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    8/13- Sox/Astros Doubleheader, 3:40

    Wow. Sox pitchers with 5K and 10BB. That is seriously no bueno ...
  2. skooch

    8/11 Games

    The Yerminator: 2-4 1 BB. 0.298/0.378/0.622/0.999
  3. skooch

    And That's a White Sox Nail Biting Winner !

    I agree. Lopez has been a different pitcher since the All-Star break. He seems to find a way even when he doesn't have his best stuff. All too often he used to collapse and give up a big inning. Now he seems to be more in control..
  4. skooch

    8/7 Games

    The Yerminator! 2-4 with 1BB and 3R. Patiently biding his time. OPS all the way down to 0.963 though.
  5. skooch

    8/7 Games

    Ouch. Adolfo 0-3 with 3Ks. Still very happy to see his name back in the lineup.
  6. Calling for a bunt with the infield in and a slow runner on third. That's a real head-scratcher.
  7. skooch


    What the hell do they have to lose?
  8. This is probably true, but I think the "we'll turn over half the roster when it's time" crowd is whistling past the graveyard.
  9. I keep reading glib statements that half the players on the roster won't be around when we're ready to contend. It seems like that should be the case, but I think it glosses-over the fact that you're then relying on the people who put us in this position to begin with to fill those spots. I would not describe talent evaluation/development to be an organizational strength. Are you confident that they will do a good job? On a scale of 1-10 (1=low, 10=high), how confident are you that they will be competent or excel at this aspect? Or will we just end up with different flotsam? Sign me up for a 3 or 4.
  10. 7 runs in 5 games since the ASB.
  11. skooch

    7/13 GT - Sox @ OAK - 3:07 PM CST

    I wonder if mlb would consider a skunk rule. Up ten after five = skunk
  12. skooch

    I am jonesing for a White Sox game

    At least they're not playing the East Westchester North Stars, champions of the Southern Conference ...
  13. The bottom two teams in the ALC have 56 wins. The bottom two teams in the AL East have 58. Would you say the same thing about the Yankees and Rays?
  14. skooch

    Yoelkis Cespedes

    May the Schwartz be wit you ...
  15. skooch

    Does Ricky deserve manager of the year?

    The Twins play almost 80 games against DET, CLE, KC and CWS. They need to win the division by 20 games to even be considered.
  16. skooch

    Sox TV Ratings Update...

    So, an average of about 33k people are watching Sox games in an MSA with 9.5 million people. That's mind blowing. Even the Cubs (~4x as much) number is a lot lower than I would have guessed.
  17. skooch

    Jake Burger Thread

    Hope he gets good seats.
  18. Everyone sing ... "All he is sayyyyyying ... is give Cease a chance ..."
  19. I voted 'no' although I think the answer should be yes. I have zero faith that the FO will replace a company man regardless of the evidence.
  20. skooch

    Sox & Nats, 6/4/19, Rey & Strasburg

    I keep reading that Lopez had good stuff. Does he really? What an I missing? He now has 64K and 33BB. His biggest problem is that he has no out pitch and his control blows. He gets two strikes and batters just foul off pitch after pitch and wait for a mistake. Which seems to inevitably come.
  21. skooch

    6/1- Indians vs Sox, 1:10, NBCSC

    Why? Did he get hurt today too?
  22. Because it just had to be done ... Farmer just doesn't cut it for me. He literally makes the games unlistenable.
  23. skooch

    Time for some changes, Rick

    Unfortunately, this is where professional scouting is even more important. I can't honestly say that this is an organizational strength.
  24. skooch

    Sox and Stros 7:10 Central

    O/U on Houston run total … 8?