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  1. What do you broadcast? I is ignorant.
  2. Don’t worry - he’s allowed to be positive since being positive isn’t being negative. 😆
  3. There’s also another line somewhere in between to feed your broadcast… realism.
  4. How’s that come back looking now Stone?
  5. Shocking!! A “productive” out?
  6. Time for the patent pending bases loaded double play!
  7. So all we need is 9 to tie against the Assblows in three innings… to tie it. Easy!!
  8. hi8is

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    Kinda think they should see what Martin looks like as a fifth starter and give Gio a little DL break.
  9. Sure would be nice to see Eloy “Hi Mom” one skyward.
  10. Patent pending bases loaded double play?
  11. Pretty sure. I wanna see Sheets get an inning.
  12. Steve Stone is batshit peddling this “they’ll come back” narrative.
  13. Welp, we certainly know the answer to this question now.
  14. What’s worse so far - this game or these Liberty Mutual commercials?
  15. Guys… it happened! Leury is on the DL and we got a washed up Cleveland killer joining the squad. Quick!!! Someone go break Garcia’s kneecaps or something.
  16. Tony’s new toy. Our deadline has been made folks. Bring up Colas now. 😆
  17. hi8is

    08/17: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN

    Who would have ever had thunk it?
  18. hi8is

    Petition for New Banner

    I blame whoever put that banner up.