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  1. Do you watch the games? He hits 9 out of 10 balls between 2nd base and 1st base where there are 6 defenders.
  2. ChiSox59

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    I clearly said Tucker right in the post.
  3. Again....he isn't that unlucky, he is just super easy to defend. He hits the ball in the same spot 90% of the time. The shift kills him. This isn't something that is going to normalize. He'd likely be hitting like .250 if teams played him straight up, but they don't and they won't.
  4. ChiSox59

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    You'd be Ok with a top 10 prospect as a return for Abreu and/or Colome? Hah. Yes, I know Tucker has had a rough start to 2019.
  5. ChiSox59

    Sox @ Astros 5/23 Gamethread

    Ricky is learning.
  6. ChiSox59

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    Same..... I feel like Leury, Moncada, Abreu, McCann, Anderson, Alonso, Sanchez, Tilson is the how I would do it, but it does really bunch same handed hitters, so I get it. Even Leury, Moncada, Anderson, Abreu, McCann, Tilson, Alonso, Sanchez would be better. BUT HE'S MAKING PROGRESS!
  7. ChiSox59

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    Another new lineup today.... Moncada 3B, Anderson SS, Abreu 1B, McCann C, Garcia CF, Jimenez LF, Alonso DH, Sanchez 2B, Tilson RF I.....kinda like it.
  8. ChiSox59

    Time for some changes, Rick

    You love the word cromulent
  9. ChiSox59

    McCann Extension

    If the Sox RELEASED Castillo, he would have multiple MLB offers to chose from.
  10. ChiSox59

    5/22 Games

    That Laz Rivera + Carson Fulmer for Joc Pederson deal would have been pretty solid, eh?
  11. ChiSox59

    How many wins do you expect out of this road trip?

    Still think we'll get 3 on this trip.
  12. ChiSox59

    Time for some changes, Rick

    I've mentioned this elsewhere, but it is just insane to me that the Sox are unwilling to give Lambert or Flores a shot right now. They're both 25ish, and both are going to have a very tough time cracking into the rotation next year. Give them a shot now while the opportunities are there! I'd ultimately be fine with the Sox cutting Castillo, but I don't think they will. If they plan for Collins to DH even 50% of the time against RHP, we probably need to carry all three catchers. I think it actually makes a decent platoon. McCann C and Collins DH against RHP (Collins occasional C start). McCann C versus LHP and Welington DH (Castillo occasional C start). The odd man out in that scenario is obviously Alonso. IMO - that move should be made...like, today. Also trade out Mendick for Rondon. Cease will be up mid June, IMO.
  13. ChiSox59

    McCann Extension

    This. There is no rush.
  14. ChiSox59

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    At least Gio has turned it around in a big way. If we were getting more 2018 Lucas things would be very grim.
  15. ChiSox59

    Time for some changes, Rick

    There is a zero percent chance Alonso is on the roster next season.