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  1. Wait when did Sosa get called up?
  2. Just want to make sure you make it into work tomorrow. Edit: damn, photo isn’t posting from phone.
  3. Sunday afternoon but still agreed.
  4. 2020 Manager of the Year Rick Renteria. They did seem to player hard under him.
  5. I think he gets that. The 3 games would be Sunday and 2 games Tuesday and with the off day Monday = 3 days off.
  6. Bob Sacamano

    4 teams called Conforto post-draft

    And obviously we would rather have them just spend on someone great. But you can point at the star outfielders in this year’s free agent class and I’ll point to which players they won’t sign. They’re more likely to gamble on a cheaper guy like Conforto looking to rebuild value for a year than sign Judge.
  7. Bob Sacamano

    4 teams called Conforto post-draft

    You’d have to basically count on nothing for this season. It would be a move for next year. Obviously they need help this year but that ship has sailed.
  8. Bob Sacamano

    Worst Sox GM of all time

    It’s gotta be Rick Hahn. Mired in mediocrity, to full blown rebuild, to mired in mediocrity again.
  9. That’s why you gotta steal a name of a character from a popular tv show you hear about never actually see. Then it can be anyone. Example: myself.
  10. Bob Sacamano

    Menechino needs to be fired tonight

    Someone has to be the fall guy in the offseason.
  11. Get him in there in the last 3 innings. Whoever got last at bat out of whoever is in the corners in the 6/7/8th inning gets replaced, depending on when you can afford to do that.
  12. You've expanded from naming as many players as you can in a single post to naming Soxtalk posters.