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  1. I really cannot fathom the logic behind bringing Ozzie back, other than the fact that he won a series almost 2 decades ago. FFS, we literally just saw a retread crash and burn because the dude was out of touch after not managing for a decade and their solution is to bring in ANOTHER retread that hasn't managed in a decade? We're going with that over a guy who's been at the forefront of arguably the most consistent franchise of the last 4 years or a guy who's been part of 2 World Series titles and 4 pennant winners (Yanks in '09, Mets in '15, Nats in '19, Phils in '22)? Seriously, I'd argue it makes even less sense than TLR did. At least TLR was a consistently strong manager in St Louis and went out on top the last time he managed. Ozzie was out of touch back in 2010, much less now.
  2. Well, I was going to say "yeah, but the Bears are gonna suck". But of course, they made me eat my words by beating the Niners.
  3. Dammit. I needed a pick me up in the worst way today. This day can go fuck itself.
  4. The Tigers have the 3rd worst record in the league. We're just a week removed from dropping 3 of 4 against a terrible Royals squad. These next 7 games are going to be make or break for this team. If they can't move past Houston and Cleveland, I don't think it ever happens this year.
  5. Just tape some generic bullshit over the banner and then yank it off when you get past the gate.
  6. 12-7 or better for this stretch. As of now, we're 3-5. 9-2 or better the rest of the way or fire Tony.
  7. 12 out of 19 is the bare minimum I will tolerate. We're 2 in and still sitting at 0 wins. Clock's ticking Tony. You now have 17 games to get 12 wins or you're fired.
  8. If I'm Kopech, I'm probably wanting to take a bat to the pen's kneecaps right now. Just fucking infuriating.
  9. Yeah, there was no getting around this injury. It was a freak occurrence. Still, we're f*cking cursed.
  10. Not that I don't relish in the Trashtros suffering, but it does frustrate the living hell out of me that literally every single acquisition made mid-season for the Braves pulled through for them, while it seemed like almost every single acquisition we made mid-season were duds.
  11. Barring a monstrous collapse from the Dodgers, we'll be the only team in the division series facing a 0-2 deficit. Every other series is deadlocked at 1-1.
  12. As important as HFA is, and I want it. It's even more important that this team is playing well going into the playoffs.
  13. I'm getting absolutely fed up with this team losing very VERY winnable games.
  14. If I'm Lynn, I'm socking every guy in the lineup in the face and telling them to get their shit together. These guys are beyond pissing away wins from him. Fuck this lineup. Pissants
  15. Christ, how is it were 1 run after 8 against the GD Range
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