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  1. 101 MPH, Liam stole Crochet's energy
  2. A few things about this take.....
  3. I'd think about pinch running Engel for Vaughn but I don't even want to chance taking out his bat in case things get weirder
  4. So what do we do if Liam's spot comes up this inning? would be due up 6th
  5. On the bright side that's probably the best Liam has looked all year
  6. Kopech hit so he could walk Adames
  7. i still feel like we're gonna win this one but be weirded out by it
  8. Gonna end up with Liam going multiple innings as it is
  9. oh god that was a tease
  10. lets get mr. tim anderson running
  11. Uh, Kopech batting?
  12. Sounds like a home game there
  13. I see we are back to running into each other on those Texas Leaguers
  14. Kopech can't find the zone