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  1. Goodwin looks like he doesn’t even care
  2. Big hit!! goodwin, WTF you doing?
  3. NCsoxfan

    Vaughn's legs are bothering him

    Vaughn is the oldest looking 23y old I’ve ever seen. Dude looks like he could be a 50y old Chemistry teacher at a high school.
  4. NCsoxfan


    Well, if I complain about Hahn I should probably admit when he was right.
  5. NCsoxfan


    I was pretty loud in the offseason about how I thought the trade for Lynn was a bad move. Thought Dunning would take a big step forward and be close to as good as Lynn (or better!). Boy was I wrong. Obviously not only has Lynn played well, but he was extended. Meanwhile Dunning has looked pretty pedestrian (unless I’m missing something). Well done to Sox front office here!
  6. Cubs will win the deal long term but it’ll be worth it if we win the WS this season. Everyone probably agrees with this POV,
  7. NCsoxfan

    Omar Vizquel is a sack of s%*#

    It’s inexcusable either way, but to do that to an autistic boy? He can go rot.
  8. NCsoxfan

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    Based on Instagram, it’s highly likely he had Dominos delivered to the dugout.
  9. Honestly I feel like the Sox’s odds are too favorable. I’d probably put us around 5-6 at this point until I’m convinced Robert/Eloy are healthy/productive for the stretch run.
  10. Kimbrel can always be flipped this winter or next deadline. Never know how it works out
  11. Look guys, we don’t get unlimited chances. We have Rodon this year who’s pitching incredible. You don’t know how some of these guys do in future seasons let alone if they’ll even be there. look at what happened to the Cubs “dynasty”. Sometimes you need to shoot
  12. Madrigal: baserunning, inconsistent defense, and injuries. I can live with this trade.
  13. Oh man….is Sheets legit? He came out of nowhere. Can’t say I expected this at all…ever hell yeah!
  14. NCsoxfan

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    I’ve seen Terrell Tatum hit all year for NC State. Solid player, had the huge HR against Leiter in the CWS. Has some potential but raw. Who I really wanted was Tyler McDonough who Boston picked in the 3rd.