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    What would it take to get Nolan Arenado?

    A package of Madrigal and Dunning or Madrigal and Lopez actually makes sense for the Rockies. They clear a ton of payroll and are removing someone with no surplus value. The Sox then have one of the best 3b and 2b (Moncada) in the game and have a superstar without having to win a bidding war. Not saying it will happen, but in theory it makes sense.
  2. MysterySource5000

    Sox In on Lindor? Crackpot Rumor?

    Again, a Lindor trade and extension makes sense to the Sox MO. Don't get into a bidding war with others by making an early extension. Hahn has said that they really only want to pay people a contract like Machado if that player is in their prime. Lindor's age would fit what the Sox would throw money at, IF THEY WOULD ever actually throw money at a big contract.
  3. MysterySource5000

    Sox In on Lindor? Crackpot Rumor?

    To be fair, a less likely scenario than trading for Lindor---has already happened when we traded Q to the Cubs. Not saying that this will happen, I am just saying stranger things have happened in the not so distant past.
  4. MysterySource5000

    White Sox sign Gio Gonzalez

    Now this would be funny...once...twice...third time he will actually pitch for us?
  5. MysterySource5000

    Why has Hahn failed?

    I think he thought Jerry would actually spend money. Rather, Jerry meant he would only spend more than he has ever spent (Grandal). Honestly, it is embarrassing that we have zero $100 million contracts. I mean, KC has had one and we have not. The top 3 Angels: Trout, Pujols and Rendon will make more than the entire White Sox roster next year. This will not win you baseball games, not consistently, not multiple championships.
  6. MysterySource5000

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Kenny: “We FINALLY got NOMAR! We’ve got Thome and Alomar and Alomar and Manny. Griffey and Lofton. And do you recall the greatest 90s and 00s Star of them all! Nomar the...” Rick: “Kenny, it is Nomar Ma...” Kenny: “Don’t interrupt my song! You know I live for this!”
  7. MysterySource5000

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    I know people think the Sox need to pay a tax to get good players, but this prediction on Castellanos is a little ridiculous.
  8. MysterySource5000

    Sox in on MadBum

    Also, today’s tweet is funny if they have shifted to Bumgarner.
  9. MysterySource5000

    Sox in on MadBum

    A good question on Bumgarner is what will the ball be like in 2020? Obviously the juiced ball hurt him.
  10. But it doesn't matter if we would rather have 8 years of Cole or Starsburg than Wheeler for 6. The facts are facts, as Steve Stone has already relayed the company line, they will not be in on Cole and Strasburg. I agree---probably wiser to go for the big two if Wheeler is escalating that much, but that is not a real world option as the Sox won't do it, not that they cannot do, they just won't.
  11. Here is the deal, it is Wheeler or nothing. What we are forgetting is that payroll has been historically low the past few years, all so that "later we can have seats at the table". This means that they should be able to have MORE than a league average payroll. So, why are people edgy? Because the White Sox should at the very least be players in the Strasburg market---be we all know---in our heart of hearts that they won't be---even though they SHOULD be.
  12. The fact that there is a $100 million offer but doesn’t name the team, screams the White Sox as they don’t like to leak anything. The question will be will Sox step up and outbid the rest in the end, or be content with the “we tried” narrative.
  13. I think the Yolmer thing may have just been courtesy to Yolmer, let him talk to other teams earlier. That seams like a Sox move.
  14. MysterySource5000

    Zack Wheeler Thread

    My guess is this is a done deal awaiting physical. No other reason for Merkin to mention Wheeler in that article about Yolmer.
  15. MysterySource5000

    JDM staying in Boston

    Why wait? Because Boras=drama and loves the attention. The decision to opt out or not has been made for weeks if not months. It is more dramatic to hold onto the info. Then he gets his fanfare.
  16. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    All I have to say is that the Sox have been under they radar the entire time on Harper. It would make sense to continue to be. No advantage to leak that they are in.
  17. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Honestly, it came down to insurance against bad health. Manny would have probably accepted it without the Padres offer. I would not be surprised if this is not more popular going forward, baseball has guaranteed contracts unlike other sports. This gets out of that if the player is too hurt to play. Definitley Manny’s perragotive to not take that. However, you cannot ultimately say it was cheap.
  18. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    The point is, they are not unattainable or crazy. Unwise, yes it made sense for him to take the guarantee. However, it wasn’t a crazy like he must win x amount of MVPs or All-Star games.
  19. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Jeff Bagwell
  20. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Here is David Ortiz. The point, yes it may have not been a good idea with the others guaranteeing 300. However, it was not like a silly MVP voting or All Star requirement. And if they intentionally benched him to not make it, you think the players union wouldn’t be up in arms? Honesty, it was unwise, but not ultimately cheap.
  21. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Here is the injury prone Frank Thomas.
  22. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I know we all think the vesting option was a joke at the end of the contract. But 550 plate appearances at 34 and 35 isn’t that hard for a HOF player. Here is Pujols.
  23. MysterySource5000

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I have been thinking about this since yesterday’s drama unfolded and I have come to two reasons for optimism that they are actually trying on Harper (albeit unlikely). 1) The Sox wanted to get Manny for under 300 million. Bryce however, rejected that before free agency started. They always knew he was going to want/need that. 2) What would they gain from pivoting in that press conference to saying, “Now we are shifting our attention to Harper”. They gain nothing by that. They keep negotiations close to the vest like they like (who here yesterday at this time would have thought the Sox would have made ANY offer that COULD reach $350 million? And they avoid another giant let down back to back if they don’t win again. Again, I am not saying this is likely, but it is explainable.
  24. MysterySource5000

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300