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7/27 Games


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Just now, bmags said:

Simas is starting today, that's exciting.


I want Mario in ACL just crushing 500

It might be all in my head, but it really feels like we are starting to make progress in Latin America away from the top guys.  I don't know if it is from the new rules crushing the pricing structure to push more of the kids we want into our price range, but it really feels like something good is happening down there.

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19 y.o. gabriel rodriguez with the very rare CGSO in DSL. last year he had a 9 SO/9 ratio which is strong but walked a ton of batters.

This year, he's cut down a bit on the BBs, and only 1 BB in 7 IP is pretty great.

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14 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

Colas is going to force the issue and get another promotion, isn't he?

That'd be great for the Sox. Personally I'm reserving judgement until he gets like 25-30 games under his belt in AA. It's a hell of a start in AA though, gotta give him that. 

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21 minutes ago, Timmy U said:

Another Colas HR. That’s 5. He had 7 at W-S.

OMG...he's had like 5 in what 7-8 games that's incredible. 

FO will have a tough time getting that extra year of service time at this pace. 

If this dude can be a 25+ HR guy in the majors from the left side with a howitzer of an arm in RF it would solve so many problems.

If Hahn trades him or Montgomery, someone should put his dick in a blender and press start. 

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