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  1. I am not even sure if Yaz can tag if a ball gets to the warning track
  2. Wasn't there a greg pratt poster here years ago?
  3. Were you expecting Scott Merkin to ask a tough in-depth question LOL
  4. He seems to be an expert on getting dumped by girlfriends
  5. I honestly think we can pick three random posters here and have better at bats. My lord
  6. Should make Kelly wear it and pitch the last three innings
  7. Just grabbed the Twins at +110 to win the division. The Sox are D-O-N-E
  8. Interesting that this was the first time I have seen Moncada hustle in weeks and look what happened!
  9. lord chas

    2022 Catch All

    Insane that is only for 2022...
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