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  1. The crazy thing is that someone throwing darts at a FA board would’ve outperformed Hahn’s choices of Mazara, EE, and Gio. I know Mazara was a trade but assuming a FA signing
  2. Tim and Jose need to talk some fight back into this team. Make every AB a tough AB no matter what!
  3. Honestly, what do you guys think Hahn is thinking right now?
  4. Reminiscing about 2003 is actually taking the edge off of this disaster...**checks notes*** actually it might be the alcohol but point still stands
  5. Man that team frustrated me https://www.baseball-reference.com/teams/CHW/2003.shtml
  6. Right now this team reminds me of that 2003 Sox team that was loaded but went up to Minnesota and got their butt whipped time after time.
  7. I haven’t felt this angry about the Sox in a long long time.
  8. Rick Hahn: “Dont worry guys. Historically EE is very slow until the first week of October, then he really heats up.”
  9. How about this for a pet peeve? Trotting out EE hitting .160 with far better options, and letting RR manage this team? Just an FYI.
  10. Every day I despise Hahn and RR even more. (EE, Mazara, bullpen, managerial decisions, etc). It feels like the definition of insanity.
  11. People care about process more than outcome. It’s ok to lose games. It’s not ok to lose games like we did due to incompetence.
  12. These type of comments are so dense. I guess if you do enough good things you’re allowed to make such bone headed decisions that your staunchest supporters won’t stick up for you?
  13. Hahn needs to be accountable. This is inexcusable stuff. I mean I haven’t heard a SINGLE person defend this nonsense. It’s that blatant.
  14. No, winning doesn’t cover up hundreds of dumba$$ mistakes. It just doesn’t.