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2/27 GT Mariners vs White Sox, 2:05PM CT, NBCSC, ESPN1000


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3 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

I'm pro pitch clock, it's Spring Training so this doesn't matter, but...

a run scoring because a pitcher is 1 second late with the bases loaded is pretty lame, imo

I think the rule ought to be a pitch clock violation can't result in a strikeout or a walk. The pitch clock should not be deciding a plate appearance. Especially late in games. 

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Just now, maxjusttyped said:

Impressive outing for Burke.

The front office better be right pushing him so aggressively.

I like the pitch mix, and he’s a tall human being.  Needs to stop throwing so many up in the zone, but hard to tell for sure in Arizona.

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