    Jeff Samardjiza signs with SF Giants, 5/90.

  12. Scubadentist

    MLB free agent predictions: Who should sign Jeff Samardzija?

    5pm eastern time Thanks. 38 minutes until the end of this guy....
  13. Scubadentist

    MLB free agent predictions: Who should sign Jeff Samardzija?

    OK, Rasmus just accepted the QO and is the first to ever do so.... I'm panicking at the thought that Samardjiza is going to accept it too!! What time today does he have until to accept it?...
  14. Scubadentist

    No More Hard Tickets for Season Ticket Holders

    Well, I give my tickets occasionally to my patients, and sending them an email link to print out the tickets or a PDF file of the tickets just is NOT the same thing....there is a physicality about the tickets that I like...plus my 78 year old father wouldn't have a clue how to print up the tickets....and consider it a PITA to do.....this is just ridiculous.....why the heck can't they simply tack on twenty bucks to the season ticket cost to cover printing and bury it in the overall price we pay as season ticket holders...To parse it out like this and make me contact my rep to have them printed out is just dumb and poor marketing......IMHO...as an old fart.... Also, I'm paying twenty bucks for partial or full season ticket printing......so they are making cash on me printing up only the 27 game package I switched to this year...instead of the 81 games I have had for the past eleven years.....same price,less work......kind of the way the world is going these days.....but I digress...... Are we going to have virtual PARKING passes too?.....
  15. Scubadentist

    All Star host selection to mimic Super Bowl

    2033 because it's the 100 yr anniversary of the ASG......