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  1. NCsoxfan

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    This is a super simplistic (maybe bad) way to look at it, but is he worth the expected value of whatever the average second round pick becomes? I’m guessing yes, he’ll probably be better.
  2. NCsoxfan

    Fake Rumor: White Sox and Moustakas "Close" on Deal.

    What's the downside? Tying up payroll and losing a draft pick?
  3. NCsoxfan

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Dec 22, 2017 -> 11:56 PM) Let's revisit this trade in a year, when his trade value is lower, and the Sox might actually be ready to compete, and we also have a new batch of 2018 draftees to better supplement our system. Not to be too pedantic, but drafts aren’t additive. Each year players either stay in the minors, go to the majors, or leave our system. Players age, so it’s incorrect to think a draft supplements a system. It can if the additions are better than what leaves, but it can also make it worse
  4. NCsoxfan

    Dustin Fowler suing White Sox for injury

    Actually don’t blame him. Ridiculous there was an exposed box without padding. Very dangerous and possible it ruined his career.
  5. NCsoxfan

    40-man roster decisions and the Rule 5 Draft

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Nov 19, 2017 -> 07:49 PM) How many MLB owners do you really think are in it for the money? Loria perhaps, not sure I could name another. Most of these guys want to win above all else (as long as they don’t lose money). This idea that rebuilding is somehow super profitable is odd to me. Along with a decrease in payroll comes a huge decrease in attendance and ultimately revenue. If the rebuild goes south, the financial impacts can be significant in the long-run. I can promise you the last thing Jerry wants to do is endure a rebuild, but given where our organization was at we really didn’t have a choice. They're a business like any other kind. Of course winning can important in various ways, but owners want to maximize their return just like Apple shareholders/management do.
  6. NCsoxfan

    Dan Hayes Leaving White Sox Beat

    QUOTE (Lip Man 1 @ Nov 15, 2017 -> 01:22 AM) I didn't think he was that good Tony and he always appeared uncomfortable when he was on TV. As someone who was on TV for 15 years that'something I notice. He'll be fine...if he is as good as some believe he should be able to find another good position somewhere. You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to tell you that’s a low class thing to say, especially since it’s highly likely he frequents these boards. Show some class and decorum.
  7. NCsoxfan

    Off Season Buy Low Candidates

    Speaking of the offseason, has anyone seen Moncada’s stories on instagram? Dude is doing some slaying, but not baseballs...
  8. NCsoxfan

    Sox v. Tigers @ 6:10PM

    Happy Moncada has gone on a torrid streak since I discussed how statistically it's ungood to start your career like he did. Here's to hoping I was wrong and he continues to rake!
  9. NCsoxfan

    Trade avi in the offseason?

    QUOTE (WBWSF @ Sep 11, 2017 -> 04:18 PM) I've read where the Orioles will offer Manny Machado a big contract this off season. Baltimore has indicated that if he turns down their offer they will probably trade him. That being said, I hope the White Sox offer Garcia a long term contract. If he turns it down, trade him. I hope Garcia remains a member of the White Sox. After the White Sox sign Garcia I'm hoping they sign Addison Reed and JD Martinez to long term contracts. Why would a rebuilding team sign a guy like Reed to a long term contract?
  10. NCsoxfan

    Just for fun...what if

    QUOTE (bmags @ Sep 11, 2017 -> 12:56 PM) Hmm. So let's think about what the roster would look like. I'm going to say had we still been competing, we'd be seeing C - Same, we'd have gone in with Navarro and ended up with Smith/Narvaez. Maybe Castro is a white sox. 1b - Abreu 2b - Lawrie / Yolmer 3b - Frazier RF - Melky CF - Vet retread that almost certainly is worse than Leury. LF - Avi DH - I wanna say someone like Chris Carter would have been signed. Starters - Sale/Q/Rodon/SHields/MiGo. I'm going to go out and saiy Holland was on our radar, and the other option I'd give you is them signing Jason Hammel RP - Benefit of doubt: Robertson/Jones/Kahnle/Swarzak/Jennings So here's my thing. Let's say injuries stay the same. Here are my assumptions: Lawrie gets reinjured Rodon has his injury Jones has his injury Burdi has injury What does that do? How are we different from last year? Pluses: -Our bullpen is better and we likely saw some of BUrdi pre-injury - RF is better than last year - Positional depth includes players like L Garcia/Y Sanches to provide much better production than last year, while Delmonico would eventually replace Carter - Sale/Q Minuses: - When Rodon comes in injured, we see the issues we already had last year. Fulmer would be up pitching and even though he was good to start year, I think that was AAA smoke and mirrors - Behind Fulmer is ... Holmberg? DO we have a different Rule 5 pick? What's behind that? So what is the pace for 2nd wild card...84 wins? I still don't see, even with Avi's year and Jose's, how our lack of SP depth doesn't take this team down. We'd have very bad MiGo stretches, very abd fulmer stretches and I guess a slightly better offense? Maybe the superb bullpen gets us in, I don't know. I think this is a good assessment. Yeah, Minnesota is 5 games over .500 in the second WC place and the Angels 3 games. We'd be banking on a strong bullpen and career years from Sale, Avi, Abreu, Kanhle, etc.
  11. NCsoxfan

    Just for fun...what if

    I will preface this by saying I think we made the right move to rebuild last fall, and I'd still make the same decision today. That being said, what if we decided not to rebuild and kept the team together this year? What would our record be today, and would we be in the running for a wild card? Im going to guess they'd be in Minnesota's spot (2nd Wildcard), but not nearly strong enough to win in the playoffs.
  12. QUOTE (zisk @ Sep 9, 2017 -> 04:57 PM) Agree that it is too early to tell. But if YM and TA look like this in June 2018,it could be disaster time. Carlos Rodon doesn't calm my nerves much either. Try to stat positive tho. Meh, i actually don't think Moncada flopping would be disastrous. It would suck, but the rebuild is more than just one player.
  13. QUOTE (ptatc @ Sep 9, 2017 -> 03:12 PM) Correct so the answer should be. You have no reason to be concerned or be positive yet. No one knows anything really other than he is currently struggling. It means absolutely nothing about how good or bad he is going to be. of course everyone would feel better about him if he was hitting .300 with power in this short amount of time. But that also would not indicate he was going to be a good player. We don't know how his whole career will turn out, agree. What I'm asserting (and I think a study would back this up), is that if you looked at a players first 130 AB's there's likely to be a statistical relationship between how they do initially, and how they do over their career. I'm not saying the r^2 would be 0.8, but I'm guessing it's positive. Doesn't mean it will apply to him, but I bet the relationship is there and that's why it's concerning.
  14. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 9, 2017 -> 01:22 PM) All you have to do is look at Robin Ventura's 0-41 as a rookie to know that Moncada isn't doomed to death. I haven't seen one poster who has said Moncada is doomed, merely that there's concern. You guys are also conflating things. Yes "x type of players have had big slumps", but it can also be true that "x types of slumps are more correlated with hitters who end up struggling". They're obviously not mutually exclusive.
  15. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Sep 9, 2017 -> 12:15 PM) My god You can either think that very small sample size gives you no signal, or SOME signal (however small it may be). Heaven forbid I think it was slightly telling. It's possible to like a player, want them to succeed, and still be concerned. Nobody knows how this kid's career will unfold.