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  1. MackowiakYakYak

    Kendall Graveman agrees to deal w/Sox 3/$24

    Above teams sorted from highest bullpen payroll to lowest. Number is the league ranking of bullpen fWAR Dodgers ($45m) 5th in bullpen fWAR Yankees ($35m) 3rd White Sox ($29m) 2nd Red Sox ($29m) 9th Astros ($18m) 14th Blue Jays ($13m) 25th Cardinals ($12m) 11th Brewers ($3.75m) 15th Giants ($3m) 6th Rays ($3m) 1st
  2. MackowiakYakYak

    Kendall Graveman agrees to deal w/Sox 3/$24

    Payroll dedicated to bullpen arms with contracts above $1m AAV by 2021's Top 10 Teams by winning percentage: Giants: $3m on 2 players Dodgers: $45.12m on 7 players Rays: $2.95m on 2 players Astros: $18.6m on 5 players Brewers: $3.76m on 3 players White Sox: $29.69m on 5 players Yankees: $35.3m on 6 players Red Sox: $29.45m on 6 players Blue Jays: $13.44m on 5 players Cardinals: $12m on 1 player All data according to Spotrac 2021 data. Only included pitchers earning >$1m for simplicity. Includes pitchers listed as RP by the website whether active, IL, or retained salary. All data also done by hand. Decent chance I messed something up.
  3. MackowiakYakYak

    Kendall Graveman agrees to deal w/Sox 3/$24

    In last year's Covid free agency there were 9 UFA relief pitchers that received contracts with an AAV above $5mil: Liam Hendriks $18m (3y) 2.7 fWAR (1st in RP fWAR with at least 20 IP) Trevor Rosenthal $11m Injured Brad Hand $10.5m -.1 fWAR Blake Treinen $8.75m (2y) 1.8 fWAR (11th) Trevor May $7.75m (2y) .5 fWAR (105th) Pedro Baez $6.25m (2y) 0 fWAR on 4.1 inning pitched Alex Colome $6.25m 0.1 fWAR Archie Bradley $6m 0.3 fWAR Kirby Yates $5.5m Injured Below this you get guys like Chase Anderson, Ken Giles, Tony Watson, Mark Melancon, Aaron Loup, etc. that got contracts between $3m-$4m in AAV.
  4. MackowiakYakYak

    Kendall Graveman agrees to deal w/Sox 3/$24

    Has there been a more recent Sox signing of a set-up guy than Kelvin Herrera? Guy was brutal when he was here, but there were obvious signs that he was declining leading into the Sox signing him. Gravemen has had two straight seasons where his peripherals look decent. Savant has him with an expected ERA of around 3.7 the last two seasons which isn't exactly great but I wouldn't be upset if he threw consistent mid-3 ERAs for three years. I think it's a fine deal taken on its own. They better trade Kimbrel and it'd still be nice if they signed Tepera as well.
  5. MackowiakYakYak

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Where does Marte fit into Houston’s outfield? They’ve got Brantley, Straw, Tucker, McCormick, and Meyers as outfielders and Yordan will be DHing everyday. That likely moves Brantley to the bench and McCormick+Meyers to AAA. Straw was a great defensive CF so Houston is either not maximizing Marte’s defensive value as a CF or moving a stud CF out of position. It’s for this reason that it wouldn’t be as devastating if Houston lands him (compared to getting a true corner outfielder with a better bat), but it still improves the roster of our main competition in the AL
  6. MackowiakYakYak

    Lance Lynn Cy Young Finalist

    I’d say it’s worth using a fancy stats ERA equivalent and innings pitched as what a voter looks at first. ERA misses out on defense and luck a bit too much. I still don’t think I’d give a 1st place vote to someone with a mediocre ERA if the fancy stats are great, but the focus should be on how effective the pitcher was at doing what he could control.
  7. MackowiakYakYak

    Dallas a Gold Glove winner

    Defensive metrics often give massively different results. I believe people put the most faith in the savant one but they make them all different so the fans can argue
  8. I hope whichever owner realizes money wise they can make this team into the Yankees of the AL Central. Sure the rest of the division will rise and fall as they pick their windows to compete but the rest of the division is mid market teams. No other division has a clear #1 market like our division does. The problem with the post-2005 stretch is that they kept thinking too short term and made most of their decisions with a pre-analytics mindset. To be fair most teams were making their decisions that way but the Astros, Red Sox, A’s, Rays, and Giants have shown there is a way to compete every year without going through rebuild full cycles
  9. MackowiakYakYak

    things don't look so bad now

    Hey the Cubs don’t
  10. Do we think Nightengale gets disinformation from the Sox or that he completely fabricates his info? I thought everyone believed he directly gets fed information from the org but they use him to seed false narratives. If this is from the org would the point be?
  11. MackowiakYakYak

    MLB Trade Rumors Release 2022 Chicago White Sox Arbitration Projections

    But it needs to be a true platoon player and not a generic lefty bat. We need someone of Tampa’s platoon mold. Give me a guy with an 800+ OPS against righties and a sub-600 OPS lefties instead of someone that’s sitting at 750 for both. edit: ironically this is Brian Godwin’s profile. He had a wRC+ of 125, OPS 811 against righties and was absolutely useless against lefties
  12. MackowiakYakYak

    MLB Trade Rumors Release 2022 Chicago White Sox Arbitration Projections

    I don’t think Engel is a very tough decision. He’s at the very least established himself to be at least a good 4th outfielder with his great defense and base running. The last two seasons he’s shown that he could possibly throw together a 2 or 3 war season. Letting him go because we twice rushed him back from leg injuries would be asinine
  13. MackowiakYakYak

    MLB Trade Rumors Release 2022 Chicago White Sox Arbitration Projections

    No way Goodwin gets any guaranteed money. He’s set for a minor league tryout next year
  14. MackowiakYakYak

    Tepera said out loud what everybody is thinking

    The Sox have a bigger differential on the season for home and away, and Houston is first in wrc at home and away. The easiest explanation is that you get used to your park’s batters eye. Don’t start shit Tepera
  15. MackowiakYakYak

    Fangraphs loves the White Sox postseason chances

    Can’t disagree that Tampa Bay is the best run front office with some of the worst business-side operations. Can’t disagree the Dodgers made their roster the best we’ve seen in a decade by getting big free agents/trade+signs. However. This Dodgers roster is elite in a way none of the high spenders have been in recent memory, and it’s all because the Dodgers spend money AND supplement the free agents with great homegrown talent. The Yankees had been routine #1 payroll and are always top 3, but they haven’t made a roster as terrifying as the Dodgers in a long time. I listed a lot of the guys the Dodgers have developed earlier in the thread. Their core C, 1B, 3B, SS and CF all developed into the players they are with the Dodgers. That doesn’t include Taylor, Lux, and Beaty who are all incredibly solid players. For starting pitchers they’ve developed Kershaw, Buehler, and Urias. The rest of their homegrown pitching includes Kenley, Gonsolin, Bickford, Dustin May, Brusdal Graterol, and a whole bunch of young depth guys with a bit of upside. Sure any GM could make a great team knowing they can spend $250+ million every year but the Dodgers have done it better than anyone else in recent memory.