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    The TLR Manager Thread

    Yeah, not only doubling down, but now speaking in a demeaning way about your stud pitcher? What a leader of men.
  2. sullythered

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    You have to really do some mental gymnastics to make it true, but I'm almost positive the people saying biggest reliever contract ever mean that it's $54 mil guaranteed, even if he pitches three years for the Sox. In that case, he technically has the highest AAV of any reliever ever.
  3. They are definitely not picking up that fourth year. They might as well say it right now. The only reason it's there is to make the AAV look higher than it actually is. This is a 3 year deal for $39 mil. The 1.5 a year each year for a decade is basically nothing, big picture.
  4. sullythered

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    I did see the Mr. Show live show. I wanna say they had to call it something different, because like you said, it was years after Mr. Show aired, but I could be wrong about that. I remember laughing my ass off, though.
  5. sullythered

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    It feels like every pitcher in professional baseball gets TJ at some point, these days. I was actually happy when I first heard that Cease had "gotten his out of the way" years ago.
  6. sullythered

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Bob Odenkirk is tied with Jim Thome for the nicest celebrity I've ever met, in person. I don't like bothering famous people out in public, but way back in the day, when I was working as a route driver for a spring water company, I got assigned to deliver to both the set and the office for the movie "Let's go to Prison". I didn't expect to see Bob Odenkirk while I was there, but when I saw him in the office like ten feet from where I was setting up a water cooler, I had to dork out to him over my love for "Mr. Show". Not only was he not annoyed that the water guy was bugging him on the set of his film, but he got up and came over and enthusiastically engaged me in conversation for like ten minutes. Awesome, awesome guy (at least on that day). Whenever I see his name mentioned I feel compelled to mention that.
  7. sullythered

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    They acquired very raw, super young talent. Basically lottery ticket prospects. That's not at all in line with what they are outwardly saying, that they are going to do a "re-tooling" ala Boston, not rebuild. Then they traded their most valuable piece for guys that, if they're super lucky, two of them pan out, and in maybe four or five years.
  8. sullythered

    What is Moncada's Value?

    What's the possible point of getting into the minutia of analyzing numbers on a guy who played a very small number of games immediately after "recovering" from a virus that, while there is still very much we do not know about, one thing that we do know is that a significant percentage of people who get it experience chronic fatigue for several months? Especially when the guy we are talking about flat out told us that he was feeling those effects for the entire short season, and the numbers on his foot/bat speed seem to back up that claim? This all seems like a pretty pointless exercise, no?
  9. Just because somebody doesn't have an immediate take on something doesn't mean that they are a coward. If he just found out like us, I understand his waiting a day or so.
  10. sullythered

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    How so? Kershaw was bad in the postseason before Roberts even got there.
  11. sullythered

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    It's not Dave Roberts' fault that Clayton Kershaw is a garbage fire in the playoffs.
  12. sullythered

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    From what I can tell, Hahn plays this stuff incredibly close to the vest. The Grandal thing came out of absolute nowhere, as did several of the extensions he pulled off.
  13. sullythered

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    WTF is going on, seriously? It's gotta be Eloy-related, right? I mean it's practically gametime
  14. sullythered

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    I think we have more talent, they have more seasoned veterans. This game is a coin flip IMO. Also, Nicky needs to work on fielding grounders at the cut of the grass. It is consistently a problem for him. He's a baby, though, he'll get better.
  15. sullythered

    Benetti signs an extension with ESPN

    Can he call the game for ESPN today, please?
  16. Doesn't it seem like Hahn is just biding his time until he feels Jirschele can come up? That's certainly how it feels to me.
  17. sullythered

    Need McCann and Grandal next year.

    They would be paying for an ace pitcher more than a backup catcher, IMO.
  18. Madrigal needs to work on his D at the cut of the grass. He struggles there consistently.
  19. sullythered

    Need McCann and Grandal next year.

    All valid points, but I don't think anybody here thinks us being able to hold onto McCann is anything close to a foregone conclusion. I think it's gonna be really, really hard to keep him, and that's a huge problem. I am happy that we got Yaz, and he does a bunch of things that are extremely valuable, specifically to this team: the pitch framing thing (at least until we finally get robot umps), he sees a ton of pitches and gets on base, he aggravates the hell out of the pitchers he faces, and he occasionally hits a walk-off bomb harder than Captain America could hit a baseball. He is a huge asset, but McCann is a much better catcher, and more importantly, his weird mind-meld thing with Lucas turns our ace into freakin' Gerritt Cole. That alone is worth A LOT of money, and I hope the Sox recognize that. Lucas is an atypical athlete, as far as emotional and intellectual makeup is concerned. I really don't want to take the gamble that taking McCann away from him won't short circuit him.
  20. McCann was WAY overaggressive against the young kid yesterday. If we are gonna have somebody in there swinging the bat every time like they're trying to break the sound barrier, might as well be Edwin, he's the heavyweight champ of that particular thing.
  21. sullythered

    Need McCann and Grandal next year.

    Obviously spending will look a lot different this offseason, but why would that make the Sox any more or less likely to make moves. This thing happened to everybody, so the FA playing field is even (if not in the Sox favor, considering the way the Sox make their money compared to most teams). The only thing that should look drastically different in FA this year is the dollar amounts.
  22. sullythered

    Fire Ricky

    I think the no minor league season thing really monkey-wrenched us on the Jirschele plan. If I had to guess, it was gonna be "give him a year at Birmingham, then time for The Show". It's probably scary for Hahn bringing his boy up directly from single A, no matter how much of a prodigy he is. I hope he does it, though.
  23. I don't think even Vaughn and Kopech would bring deGrom. He is the uncontested best pitcher in baseball, and even though he's 32, the dude works on his game to such a crazy level that he is throwing the ball harder now than ever. I think it would take one of the MLB level young stars to bring deGrom. I wouldn't do it, but I think that's what they would demand.
  24. sullythered

    Tomorrow’s Starter

    I just took a look at Foster's wiki and stat pages. The dude has always been a reliever, but has been great at every level. Moving up a level a year, his ERA, K/9, and WHIP have been outstanding consistently. Don't know why he wasn't on the lists or given an opportunity to start at least once, considering how dominant he has pitched.
  25. sullythered

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Come on, it's way more nuanced a move than that. Mazara is a young player with standout tools who has, to this point been only a replace-level player, but a lot of people around the league think there is at least a small chance that a change of scenery could lead to a breakout season for him. At best, this happens and the Sox extend the team option at low cost. At worst, he is the "meh" player he has been to this point, but having your worst hitter, and a guy who will probably hit around 8th in the lineup, be a 96 OPS+ hitter is not gonna sink the ship. When you look at the move in the overall context of all the moves they made this offseason, it makes sense to take a flier on a guy you think could realize his potential here.