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  1. Ruiz had nothing on his fastball in the 9th
  2. They're really gonna bring in Hendriks? Huh?
  3. We would have gotten quite a few off Plesac with our real lineup.
  4. Our inability to hit a sac fly strikes again
  5. Engel swinging at balls
  6. I can't see Collins hitting a 101 MPH cutter.
  7. Meh, it was fun thinking we had a chance to win with this lineup.
  8. If we can survive the 6th with a lead we might actually have a chance.
  9. Really nice play from Vaughn when he has no business playing 3B
  10. Damn Leury. Nice play!
  11. Bad from both Wright and Collins.
  12. Sometimes I don't know how Wright gets strikeouts on some of these pitches.
  13. Yeah I've noticed. It's cost us quite a bit this year. So many right handed power hitters hit singles right up the middle against us.
  14. We gotta be the only team that doesn't shift on Reyes.
  15. Wright losing all semblance of control after looking decent last inning.
  16. Wright for one more, then Foster, Burr, and Ruiz.
  17. Yaz just don't go for 2nd. Don't get hurt trying to get 2 in a meaningless game.
  18. Wright has some nice movement on the 2 seamer right now.
  19. I hope he uses his curve and change up more during his relief appearances. He's gotten too reliant on fastball and slider as a reliever.
  20. Wright is in, unfortunately. Now it's really not worth watching.
  21. Of course Leury looks at the fastball in the zone and then swings at a ball way too low.
  22. Kopech at only 25 pitches. He can probably go another.
  23. Kopech Ks the side. He's a lot better when he uses his starter arsenal.
  24. Doubtful with how he's hitting compared to Sheets.
  25. He definitely drew the short straw