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  1. soulfly

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    LOLOLOL Pitch to Eloy
  2. soulfly

    Sox @ Royals 7/27, 7:10

    It was very easy to see when Eloy came up.
  3. soulfly

    Sox @ Royals, 7/26, 7:10, Game Thread

    Hall of Fame baseball person.
  4. soulfly

    Sox @ Royals, 7/26, 7:10, Game Thread

    Zero reason for Goodwin to be batting there. Dumb.
  5. soulfly

    The Cleveland Guardians

    This is a cool story. Please tell us more. No wait, I lied. Don't.
  6. Would actually be pretty interesting to go and watch that at bat again. Then watch the next at bat and next game just to see if he changed something up at the plate.
  7. And yet you replied. lol. Sorry, maybe his ass is smooth.
  8. soulfly

    White Sox considering Nelson Cruz

    Goddamn better not be.
  9. TLR shit all over him publicly after a 3-0 pitch. He was on fucking fire leading up to that moment. Everything went down hill for him from there. None of us have any idea how he took that mentally, so you can't really say there is zero possibility what TLR did had any impact on him. Clearly things changed for him after that moment. Maybe it was TLR crusty old ass, or it was the league adjusting to him, or he was never that good in the first place. We probably will never know and only Yermin knows for sure. Hopefully he's ok mentally. That's the most important thing.
  10. soulfly

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    He has zero reason to ever be on the field unless it's running the bases after a hit. Unreal they are even still trying to give him reps in left. His value is in his bat and he can't do that if he hurts himself playing some of the worst defense imaginable in left field.
  11. soulfly

    ELOY back Monday against KC

    This is hilarious. I love Eloy, but dude is a DH. Eloy doesn't look overly athletic while in the field and the eye test tells me Vaughn is better out there by a mile. We must have been watching different players on different teams if you think that. Eloy has no place in an outfield, period. He hasn't earned that. What do you think he earned that based off? His hitting? Again, I refer to my first point, he's a DH.
  12. soulfly

    GT 7/9: SOX @ BAL, 6:05

    Their radio broadcast team sounded pretty decent.
  13. The team is winning in spite of TLR. So no, no one owes him a goddamn thing.
  14. soulfly

    Trevor Bauer assault allegations

    Wasn't he the same dickhead who slammed his drone into the new center field LCD screen at the Cell a few years back? Then tried to deny he hit it once everyone noticed an area that wasn't working. Either way, fuck him.
  15. soulfly

    GT 6/30 Twins @ White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    THATS how you pimp a home run.