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They better start to fear us. The f***ers have droped 4 of the last 5 to us so i think it's time they take a look at a new Sox team who doesn't give a damn anymore about playing in the dome. GO SOX it was a great win lets keep it rolling tomarrow :cheers :headbang

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I missed the game because of work, and this is all I was thinking about.


"Ah, the game's just about to start."

"I wonder if we're winning."

"I hope Buerhle can shut down the Twins."

"I hope I come home to a White Sox winner thread!"


And that I did!!! Way to go Chicago White Sox!!!!


:headbang :headbang :headbang

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To the few Mark Buehrle doubters that still exist on this

board and elsewhere.

Foo on you.



Put him in the all-star game.

I have no doubt in buehrle, but the one thing that is concerning me is how many hits he has been giving up per game.

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Pitchers are going to give up hits, especially when they rely on location and changing speeds rather than incredible stuff...As long he continues to make good pitches, he will continue to be successful. It's when he doesn't pitch inside and misses his spots when he has a rough outing.

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