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  1. NCsoxfan

    What would you have rather seen from this draft?

    Ahhhh. Got it. So they allow you to do this loophole.
  2. NCsoxfan

    What would you have rather seen from this draft?

    what’s the reason we couldn’t have picked high upside guys in rounds 3-5 and offered them what we had left? If they turned it down no big loss over the guys we already picked.
  3. NCsoxfan

    Y2Jimmy > National Reports (Moncada extended 5 years)

    I thought Benintendi was always the second piece?
  4. NCsoxfan

    FS: What's Driving Mercedes' Power?

    I was excited too, unfortunately I was informed by other Soxtalk members that Yermin is unlikely to amount to anything. Supposedly, because previous 25yr old+ AAA players in the Sox organization that have put up .850+ OPS have failed, that Yermin is doomed and we shouldn’t get so excited. That being said, I’m hoping those in the organization have more sense than this shallow thinking:)
  5. NCsoxfan

    FS: What's Driving Mercedes' Power?

    Again, you selectively picking players with similar statistics is not a “comparison”. It literally has no predictive ability or signal, thus is useless. The success or failure of those players (and others with very different stats) play no role in the future for Mercedes. You may personally believe it, but it doesn’t make it true. We can all data mine to find things to fit our narrative.
  6. NCsoxfan

    FS: What's Driving Mercedes' Power?

    Wanting to see someone get a shot in the majors doesn’t mean we’re getting ahead of ourselves. And cherry picking players with a 800+ OPS literally has nothing to do with whether or not Mercedes will be successful or not. Nobody, and I repeat nobody, is saying that he definitely WILL BE successful because of minor league numbers. Only that they think he deserves a chance. It may be you who doesn’t understand the context by evidence of the straw man you built above.
  7. NCsoxfan

    FS: What's Driving Mercedes' Power?

    Imagine wanting to see a guy play who puts up incredible numbers over guys who do not (Collins). I know we’re going SO overboard.
  8. I’m ok if everyone is pedantic over my word choice, but I think most of you understood my original point. There’s risk with all long term contracts, it’s just something that I think is a risk.
  9. I’m not concerned about Robert. I’m concerned about Moncada based on previous injury history at ages when you should be the healthiest of your career.
  10. For a young player he’s had a non trivial amount of injuries. How will his body respond in 5-6y? Not everyone can eat 2 dominos pizzas per night and wake up looking like Luis Robert
  11. I worry a bit about Moncada’s fitness
  12. Even odds that Yermin would outhit Edwin this season
  13. NCsoxfan

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Good for Timmy. Plays the game the right way, plays the game hard, is honest, came from humble beginnings. How can anyone not like him? Hope he hits a few line drives right at Verlander’s knee caps.
  14. NCsoxfan

    FS: What's Driving Mercedes' Power?

    I think all anyone is saying is that he should get a chance otherwise risk him turning into a really good DH