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  1. Difference between 72 and 75 wins is meaningless, but between 87 and 90 could mean the playoffs...so we’ll obviously see a lot more scrutiny of him this year if status quo continues
  2. I’m even willing to give him the credit for one or two good seasons considering we’ve had nothing. My bar is definitely not sustained success, but we until we have at least one goos season he deserves heavy scrutiny.
  3. Theo has a World Series and how many playoff appearances? What does Hahn have since he started? A .450 winning percentage, no playoff appearances, and two offseason free agency championships? Maybe the next five years will include a ton of success, but there’s really no reason for any praise for Hahn until the White Sox have some semblance of success on the field. Until then, the numbers are what they are.
  4. NCsoxfan

    ****NEW UPDATED 12/28/2019 White Sox 2020 Roster comments enclosed

    I like how passionate you are about the Sox! Welcome to the board!
  5. NCsoxfan

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

    Nobody here is wanting to throw Collins into the trash, just saying he can spend another year in Charlotte or force the Sox’s hand
  6. NCsoxfan

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

    “Dynamic hitter on ice for a year”. Do you fear he will self destruct if he has to be in Charlotte for a year? With respect to his first 102 plate appearances in the big leagues, you can debate whether there’s any signal or not, and whether the Sox weighed that when deciding to sign EE and that’s fine. It’s just my opinion you’re overplaying both his projection and the risk of him sitting another year in the minors. I’d love for him to mash in ‘21 for us AND the Sox get the benefit of a great year of EE. Win/win!
  7. NCsoxfan

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

    Ok but you’re neglecting to mention two things both of which are obvious. First the EE deal is 1yr. Second, Collins wasn’t very impressive last season in the big leagues. I know he’s young and it’s beyond premature but all the more reason we don’t need to rush him yet. No reason we can’t build depth and make Collins earn his position.
  8. NCsoxfan

    So What Happens to Zack Collins?

    I don’t know what the concern is here. If it were clear that he were a viable full time DH candidate (or at another position) we wouldn’t have had to sign EE. It’s not like as of now he’s a starter on all teams except for the White Sox. He needs to play his way into a starting role whether it’s for the Sox or someone else.
  9. NCsoxfan

    Why has Hahn failed?

    I hope it ages terribly and every FA signing is a home run (after all, we all want the White Sox to succeed)...but obviously there’s no baseball games won in December. Fwiw, Getting to the postseason in one of the next two seasons would be defined as success to me.
  10. NCsoxfan

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Why would anyone try to be a fake insider? That seems like the most futile thing I’ve ever heard.
  11. NCsoxfan

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Whatever the Sox do, I really hope they don’t trade Madrigal. Want to see him with a full two seasons at the big league level, think he’s going to be really solid.
  12. Depends what you mean by “hit”. I don’t think we can expect these types of acquisitions to meaningfully outperform (maybe with the exception of Mazara who has upside). We would be happy if Kuechel/Gio/Grandal gives us 80-100% of the value of their contract imo.
  13. I’ve hated on Hahn as much as anyone but good work getting this done. It would’ve been ok had they overpaid but it appears they didn’t.
  14. NCsoxfan

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    Not to be morbid but JR may not be alive in 2026
  15. NCsoxfan

    White Sox sign Gio Gonzalez

    Good deal for the White Sox. Little downside and nice upside. I’m a fan.