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  1. Bigsoxhurt35

    Sox trade for Yonder Alonso; Alex Call to CLE

    I’m really excited about this because it’s a forward thinking kind of philosophy in order to recruit a big ticket FA. I know if the Yankees got Alonso, I’d almost bet that he’s a Yankee. This now gives me some more hope.
  2. Machado visiting Monday
  3. Bruce Levine on MLB Tonight. Talking Harper and Machado. References their very little payroll this year and next. Talked about young talent as part of their pitch. Nothing really new.
  4. Meh, I don’t know how much stock I put into a third world source when he’s calling the Bryce Harper signing. That’s a pretty crazy thing to have
  5. Bigsoxhurt35

    White Sox Sign C James McCann

    $2.5 mil LOL
  6. So just catching up. Interesting to see that Heyman put Harper to the Sox. I love it. Even if it’s a guessing game. Harper to the White Sox has gained some momentum. Better than nothing though as for rumors.
  7. I don’t take much of anything Nightengale says with any kind of seriousness. Not because I chose to ignore it but because he’s so wrong all the time (Phillies are the favorite for Corbin-10 minutes later he signs with Nationals). Maybe no formal offer was made but you don’t meet with him without knowing what numbers they’re thinking.
  8. Bigsoxhurt35

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    That is another notch in the Sox belt. So that could be another reason for him to choose Chicago. I also wonder if Harper wants “his” team. The Sox would certainly be his .
  9. Bigsoxhurt35

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    Maybe Bryce Harper will take the Dodgers out of the running because his text messages will be taxed 😂
  10. Bigsoxhurt35

    Rosenthal: Could Harper be headed to the southside

    Lol absolutely. Anytime anyone asks a stupid question I want to give them the Paulie face when the guy asks him jokingly to whack Tommy