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  1. On July 5th if you are a Sox fan and you don’t go MLB.COM and vote for TA 5 times each day voting is open, you are not worthy of calling yourself a Sox Fan. That means you believe Bichette is a better SS or you’re LAZY. I VOTE 10 times a day under 2 email addresses and I’ll vote 15 times a day and use my wife’s email, my son has 5 votes a day and so does my daughter. We will be voting 25 times a day for TA, Vaughn, Abreu and Robert.
  2. Sheets dropped hit, Sevy base running mistake. Not letting Gio at least start the 7th. Should of faced the first batter. Bottom of the order was up. And that’s the game.
  3. We have too many 1st Basemen/DH’S and not enough REAL outfielders.
  4. Look guys, give it up, as much as I agree that TLR should go, it’s not going to happen this year. Could he cut a deal with JR on a buyout to save face? Maybe, but for this year we’re stuck with him, so let’s move on. we need position players that actually play the correct position.
  5. Perfect call my friend. That’s wraps up tonight in a nut shell
  6. Another great move by the manager of the Walking Dead, replacing Sheets with Garcia
  7. Robert was supposed to be the Cuban Mike Trout by now. LOL
  8. We’ll Gio now pitching well. First guy that reaches base in the 7th someone has to wake up TLR to make change, UNLESS we score 5 runs or more in the top of the 7th
  9. Even though Thor looks very good, still not worth 20million yet
  10. Thor looks like the new Thor, he’s leaned to use other pitches instead of trying to 95 four seamers
  11. All we need is as they say, a bloop and a blast and we’re back😝😝😝😝😝