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2007 White Sox Photos


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QUOTE(KevHead0881 @ Feb 20, 2007 -> 01:33 PM)
Hard to tell, but Joe looks bigger...at least in this photo.

I think Joe has been our best example the last few years of a guy who builds a ton of muscle in the offseason then gradually loses it as he can't get weight room time during the season.


All I'm worried about with Joe though is his back. He's finally learned how to hit...and I feel pretty confident he'll perform very well...if he's not in searing pain.

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QUOTE(Gregory Pratt @ Feb 21, 2007 -> 04:00 PM)
I think that's a reference to the darkness of their hats.


Personally, I want a Blue Jay jersey from the early 1990s.

Personally, I want the jersey Joe Carter wore one day in 1994 that spelled "Torotno"

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