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  1. I genuinely thought this team might be the worst team in baseball going into the season. 4 games into the season, I think we can drop the "might be" portion.
  2. This is what is referred to as "cronyism". Jerry likes his cronies. Guys who will be willing to stroke his ego and not rock the boat. Meanwhile, the franchise continues to be consistently disappointing on the field and the same front office flops repeatedly and fails to develop even a semblance of the sheer talent they drunkenly stumbled into. They spent years collective farm pieces to build up a core and what do we have to show for it? 1 legitimate playoff appearance and in turn, a swift exit from said playoffs. Then back in the tank almost immediately. I'm getting absolutely tired of Chicago sports and their insistence of holding onto failing executives and coaches because their incompetent owners continue to value their yes-man antics, all while ignoring their infinitesimal ability to put together a competent sports team.
  3. I legitimately HATE this team and this organization. Like, I can't even just ignore their existence and be indifferent to their sheer ineptitude. They just continue to find ways to make themselves too visible on the social media-sphere to ignore. It's an embarrassment to be associated with this collection of pathetic, worthless losers and this season, they've consistently gone out of their way to amplify their circus-like antics both on and off the field in a way that is impossible for the sports world to ignore. Get. Fucked.
  4. They say that you say what you truly feel when you're at your most inebriated. I've had my fair share of sport rants, and sometimes I will sit back and say that this was stupid. But the few I've had on the White Sox. I'll wake up hung the hell over and re-read the comment and be like..."Nope, that about sums it up."
  5. Because Bochy has this important thing called credibility. Bochy is a 3 time World Series champion and has actually managed professional baseball within the previous 10 years. Grifol spent the last 10 years coaching in one of the few organizations arguably more dysfunctional than the White Sox. Bochy knew failure and learned from it and turned the Giants into a consistent winner for much of his time there. Grifol has only known failure and it has carried over to this dumpster fire organization. It's not his fault at the end of the day. He should've never been the pick, just like TLR shouldn't have been the pick in '21. This franchise can't get out of its own way.
  6. I'm 100% convinced that firing Hahn will change absolutely nothing. This franchise is stuck in utter purgatory until we get an owner who has a vision of putting together a competitive franchise. Jerry has ZERO initiative to change anything. He is making money, he has his rings. We saw the Bulls replace GarPax with Eversley and AK, and it changed basically nothing. It's no different with Jerry's other money child, because he will just repeat what got him here. He'll hire somebody he knows into the role, hold onto them for WAY too long, and do f*** all to address how utterly far behind this franchise is in terms of farm development and analytical reliance. He doesn't care about winning.
  7. I really cannot fathom the logic behind bringing Ozzie back, other than the fact that he won a series almost 2 decades ago. FFS, we literally just saw a retread crash and burn because the dude was out of touch after not managing for a decade and their solution is to bring in ANOTHER retread that hasn't managed in a decade? We're going with that over a guy who's been at the forefront of arguably the most consistent franchise of the last 4 years or a guy who's been part of 2 World Series titles and 4 pennant winners (Yanks in '09, Mets in '15, Nats in '19, Phils in '22)? Seriously, I'd argue it makes even less sense than TLR did. At least TLR was a consistently strong manager in St Louis and went out on top the last time he managed. Ozzie was out of touch back in 2010, much less now.
  8. Well, I was going to say "yeah, but the Bears are gonna suck". But of course, they made me eat my words by beating the Niners.
  9. Dammit. I needed a pick me up in the worst way today. This day can go fuck itself.
  10. The Tigers have the 3rd worst record in the league. We're just a week removed from dropping 3 of 4 against a terrible Royals squad. These next 7 games are going to be make or break for this team. If they can't move past Houston and Cleveland, I don't think it ever happens this year.
  11. Just tape some generic bullshit over the banner and then yank it off when you get past the gate.
  12. 12-7 or better for this stretch. As of now, we're 3-5. 9-2 or better the rest of the way or fire Tony.
  13. 12 out of 19 is the bare minimum I will tolerate. We're 2 in and still sitting at 0 wins. Clock's ticking Tony. You now have 17 games to get 12 wins or you're fired.
  14. If I'm Kopech, I'm probably wanting to take a bat to the pen's kneecaps right now. Just fucking infuriating.
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