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  1. MackowiakYakYak

    Don Cooper appreciation thread

    Maybe a season or two too late, but he wasn’t holding us back long enough to ruin his legacy. He probably did something positive with Quintana and Sale, and those two having immense value got us our core. Can’t complain too much. Glad he was here before and glad he’s gone now
  2. MackowiakYakYak

    White Sox/A's-- Pre-series Discussion

    It’s the playoffs for the first time in Renteria’s career. He’s rested guys for injury and tried to preserve others late in the season. Bullpen use during the season is not all about putting the best pitcher out there everyday because you have to think about the next day or the playoffs. I’d say nows the time when we really get to judge Renteria’s game decisions.
  3. MackowiakYakYak

    So many here treat baseball like football

    I’m on the side of not worrying too much. Our boys need some rest and health heading into the real games. A division is a cool achievement that teams are proud of when they’ve got nothing to show for their post-season run. It sounds like a lot of Ricky’s decisions have been about resting minor injuries in the bullpen, and that’s the main reason we’ve lost the last few games. The offense has been lukewarm but not disgustingly bad considering the number of games they’ve played in a row. Panic Level After First Five Games: 8/10 (We were all way too invested in every game) Panic Level After Last Six Games: 3/10
  4. MackowiakYakYak


    I’d say on re-ranking he’d jump into the top 5 easily, but Torkelson and Lacy are still slightly next level in my mind. His biggest risk was that he had weird usage and average stats at the NCAA level, but his stuff absolutely plays and he looks beautiful throwing. From a pure drafting standpoint (we will see how the rest of his development goes and if we can develop him fully into a starter) he is a massive hit and I’d say you give the front office a perfect score on that pick.
  5. MackowiakYakYak


    This. The guy looks strong enough and he makes every pitch look effortless. Fulmer was a huge question mark because he was undersized and had a high-effort delivery. Crochet looks efficient. As other’s have said, I don’t know if he’s ready to throw even 80 pitches, but I don’t doubt he could in a few years
  6. MackowiakYakYak

    Trevor Bauer updates

    Dude becomes a moron when he talks outside his wheelhouse, but cancellation isn’t that much of a thing. Most of the time people just whine about things someone said and, unless it’s exceptionally insane, life moves on
  7. MackowiakYakYak

    AL MVP Race

    I’ve heard positive about that Yas guy too
  8. MackowiakYakYak

    Stiever to start Sunday

    Do we know anything about how he has been doing though? I’d hate to Fulmer a guy that has some big upside. Don’t mess with a kid in year 1 of the window when he could mean a lot in years 2 through 10
  9. MackowiakYakYak

    FS: Gavin Sheets Interview

    Burger was probably a worse than 50/50 chance to stick at 3rd when he was drafted
  10. MackowiakYakYak

    Playoff Pitching Staff

    I like that he was our guy and he’s ended up being great. Shows that we are looking at the right free agents even if they decide to go elsewhere for non-$ reasons
  11. MackowiakYakYak

    Clevinger wanted to be White Sox

    Baseball Reference doesn’t have a framing score for catchers. He compares in a general hitting style to those two with high walk rates, high strikeout rates, and decent power, but that’s it. He’s better in all those categories and he has better defensive catching stats than those two. Catchers are just an ugly position.
  12. MackowiakYakYak

    Trevor Bauer Breaks down Giolito's No-No

    Stone does similar things, but in a more off-hand way unless Jason encourages him to finish or expand on the idea. It really depends on the situation and what is worth hearing at that point. Nobody cares what’s a good idea for Reynaldo or Cease to execute because they’re usually missing their spots. I’d say Giolito is the only Sox starter that makes sequence development interesting because the pitches play off each other and he mostly hits his spots
  13. MackowiakYakYak

    Steve/Jason appreciation post

    You could tell he was getting excited and added some extra bass to his strike calls
  14. MackowiakYakYak

    What should the Sox do with James McCann?

    Do people not realize we are talking about a catcher that strikes out ~28% of the time and doesn’t walk more than 5%? He doesn’t have the launch angle to make me think he can sustain a high iso if he isn’t squaring the ball up well. I like him a lot, but at most he gets 10m/y for 1+1 or maybe 2+1. He’s no more valuable than Tyler Flowers was at his peak I’d keep him. He’s not going to be expensive
  15. MackowiakYakYak

    Dunning Optioned; Delmonico recalled

    Stone was on the radio and said Dunning looked like his arm was tired and lost his feel after inning 3. I don’t know if that’s cover from the organization, but he said that the send down would be to figure out if he’s ready to be a every 5th day starter