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White Sox acquire Joakim Soria, Luis Avilan and $3 Million

Sleepy Harold

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QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 07:50 PM)
I would guess a high priced player from our team (Shields) or minor league depth like Jacob May or someone like that.

Shields is a terrible fit for what the Dodgers are trying to do - they want to remove payroll in 2018 so that they have space under the tax level. That way they're out of the "multi-year offender" penalties next year when Harper is on the market. That's what they did with the Braves deal - they shed payroll in 2019 but took on payroll in 2018 to stay under the Tax.


If they could move Kemp without taking back salary, that could give them space to sign Darvish.

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QUOTE (elwood5892 @ Jan 4, 2018 -> 05:54 PM)
#Dodgers and #WhiteSox talking trade in what would be another salary dump (Kemp) for LA. Stay tuned.

From a reporter in LA


Michael J. Duarte‏Verified account @michaeljduarte 6m6 minutes ago #Dodgers and #WhiteSox talking trade in what would be another salary dump (Kemp) for LA. Stay tuned.



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As noted before - the only salary the White Sox would really care to shed is Shields, and he's not signed in 2019 so there's no real way the White Sox can send any money back to balance this.


That means the only money moving in the deal would be Kemp's deal. The White Sox would basically be taking on $40 million or so in order to get talent from the Dodgers. That's comparable to the price the White Sox paid for Robert, give or take the penalties.


In other words, for any version of this to make sense for the White Sox...they better be getting absolute gold back. Not a reclamation project like Joc - or at least not "only Joc", you need a very strong package to make this fair for the White Sox. You want guys who, 14 months ago, would be the top prospect in the White Sox system.

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