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  1. His stuff has ticked up recently. He just ends up giving up homers on his cutter or sinker here or there.
  2. I still remember him homering off Berrios on opening day and his helmet nearly falling off.
  3. chw42

    That's a White Sox Hard Fought Winner !

    Ward walks it off
  4. chw42

    That's a White Sox Hard Fought Winner !

    The Angels are so bad holy shit. They totally just botched a game winning sac fly. Ohtani of all people too.
  5. This is actually a rehearsal of the worst case scenario for the 2022 White Sox.
  6. We'll find out in a year that the 2022 White Sox are all a part of a Nathan For You experiment.
  7. The Tigers are singlehandedly keeping this Sox team afloat.
  8. You'd rather not face Greene Liam. Throw strikes.
  9. Hopefully he finishes this year hot so we don't have to keep him next year.
  10. The plan: hire a hitting coach that tells his players to only hit singles so the organization can save on their fireworks budget.
  11. Only against lefties evidently.
  12. There's a YT series about Lucas playing The Show vs. other Sox players. I personally thought Lucas was decent at the game but he's actually really bad. I guess the game is much easier for MLB hitters since they probably have good hand eye coordination. Lucas just seems clumsy.
  13. Another game without a home run.
  14. Been that case for the past few months when he was healthy. Especially when Liam and Graveman haven't been great since May.
  15. Just don't throw a inside fastball to Haase.
  16. I wouldn't try to give Lopez more than he can handle again. He's found a home in the bullpen. No real reason to get him to do something he wasn't good at (starting).
  17. Javy Baez is every bad player in MLB The Show.
  18. Good lord that's not even close Javy
  19. Wipe him out with a slider here.
  20. He needs to be in for defense anyhow. Just a weird decision.
  21. Sheets looks totally overmatched here.